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  1. Are you running the server on Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X? I have encountered the same problems on Mac OS X, and am unsure whether they also apply to hosting on Mac OS 9. You may be able to troubleshoot your network to reduce the number of Net Retries, which will improve the situation until Dantz are able to fix the problem. I followed the 519 troubleshooting guide and got the Net Retry down to an occasional problem rather than the complete show-stopper it was for me the first few weeks after I upgraded (in April). On a related note, there are two other situations I have encountered where Retrospect stalls on a client indefinitely: if the client crashes; and sometimes when (incorrectly) backing up a mounted disk image on a Mac OS X client. Other people have reported similar stalls when a portable is (abruptly) disconnected during a backup. You can't downgrade to 4.3 if you want to backup Mac OS X clients, but otherwise from my personal experience Retrospect 4.3 is much more reliable at unattended backups than the current version of Retrospect 5.
  2. I had a disturbingly similar problem, like you backing up to an external firewire drive, and only discovering issues (and Retrospect only reporting problems) after I had erased the original. In my case I lost all the affected data. Obviously a good rule of thumb is never to rely on a single backup. And a corollary as Dave mentioned, trying a restore of some sort is also a good sanity check before going for the erase. Next time... Details in: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=Desktopworkgrupx&Number=8743&page=&view=&sb=&o=&vc=1
  3. Trying an Immediate backup for comparison (as Irena suggested) is a good test. I suggest making sure the share is mounted by you (by hand) rather than auto-mounted, just to eliminate one factor. Are you backing up the Application folders as a subvolume, or using a selector? (And just in case you weren't aware, Dantz now sell single client licences. I'm not suggesting you buy licences to solve this problem, just mentioning related solutions.)
  4. Retrospect seems to sometimes stall while backing up network clients. Twice now I have come back expecting Retrospect to have filled up the first tape in a new cycle, and both times there was a Net Retry dialog on screen, and the backup had apparently stalled for over a day. Both times I was able to quit Retrospect, although it took several minutes to respond to clicking the Stop button. Anyone having similar problems, and able to shed any light? I'm going to search the Knowledge Base for the Net Retry error and attack from that end too. I may have a real network problem, although the day-long stall seems likely to be a bug too. :-) Running the backup on a G4, Mac OS X 10.1.3, SCSI VXA, 384 MB RAM, clients are over 100 Mb ethernet. I am running the Mac OS X Screen Saver, but the backup runs fine for hours after that first kicks in. The two stalls so far were while backing up Mac OS 9 clients, although they were not the first such clients to be backed up. + Normal backup using Desktop Mac (on demand) at 28/3/2002 6:27 PM [...] - 29/3/2002 11:56:48 AM: Copying Macintosh HD on Graeme Mac… 29/3/2002 11:56:48 AM: Connected to Graeme Mac 31/3/2002 4:00:46 PM: Execution stopped by operator. [Net Retry on screen, clicked stop button, long delay before Retrospect responded.] + 31/3/2002 4:11 PM: Backup Server started + Normal backup using Desktop Mac (weekend) at 31/3/2002 4:13 PM [...] - 31/3/2002 7:01:49 PM: Copying Spare Bit on MikeGill Mac… 1/4/2002 9:24:15 PM: Script execution terminated at specified stop time. 31/3/2002 7:01:49 PM: Execution incomplete. 1/4/2002 9:24:15 PM: Execution incomplete. [Net Retry on screen, clicked stop button, long delay before Retrospect responded.]
