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    Unable to restore Database

    Differentials are on one set (lets call it A) Fulls are on another (lets call it However, when I try to restore the differentials, it asked for a year old set (set C) , NOT set B I can sucessfully restore the set B full backup, but need to use the differentials to roll it forward.
  2. Jiff Lemon

    Unable to restore Database

    OK, using retrospect version Trying desperately to restore a SQL DB. I have a full restore from the first of the month, which I can restore. Also have daily differentials of the database. Restoring the full database isn't a problem When i try to restore the Differentials, restrospect is asking me for full backup set from over a year ago! What the heck is going on? how can I tell it to use the full restore from the begining of the month?