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    Thanks for confirming my long felt belief, retro is a mac product that was hacked to run on windows. nice to hear you got some kind of support; we purchased pro, multi, sbs 2k w/all addons a couple of years back it was a lot of cash for nothing. once pro was installed, no other version would work, and the noted ineffective supportfor windows. it seems most real support is going to volume buyers, smaller users must fight !!!!!! we never got satisfaction, zero competent support EVEN with the support contract !!!! we no longer use retro c... for anything, I just watch the forum to see if we have made the right choice. from all I have been reading we did. have a wonderful day by the way, anyway to re-sell our licences
  2. Just a note. Sony AIT-2 drives like the 500v (SCSI) often fault out in NTBACKUP as well. your issue may be (as much as I hate to say it) more with the OS Drivers than retro. Leslie