  5. Since moving to Retrospect 5 back in March, I have had ongoing problems with hardware errors (usually 203 and 206) backing up to Ecrix VXA-1. Sometimes the tape is not readable after this occurs. I have not been strict about using the cleaning tape every 70 hours, but always use it if the light on the unit flashes, or if this sort of error occurs. Are these problems self-inflicted due to not using the cleaning tape often enough? Or are there other explanations and/or things to try to improve the situation? (I didn't have these problem prior to Retrospect 5, but then my tape units were newer then too...) Retrospect Server 5.0.205 Dual G4 450 MHz 512 MB RAM running Mac OS 10.1.5 I have seen errors with two different Ecrix VXA drives, with new tapes, and when reusing old tapes. I have seen errors when connecting the VXA SCSI tape unit to Adaptec 2906, to Adaptec 2930U, and when using MicroTech SCSI-firewire adaptor, and an Orange Micro SCSI-firewire adaptor. (I have just switched to an Orange Grappler 930U, which someone on the forum suggested had improved reliability for them.) These are some of the errors: - 12/6/2002 12:07:37 PM: Copying FireWire Hardy… Trouble writing: “1-Play” (4276753408), error 203 (hardware failure). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:4], Sense > f0 00 04 00 00 00 04 18 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2959) - 18/6/2002 3:25:35 PM: Copying PowerLab/s v3.6 on Nine… Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:4], Sense > f0 00 03 00 00 00 01 18 00 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2959) - 19/6/2002 4:34:03 PM: Copying untitled on GraemeTemp Mac… 19/6/2002 4:34:03 PM: Connected to GraemeTemp Mac Device trouble: “1-Play”, error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:4], Sense > (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2959) Trouble writing: “1-Play” (4278129152), error 203 (hardware failure). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:4], Sense > f0 00 04 00 00 00 03 18 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2959) - 27/6/2002 8:32:45 PM: Copying MacServer on MacServer… Trouble writing: “4-Eta” (3971735296), error 203 (hardware failure). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:4], Sense > f0 00 04 00 00 00 03 18 00 00 00 00 44 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2B7B) + Executing Recatalog at 28/6/2002 11:16 AM To backup set Eta… Bad backup set header found (0xcdd7dae1 at 161,615,949). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:1], Sense > f0 00 03 00 00 00 01 0b 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2B7B) - 6/7/2002 8:59:31 PM: Copying Big Mac HD on Scott MacX… Trouble writing: “3-Theta” (4094400000), error 203 (hardware failure). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:1], Sense > f0 00 04 00 00 00 05 0b 00 00 00 00 44 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2B7B) - 8/8/2002 12:37:12 AM: Copying Nine… Trouble writing: “3-Five” (4071665920), error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.). Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [0:1], Sense > f0 00 03 00 00 00 04 0b 00 00 00 00 0c 00 00 00 00 00 (ECRIX |VXA-1 |2B7B) Most of these errors happened on one VXA drive, which is currently being replaced. I have my fingers crossed that the replacement will prove more reliable when it arrives, but have had the error happen on a second drive too, so am worried my problems are not over!
  6. Short version: I am still having network stalls during network backups, making unattended backups an ordeal. Has anyone found any further tricks to avoid the many and varied ways in which Retrospect Server may stall indefinitely during network backup? My current problem is with Mac OS X clients with disk images mounted. Long version: This week I lost one nightly backup and my entire weekend backup to indefinite stalls during network backup. I normally run three independent backup sets. I started new backup sets when I upgraded to Retrospect 5 in March, and still do not have three sets running over four months later. (Now the stall isn't solely responsible for this sorry state of affairs, but it is a big factor.) When I first posted, it was normally one Mac OS 9 client that caused the problem. I moved on through a phase where it was various Mac OS 9 clients, then one particular Windows 98 client which would crash and stall the backup. Now the latest three stalls over the last two weeks have been with three different Mac OS X clients, and each time the volume being backed up was a mounted desk image (which in theory is not meant to be backed up anyway!). I did not notice a Net Retry on screen. The "Script execution terminated" time in each