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  1. Why is is so hard to find the -645 errors on the EMC support site. A google search brought me to this thread. Yes it's not the CONFIGxx.dat that is the problem, it is the DAY that matches the backup set name. Delete it, make sure the backup set member is not set to ignore and boom, you are back in business.
  2. jrutkowski

    Exchange 2007 Support Update

    We are considering moving clients back to CA's Arcserve. Exchange 2007 hs been out for over 14 months. The lack of Exchange 2007 mailbox support is killing us. People want to move to Exchange 2007.
  3. The front page states that Netware Client Support is in the 7.X update. Pulled that down, but no mention of Netware in the Docs or help. Where is the Netware Client Install located?