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    extremely slow restore

    Thanks, Lennart. I figured out the problem: it wasn't with Retrospect, nor with Windows 10, but with a setting on the network card. Specifically, the "quality of service packet scheduler" was enabled. Once I disabled that, everything worked fine. It took me a long time to get there, but now I get to keep Retrospect 7.6 a bit longer! Does anyone here understand why the QOS Packet Scheduler was causing problems? This is enabled by default on every workstation in our office running several different versions of Windows to no ill effect.
  2. I'm seeing 3MB/min restore times from Retrospect 7.6 Single Server to a Windows 10 client. I tried upgrading the Retrospect client from 7.6 to 7.7 (this worked when I was having similar trouble with a Mac restore), but still getting the slow restore time. Backups are nice and fast. No errors on any of the disks, server or client. And the client in this case is a SSD. I've run into this problem once before, also with a Windows 10 client, so I have a feeling I know what the answer is. I realize Retrospect 7.6 is a dinosaur, but I haven't had any trouble... until now, of course Any suggestions for getting this restore to go through? I'm looking at 50GB of data. Thanks. Eric
  3. I've been using Retrospect Server to backup and restore some 30 clients for many years now. Generally, when I need to restore to new hardware (for example, if the old computer died and we bought a new computer for the employee), I will install our base set of software (including Retrospect Client) on the new computer, then just restore files to it. I don't bother with disaster recovery or anything. It's just easier to restore the files in our situation. Anyway, one thing that has always bothered me a bit is that, at the end of this process, we have two clients in our backup set: old-computer and new-computer. Once we start backing up new-computer, we basically have duplicate clients. I don't want to forget the old client yet in case we need to restore files from an old snapshot. Is there a way when restoring files to tell Retrospect server, "this old client and this new client are the same, so merge them and don't duplicate backups?"
  4. Never mind. Just found this. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/151749-retrospect-client-63029-starts-disabled-in-osx-1010/ Mods, feel free to delete this post. My bad.
  5. How does Retrospect handle adding a replacement computer to a backup set? Example: We recently replaced one of our photographer's computers. I transferred all her files from the old PC to the new one, so it essentially has the same OS, same Applications, same files as her old one. Everything is the same, except the asset tag/computer name. When I add this computer to the backup set, will Retrospect copy all of her files again, or will it not duplicate files already in the set? Thanks, Eric
  6. Hi, everyone. I'm getting the following errors in the log file when Retrospect attempts to backup a particular XP box: The backup stops here and never completes. This looks like a Windows issue to me, but I wanted to check and see if anyone else has run across it. This machine (610) did have disk problems recently, but I thought I fixed them by running a chkdisk /r (no bad sectors, just some corrupt files). Oddly, the files that the log complains about do not exist (not even as "hidden" or "system" files). In the end it will probably be easier for me just to put in a new disk and reload a fresh OS, but I'm curious about what these errors mean. Thanks for any advice. Eric
  7. bisigimpact

    matching question

    When Retrospect is matching files, does it do so only within a volume, or within a backup set? For example, if two computers in the same backup set have the same file, does Retrospect backup both of these files, or just one? I'm using Retrospect Single Server 7.6. Thanks!
  8. bisigimpact

    Retrospect Monitor

    Would someone please explain what Retrospect Monitor is for? I'm running Retrospect Single Server 7.6 on Windows Server 2003. Quite often, when I try to start Retrospect, I get the Retrospect Monitor instead. I try to hit the "power" button on the monitor, but another monitor just pops up. I have to delete the file retromonitor.exe in order to load Retrospect.
  9. bisigimpact

    Block-level backups?

    Cool. PST files are getting out of control, and block-level incremental backups are the only way I can see of managing them (I guess I could also get users to delete their freakin' email...) Looking forward to any developments on this. Thanks eric
  10. bisigimpact

    Block-level backups?

    Does EMC have any plans for block-level backups in Retrospect? Thanks eric
  11. bisigimpact

    remotely set client preferences

    Ah. I was hoping there would be a Group Policy option or something like that. Thanks. eric
  12. Is there a way to remotely set backup client preferences? For example, I want to be able to set the "Priority" slider to "Computer" instead of "Backup." The only way I know of doing this is to visit each Mac and PC and manually change it. Is there a way to do this remotely? Eric
  13. bisigimpact

    Selectors for OS X folders

    Waltr, Thanks for your advice. The only one that works is "contains." I guess that makes sense. By selecting "Match," I would probably have to put the full path in, like Macintosh HD:ProfileName:Library. Actually, ProfileName:Library also works if I choose "Match Pattern" (ProfileName is the actual name of the enclosing folder). Oddly enough, *:Library does not work. Any thoughts on that? This ultimately isn't that big of a deal, since I only have 5 Mac clients. However, I am curious about why wild cards do not work as expected. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello. I'm running Retrospect 7.5 Single Server on Windows Server 2003. I'm having trouble setting up selectors for the Mac clients in my office. I want to back up everything in the user's home folder, except the Library folder. Each home folder is defined as a volume. EMC tech support helped me set up a Selector that excluded anything that contained "Library" in its path. This is not ideal, since it also rules out the "Photo Library" folder and many others. Can anyone recommend a better way? I tried using environmental variables (for instance, by exluding ..:Library, which I thought would exclude home:Library, but it didn't work). Also, does anyone know if there are plans to include a "Special Folders" selector for OS X (rather than just OS 9)? Thanks for your help. Eric
  15. bisigimpact

    Grooming error 2241

    I don't know of any workarounds. I was going to pass along a suggestion to not use grooming when spanning backup sets, but that's irrelevant if you're not doing that in the first place. I am beginning to suspect that my problems are hardware related. I've never been able to go more than 2 weeks before something like this popped up. Every time, the first error I get is a 1101, when Retrospect can't find the backup set. If you notice a similar trend, maybe see if there are any hardware errors. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Please let me know what you find out. Thanks eric