case is when I switched to Retrospect (and is well after when the script should have terminated if running normally). Retrospect Server 5.0.205 Dual G4 450 MHz 512 MB RAM running Mac OS 10.1.5 Ecrix VXA-1 (2B78) connected to a Grappler 930U (pin configurations of unit and SCSI card match). Retrospect client 5.0.528 Mac OS X 10.1.5 Three different G4 models (one is G4 800 MHz 384 MB RAM) Warning: volume ElectricSheep 2.1b8 has the Ignore privileges setting enabled. - 1/8/2002 3:03:43 AM: Copying ElectricSheep 2.1b8 on Dion MacX… 1/8/2002 3:05:05 AM: Comparing ElectricSheep 2.1b8 on Dion MacX… 1/8/2002 10:16:50 AM: Script execution terminated at specified stop time. 1/8/2002 3:05:05 AM: Execution incomplete. Completed: 10 files, 605 KB Performance: 0.1 MB/minute (0.8 copy, 0.1 compare) Duration: 00:01:22 (00:00:42 idle/loading/preparing) Warning: volume FAXstf X 10.0.4 has the Ignore privileges setting enabled. - 8/8/2002 9:46:30 PM: Copying FAXstf X 10.0.4 on Graeme MacX… 8/8/2002 9:48:09 PM: Comparing FAXstf X 10.0.4 on Graeme MacX… 9/8/2002 10:39:39 AM: Script execution terminated at specified stop time. 8/8/2002 9:48:09 PM: Execution incomplete. Completed: 41 files, 25.2 MB Performance: 0.1 MB/minute (21.8 copy, 0.1 compare) Duration: 00:01:39 (00:00:30 idle/loading/preparing) Warning: volume iPod Software 1.2 Updater has the Ignore privileges setting enabled. - 10/8/2002 7:38:55 AM: Copying iPod Software 1.2 Updater on MCM MacX… 10/8/2002 7:40:12 AM: Comparing iPod Software 1.2 Updater on MCM MacX… 12/8/2002 10:45:52 AM: Script execution terminated at specified stop time. 10/8/2002 7:40:12 AM: Execution incomplete. Remaining: 15 files, 75 KB Completed: 108 files, 7340 KB Performance: 0.1 MB/minute (8.7 copy, 0.1 compare) Duration: 00:01:17 (00:00:28 idle/loading/preparing)
  7. Probably because your backup set (not the backup media) is damaged. I had this problem recently too. The knowledge base has an article covering this. I suspect there is some way to rebuild the backup set from scratch using the media, but this is not covered in the article. http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=26513 Media too different A Media too different message reports that your media is too different in either or both of two cases: 1. You are trying to append to a tape backup set that is damaged. If you crashed or experienced a power failure while last writing to your tape and are now getting this error when trying to append, your backup set is damaged. You will not be able to append to this backup set but you can retrieve all files from it. Create a new set or do a recycle backup to this set if you wish to start over. The media is not damaged but the backup set is damaged such that Retrospect cannot append to it. 2. You are trying to append to a tape backup set using a different drive family. Retrospect supports using different tape mechanisms in a single backup set when the mechanisms are similar in type. For example if tape 1 of a backup set is a DAT tape, tape 2 could be an 8mm tape but not a TEAC data cassette. Use drives of similar types when creating mixed drive backup sets.
  8. 1) I'm not clear, does Retrospect disappear, or does it become unresponsive? (i.e. it is crashing, or is it hanging?) 2) The Adaptec 29160 has a known issue with wide SCSI devices. I'm not familiar with the AIT drive, do you have a 50 pin SCSI connection on the drive or a 68 pin SCSI connection? (The simplest rule is to use a supported card with the same style connector as the drive.) http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=osx_scsi_adapter 3) The Console utility lets you turn on crash logging, as Dave mentioned. Launch Console, open Preference, switch to the Crashes tab, and turn on both options (log crashes and automatically display them). Leave Console running and if Retrospect crashes, Console will make this apparent by opening the crash log. 4) If Retrospect hangs (rather than crashing), two things to check, both of which I have experienced first hand: a) Is there a Net Retry dialog up? (Hide or close all the windows that don't belong to Retrospect so you can see whether it is hiding somewhere!) Is Retrospect (masquerading as LaunchCFMApp) burning the CPU? In Terminal, type "top -u" and see whether there is a process using the majority of the CPU. 5) Mainly for interest because I don't know, what is a "data server"? :-)
  9. > Anything you want to ask me about setups just go ahead and ask! OK. :-) What does the log show? (Copy and paste) What are you backing up? (Local disks, mounted disks, or a client?) What sort of media are you backing up to? (tape? file set?) What backup device, including model? If using a SCSI device, what SCSI card are you using?
