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    'User Deferred' error, Single Server 6.5

    Thanks for he suggestion guys. I though that had done the trick when the server identified the client a a new one, preumeably inticating the client had been successfully uninstalled and re-installed. However... Sadly, withing a few minutes of setting up the system to proactively backup the new client the 'user deferred' posts started appearing in the events list again. Any further advice gratefully received. Cheers DW.
  2. Hi all, I've been using Retrospect Single Server 6.5 for about a year to backup around 100 clients onto a WinXP server. Mostly works well, but one error has occurred on two clients during that time. Never fixed it first time around because the PC got wiped and I set it all up afresh. This time, a different PC, I can't really use the same tactic so hope someone knows the answer... The PC client was being successfully backed up each day using a proactive script. Now it just reports 'User Deferred' approx every 10 minutes. The user is NOT deferring the backup, but Retrospect thinks he is. The events log is just full of 'User Deferred' entries for this one client. Communication must be OK as I have run an 'immediate backup' from this client. It just seems to be the proactive script that can't get through. THere are other PCs using the same script and working fine, so I think the script must be OK. I've tried reinstalling the client, also removing the info about client and its volumes at the server end (deleting it from the list of clients). When I re-add it to the list and put it back in the script it just starts getting the deferred notices again. Any ideas? I assume there's something on the client PC that is telling fibs to the server. Cheers Dave W.