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  1. Computergate

    XP DR fails to boot

    I tested the process on and old Windows 2000 pc and was able to restore into a Virtual Session on my laptop. Looks like an XP issue.
  2. Computergate

    XP DR fails to boot

    Hi Nate, Sadly upgrading to 6.5.350 and recreating the backup and DR Image made no difference. I am using a SP2 slipstreamed I386 folder for DR Image. Any other ideas? Regards,
  3. Computergate

    XP DR fails to boot

    I'm using Retrospect Multi Server Version 6.5.319. The first attempt to restore was on "like" PC's. The Second restore was on the same PC. I'm only using the network for storage space. The Backup, DR Image and Restore are all run from the PC.
  4. Computergate

    XP DR fails to boot

  5. Computergate

    XP DR fails to boot

    I am tiring to setup a DR plan with Retrospect 6.5 and Windows XP pc's. I have successfully created the backup and ISO image onto a network share. When trying to test the DR, Windows fails to boot after the restore is complete. I have tried doing a restore with the backup files on a DVD and also the extended Windows install and connect to the backup files across the network. Both fail at the same time which is moments after the reboot. Last file loaded in safe mode is Mup.sys. I have done a backup on 2 different Windows XP pc's. One with SP1 and one with SP2. Both fail at the same point. Can you please help? Thanks,