  10. What model of Macintosh? Does Retrospect crash at any point between when it can see the VXA unit and when it can't? Or report any other errors? (I have lost the VXA unit after a crash, but never lost the drive in the middle of a trouble free backup.) Does your VXA unit have native firewire, or are you using a SCSI-FireWire adaptor? If an adaptor, you are officially unsupported, but inquiring minds still want to know which one?
  11. shadowspawn

    Duplicate dirid

    I had this happen a while ago on a Windows 2000 Server (with Retrospect client installed). I was not sure of the most appropriate way to fix the problem, so I just deleted one of the problem directories, which made the error go away! Folder Releases/[...]/Icons & Bmps/Old/, Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00001d29 Folder Releases/[...]/Icons & Bmps/, Scanning incomplete, error -127 (volume corrupt?).
  12. Just had a 58 hour stall and lost a whole weekend worth of backups. This one was apparently a client hanging. (So similar end result but not necessarily identical to the Net Retry dialog stall, or the client computer crashed stall.) Retrospect 5.0.205, Mac OS X 10.1.5, G4 DP450 MHz, 384 MB RAM Retrospect was still sitting in the progress dialog when I arrived on Monday. When I switched to Retrospect, it terminated the backup itself. Retrospect Client 5.0.528, Mac OS X 10.1.5 Client still showed: In use by "root". I could not connect to it from the server. Clicking the Off button in Retrospect Client hung the client until I killed pitond, which was using most of the CPU. To add insult to injury, the volume being backing up at the time of the hang was a read-only mounted disk image...
  13. Assuming you had Navigator running, then nothing unusual other than being unlucky to get a file modified during the eight seconds the backup took: Navigator last touched files: 7/4/2002 1:35:32 PM Retrospect copy starts: 7/8/2002 9:30:01 two files copied to backup media with old dates Navigator touches two of its files: 7/8/2002 9:30:06 PM Compare starts: 7/8/2002 9:30:09 PM two files now have different modification date/times as described in the log Retrospect compare completes If you were not running Navigator at all then I would wonder while the files had been touched.
  14. Short version: Got a hang during "Comparing" today, progress showing 464 M remaining, 2.0 G completed. Backing up a windows client, client has not crashed and shows no signs of problems. Tape unwrapped about two hours previously, had been used for two backups before the one which hung. VXA drive connected over firewire. Of some interest, after doing a Tools > Repair > Update Existing, I looked in Reports > Contents, and the client I was backing up has 2.6 G of files listed for that last backup. Does this suggest that the backup actually ran to completion?? I am grasping at straws a bit, but supposing that the progress dialog had not updated for some time (which I have seen happen), and Retrospect hung trying to do the end-of-tape thing (which I have seen apparently happen), then this is a somewhat different problem than hanging in the middle of writing normal data to tape. Details: Retrospect (aka LaunchCFMApp) using 100% CPU, coloured spinning cursor when switch to Retrospect, no change for over ten minutes. No Net Retry dialog visible. Retrospect Server 5.0.205 Retrospect Driver Update, version 2.7.102 G4 DP450 MHz, Mac OS X 10.1.5, 384 MB RAM VXA Drive connected over firewire using Microtech SCSI/firewire adaptor that shipped with the VXA drive (sold as a firewire package). This is a different VXA drive than the one I was using in my other reports in this thread. Ecrix VXA-1 version 2B7B Client is Windows 2000, client version 5.6. Never had a problem with this particular client computer client in previous backups. Right now I am using an almost completely different setup from when I started with Retrospect 5 (computer, cables, VXA drive, network switches) and am still having intermittent problems like this. I look back with wistful memories on years of reliable unattended backups, and hope that those days will come again.
