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  1. Hi I am helping one of my clients finding his HP StorageWorks Ultrium 448 tapeloader in Retrospect 7.0.326 Single Server with RDU running on Windows 2000. The tape device itself works fine but the tapeloader will not show up under Devices > Environment. Troubleshooting we have done this far: 1. Disabled the device in Windows Device Manager. 2. Installed ASPI 4.6 (upgraded to 4.7), the device is using ASPI passthrough 3. Enabled the device in Windows Device Manager again. After each step we have tried to find teh autoloader in Retrospect Devices but it will not show up, only the tapedevice is there. If we try HP:s own software it is working without problem. Is the AT addon needed in order to use the autoloader on this configuration? The SCSI card in use is an Adaptec 29160LP, 1 channel with only the HP attached? I am totally aout of ideas here, can someone please help me to continue troubleshoot this please. Best regards, Conny Wikman
  2. Hi Lennart Thanks for your reply. The devices are both HP Storageworks DLT, one is a VS80 and the other one a DLT110 if I remember correctly. I guess they are the same drives with some small adjustments. Anyway I think you are pointing out the actual problem. We forgot the backup sets and created new ones and now it is working. So I guess there was a naming issue I didn't observe. For now this problem seems to be solved. Thanks again, Conny
  3. Hi Scenario is as follows: Retrospect 7.5 MultiServer (with OpenFile and DR) on W2K Server is backing up a bunch of W2K Servers to disk. This causes no problem. Every friday the most recent snapshot of every server is transfered to tape, which also works smoothly until the tape is full ... Tape device is 2 different HP Storageworks DLT VS80 (supported as far as I can tell). Lets say that on friday before I leave work I fit the both drives with members 1 and 2. Member 1 gets filled up during transferring and it should continue on member 2 which is in the other drive. Monday when I get in to the office Retrospect is asking for new media eg member 2 that already is in the other attached tapedrive. Both drives are recognised by Retrospect. Is this supported by Retrospect? Eg can I backup/transfer to members of the same backup set which are in different devices or do I need to use one and the same tape drive for one backup set. Do I need Advanced tape support if I would like to continue like this? Answers are very much appreciated here. Regards, Conny
  4. Retrospect CLient shows up under Change or Remove Programs, eg installed programs but nothing is installed. First time when we installed there was a problem with the firewall getting through when deploying over GPO. But after that Clients where uninstalled manually and firewalls switched off.
  5. Hello A potential customer of ours is testing the possibility to deploy Retrospect Clients on his network and we are stuck. At the moment I do not have the possibility testing this myself so I wonder if someone here could help me. Retrospect 7.5 runs on a Windows 2003 Server, AD and GPO is configured and is working. Other software can be deployed on the network. Clients on the network are mostly Win XP. Keys are created and pubkey.dat is copied into the public_key folder in Retrospect Client Installer folder. Deploying Retrospect Client 7.5.msi to the networked computers results in that a record is made (Retrospect Client 7.5 shows up) in Add/remove programs but the program is not installed. The folder Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect Client is not even created. Have anyone experienced anything similar? Could someone please help me with what the problem might be here? Best regards Conny Wikman
  6. conwik

    Can't back up Removable Storage Manager

    Thanks Nate! I've been out of town for a while and haven't had time to test. Free space on the disk is 26,5GB so well over 500MB as suggested. Checkdisk anc defrag has been performed without resulting in any changes. Retrospect Client has been reinstalled a couple of times since these problems started to appear. I can do it again but I promise it won't affect it in any way. Any other suggestions?
