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  1. I have similar issues: (a) how do I migrate the existing retrospect configuration to the new machine, specifically is there some kind of a checklist to do this ? ( how can I locate the catalog files. Is it sufficient to simply copy files over ? Is something like this documented anywhere ? Can someone help please ?
  2. I would like to order backup clients, we have servers, laptops, etc. on a network that get periodically backed up and I would like to backup laptops before servers, basically control the order of backups. Is that possible ? I mean I could add all the clients in a certain order but once added is it possible to change or set an order in which clients will be backed up ? Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. We have 2 LANs in 2 different locations that need to be backed up. There is a total of about 8 clients. We bought a Windows Server backup package. 1. Is it possible to backup remotely from location A to location B, these locations are connected via internet. 2. is it ok to backup locations A and B seperately under 1 100-client license (as indicated, we only need to use up 10 or fewer licenses) or do we need to purchase a 2nd copy of Retrospect since it is a different location (same company). Thanks!
  4. anonymouse

    Workgroup won't backup Server?

    dmilamj: I could not agree more with your observations. I have a copy of 5.1 Worgroup upgraded free to 5.15. My home network is a Windows 2000 machine and my laptop is a Windows 2000 advanced server. I run the Retrospect Server on Windows 2000 Pro desktop PC (since it has an 80GB) hard drive. I just purchased a 5.6 upgrade from CDW and meantime downloaded the trail version of 5.6. I am shocked that Retrospect folks have put this crazy new restriction/check on version 5.6. I was able to backup my Windows 2000 advanced server laptop in the past without problems using 5.15 Workgroup. Now, I cannot afford to buy a server version for home just to backup a laptop server ? I think this new requirement will basically price me out of buying this software. I will need to cancel my CDW order tomorrow morning and stick with 5.15. So, remember folks, if you are trying to backup a Windows server AS A CLIENT from another machine and you own WORKGROUP BACKUP 5.15 or older, then the upgrade to 5.6 will not allow you to backup servers! I am so disappointed with Dantz for putting this new restriction. ] I have to now look at other products, anyone know of any other products that will backup a Windows 2000 server laptop ?