  15. Firstly: a) I think allowing a shell script based event handler is a good idea. I would like more email/scripting messages (especially media requests). I posted because I thought some comments were a bit unix-centric, and I wanted to give Dantz credit for supporting customisation from early on. (Apologies my previous message sounded harsh, wasn't intended!) So I'm not claiming AppleScript is better than shell script, but do want to note that AppleScript on Mac OS X is a first-class native scripting language. IMHO Retrospect should support both. :-) Likewise I'm not claiming using AppleScript (or shell script) to send email is nice. But it does avoid tying the messaging to a particular product. So in addition to Retrospect adding scripting support for media requests and access to the matching log entries for all messages, the shell script message handler should include a sendmail example. :-)
  16. > For the E-Mail notification itself: I do not understand why Retrospect > still needs AppleScript for these operations, [...] Because AppleScript is a general solution that works on 9 and X, and instead of limiting the power users to what Retrospect supports, lets the power users do whatever they can work out. Makes some sense to let the people who want custom behaviour do the customising, with some helpful examples to get started. > BTW, why don't you allow the Retrospect background task to > execute any shell script? That could be very helpful... Or wait for Apple to add it to AppleScript and get it for free: do shell script "insert unix command here"
  17. edwardmd wrote: > To make a long story short, I had two versions of the Adaptec driver-1.1 and 1.02. Since deleting my older driver, I have run backups for four days without an error. I'm waiting for a week of clean backups before I stop holding my breath, but it is looking hopeful.
  18. In case you have not seen it, this KnowledgeBase article describes a solution for a problem matching your description. http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=knowledgebase_article&id=836 Title: I keep getting an error 519 and pitond turns off Text: When the "speed threshold" option in Retrospect 5.0 has been changed from "default" settings, Retrospect may have trouble communicating with Mac OS X Clients. This problem results in an error 519 followed by pitond being turned off. To work around this problem, set the script speed threshold options to the default. This problem will be solved in a future version of Retrospect for Macintosh. (The Speed Threshold is a setting for a Script, if set it shows in the text beside Options when you edit the script, and is one of the Client Execution settings. I don't think it applies to manual backups, so if the problem occurs for a manual/immediate backup, this is probably of no use to you!)
  19. Short version: Got the "Copying" hang again. I am not any closer to identifying the issue, but at least it wasn't my imagination. :-) Longer version: I swapped the SCSI card (to an Adaptec 2906) and the SCSI cable and used a different VXA-1 drive and a new tape. Tried backing up one troublesome dual-G4 450 MHz client running Mac OS 9.2.2, which now has a new hard disk and clean system install. Indefinite Net Retry, which has been an ongoing problem with this client ever since upgrading to Retrospect 5. Booted the client into Mac OS X 10.1.5 and ran the backup. Backup progress stalled showing 432 M remaining, 24.9 G completed, at the end of the backup pass and before the verify pass. Interestingly the tape rewound to the start, and then sat idle. The Retrospect Server user interface stayed responsive for about twenty minutes, I was able to expand the progress window, open the log window etc. LaunchCFMApp was using all available CPU. After about twenty minutes the user interface stopped responding, LaunchCFMApp continued to burn the CPU. The client user interface continued to show the client in use by the server until I killed the server. Rebooted with no changes to setup, and was able to run the backup to completion. (My wild speculation is that the hang during "Copying" is due to a network or SCSI communication problem, and the server does not recover, like the indefinite Net Retry dialog.)