  7. Hi This is the setup: Retrospect Professional 6.5.350 on Windows XP - Retrospect Driver Update, version 5.4.110 - Open File licensed - Clients licensed 6 * Retrospect Client 6.5.138 on Windows XP (Filesystem on all computers is NTFS) Backing up local computer and 6 clients to tape. When backing up every evening at 22.00 all computers except one client get backed up without problem. On one the client there are constantly similar execution errors: - Can't back up Removable Storage Manager, error -517 (backup client is busy) - File "$[1]C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\Exec\State\MetaInfo\writer0000\comp0001\file0007$[2]": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) Once in a while also these errors occur: - Can't back up COM+ Class Registration database, error -517 (backup client is busy) - Can't back up WMI Repository, error -517 (backup client is busy) Does anybody have any idea why and maybe even how to avoid these? Regards, Conny Wikman
  8. Hi I ran into an interesting problem. Retrospect Professional 7.0.326 runs on a Windows XP. In the network there is 8 more Win XP clients. Total amount of client licenses is 12 (2 included + 2* 5 license packs) all licenses are installed. In License manager Retrospect reports 8 used and 4 available. Backing up clients with a Normal Backup Script works fine and has been for quite some time. But when trying to set up a Proactive Backup Script for the clients Retrospect reports that "Using Proactive Backup scripts was not licensed.". According to me there shouldn't be a seperate license for Proactive backup, or? Retrospect was upgraded from 6.5 to 7.0 a couple of months ago, could it be something with the old config that is messing it up? Please help me with some ideas. Regards, Conny Wikman
  9. Thanks Foster I'll give it another try also with another computer. Cheers, Conny
  10. Hello I'm helping one of our clients to get going with Retrospect but something is wrong and I can not figure out what. Retrospect 6.1.126 runs on Mac OS X 10.4.5 (G4 PowerBook) RDU is original, now update has been applied yet External harddisk: Lacie USB 2.0 (Design by F.A. Porsche) Connected on USB hub but also tried with direct connection to PowerBook When the script is set up and checked everything looks fine. Script is ready and media found. But when running backup Retrospect scans Macintosh HD and when starting to copy files it stops and tries to erase media. After a while there is a Error -205 (lost access to storage media). So I suspected of course the hub, but connecting it straight to the computer didn't help. We have also erased it manually and renamed it manually to the name Retrospect expects to find but no way. At the same point after scanning HD it will try to erase media and after a while Error -205. Does anyone have any idea about what could be causing this? I appreciate any other kind of troubleshooting tips. Cheers, Conny
  11. Thanks guys. I think I got the answers I need. My RAM seems not to be the problem so if I want to have a faster system I rather change the processor to a bigger one. Thanks for your assistance. Cheers,ยจ Conny
  12. Thanks for your reply Foster_ Yes I have read the system requirements, but not necessary understood it all Is it very crucial it is an Intel processor? I have a AMD Opteron DP Server Model 244 1,8GHz. Also, do you (or someone) know if Retrospect 7.5 supports dual CPU? I can't find any information on this.
  13. Hi What is an ideal amount of RAM memory on a Retrospect 7.5 installation, or maybe my question rather would be if a hardware upgrade would speed up my system. Retrospect 7.5 is currently running on a Windows XP machin with 2GB of RAM. Backing up ~50 clients daily to a disk backup set which at the moment has ~200GB of data. The hardest part is browsing/searching for files in the catalog file which holds about 1 million files. The size of the catalog is about 2.5GB. What do you recommend in order to speed up this setting. More RAM? Bigger CPU? ANy other suggestions? Best regards, Conny Wikman
  14. Quote: A couple things to ask you: 1. Have you tried this with a different backup set? 2. When you log in with Admin UIR, are you selecting the same snapshot as with the regular UIR. 3. Can you provide exact steps to reproduce this? Hi Michael When I first installed Retro 7.5 it worked the way it should, so I suspect that I have been doing som changes after that. I have tried after with different changes in order to change back but I can't get UIR working again. Answers to your questions: 1. Yes I have tried with two different Backup Sets. One is my every_day_backing_up_clients proactive script and the other one is a script whichh only backs up documents on my WinXP and Mac OS X. Both are password protected disk backup sets. 2. Yes, logging in as Admin in UIR I can restore anything to any computer, on both computers. I mean I can log in on Mac and retore files backup up from WinXP and vice versa. Also WinXP files to WinXP. That is no problem. 3. I do not understand what you mean with exact steps in order to reproduce. - I have installed Retro 7.5 on Win 2K3 and client 7.5 on WinXP and 6.1.122 om OSX. - I installed UIR with password protection, enabled protection of Retrospect - Set passwords in Client Database > Tools > Set UIR password (has been changed afterwards a dew times) - backing up to disk backup sets (two different local partitions) - Starting UIR in browser WinXP (tried IE7 and Firefox 1.5) or OSX (Firefox 1.5 and Safari 2.0) - Logging in to UIR, works fine, and snapshot list is displayed - Selecting a snapshot and clicking next nothing happens, it doesn't freeze crash or anything. Just othing happens, I can select another snapshot and click Next but nothing happens. If I turn password protection off, I can use UIR to restore on both computers so I suspected some problem with the password. Therefore I have changed the password a few times. But enabling password again gives that I won't be able to use UIR. To me it looks like it is not so easy to reproduce this problem but give it a try. If you find some I would be happy to know. Soon I will have to reinstall Retrospect and try if that would help, but I could give it maybe a day or so more if someone wants me to try something. Regards, Conny
  15. Updating after some more testing: If I turn of Require password in Preferences > User Restore everything works. But enabling it again ... I get stuck on the snapshot list. I also tried again, just in case, to change the password ... but for nothing. I only get to the snapshot list and thats it. After logging in Operations log reports: * computer#: succesfully logged in to User Initiated Restore When selecting a snapshot and clicking next there is a new entry in Operations log: * computer#: succesfully logged in to User Initiated Restore So what have I done: Enabled UIR, installed it (didn't need to upgrade .NET since it was already on the most recent). Did some backing up ... just documents but also ordinary systembackup so I have a few entries in teh snapshot list. I'd be glad to provide more and do some testing if someone has some suggestions. Regards, Conny Wikman