  20. Has anyone resolved problems with the Apaptec 2930 and VXA (50 pin connectors)? Is the drive really faulty? Or is there a Adaptec driver or VXA firmware version which fixed things? I too have been having hardware related error messages using this combination, but not often, perhaps one or two a week. I avoided the problem for a while by using a SCSI-firewire convertor, and had almost trouble free backups until the convertor broke. Forced back to the direct SCSI connection, I immediately had hardware error messages again. I've just switched to an Adaptec 2906, but got a "trouble communicating" on the very first backup. I have switched to a different VXA drive to see whether the behaviour is any different. I was using: Ecrix VXA-1; version 2959; driver Ecrix VXA DC (5.01) I am now using: Ecrix VXA-1; version 2848; driver Ecrix VXA DC (5.01) and I believe there is a newer firmware version which I am about to track down. Somewhat worryingly I have two Adaptec extensions present: Adaptec290X-2930.kext (1.1.0) Adaptec2906-2930.kext (1.0.0) I'm going to try and get rid of the older one.
  21. > 3. On a somewhat different topic, how does one exclude certain > enclosing folders on my user desktop I use a selector to exclude all files and folders which end in two tildas (~~). Then all I have to do is add them to the end of the file/folder names to keep them out of the backup. I chose two tildas because they are easy to type, work on Windows as well, and nothing on my disk used it already. :-) e.g. Downloads~~ (Let me know if you want detailed instructions more in line with the quality of Irena!)
  22. > Does anyone know what's causing this hang, and how to fix it? One possible cause is a firewire device that is off but attached. I have one firewire disk which shows an orange light when attached and off, and a green light when attached and powered on. When in the standby (orange) state, various things go badly for me! Shutting down Mac OS X can apparently hang, Retrospect can hang, etc etc. I now always disconnect the firewire cable when the drive is not powered on.
  23. It sounds like you have some other issues, but a couple of things to consider: 1) Energy Saver and Sleep. Check the Energy Saver settings are set to Never while the backup is taking place. (This is a bit awkward at the moment for portables since there is only one setting in Mac OS X which doesn't change for location or battery/mains.) I have had a variety of problems with clients recently, new computers with the default sleep settings, new PCs with a very tempting sleep button on the keyboard, Mac OS 9 users switching to Mac OS X and shutting down their computer each night, etc 2) Client in 9 or X. I explain the tradeoffs to my clients and make them decide whether they will backup from Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X, and only install one client and only have that client active on the server.
  24. Thanks Glenn, I will look into updating the drive firmware. Thanks Dave, the drive and SCSI cards have the same pin configuration. My backup last night failed with: Trouble writing: “6-Zeta” (3818428416), error 102 (trouble communicating). so I am no closer to confirming whether the "Copying" hang is a real problem or just a symptom of other issues. I'll post again here with anything relevant to the "Copying" hang, now for some SCSI trouble-shooting...
  25. Short version: Is there anything I can try to work around problems with backup set headers in a file backup set? Or have I lost everything from the bad header onwards? Long version: I made a backup of drive X to a file backup set on drive Y using Retrospect 5.0.205, creating a 26 GB file. I erased drive X, but when I tried to do the restore, Retrospect reported the catalog on drive Y was damaged. A recatalog also reports an error. I have been able to restore some of the files, I am wondering if there is anything I can do to recover more of the data from the file backup set? Recatalog fails consistently: Bad backup set header found (0x3937390d at 27,259,652). Backup set format inconsistency (12 at 27259918) 6/13/2002 4:33:42 PM: 2 execution errors. Completed: 67150 files, 26.5 GB A Restore of the whole disk fails like this: Backup set format inconsistency (10 at 27705978) 6/13/2002 1:38:21 PM: 1 execution errors. Remaining: 14555 files, 2.5 GB Completed: 52595 files, 24.0 GB Trying to retrieve just one missing file which was not already restored also fails with the "Bad backup set header found" with a different offset for each file I have tried. The file backup set is on a firewire hard drive, I did all the work so far on a Dual G4 450 MHz running Mac OS 9.2.2, I have trying running the recatalog from a different Dual G4 450 MHz running Mac OS X 10.1.5 but got an identical error. Suggestions welcome, or confirmation to give up hope also appreciated but not quite so welcome. :-}