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    -1127 Cyclic Redundancy error

    I purchased Norton System Works. I ran Norton Disk Doctor and Norton Win Doctor. They found and corrected several errors. Now Retrospect works fine and the -1127 Cyclic Redundancy Error is gone. M.O.
  2. mwobrien

    -1127 Cyclic Redundancy error

    Scan Disk is amazingly silent on this point. It just says it can't do it, but doesn't explain. (A bit like some kids I've met.) So I'm clear on the point...I erased the external hard drive and reformatted. I did not erase the C drive in my computer. I think it's the C drive having problems though. Scan Disk fails to scan the C drive. Scan disk is fine scanning the external drive (to which I store my back up files). I wondered if scan disk doesn't like to scan the active boot drive (or something like that). So, I then booted from the original Dell WinXP install CD. The Windows XP installation CD also scanned my C drive (when I booted from the CD) and found no errors on the C drive. Also, strangely, I was able to back up my C drive "Documents and Settings" folder to an external DVD today. It showed the exact same -1127 error, but Retrospect decided to go ahead and back it up anyway. I got the vast majority of the files just fine. During the DVD set backup it said there were 4 execution errors. I went and tried to delete the offending 4 files later. (Surprisingly challenging, since they were all hidden.) After this, I again tried the script to backup to the external USB drive. Again, error -1127. This time, again, Retrospect stops and won't back up anything on my C drive. If it wasn't so frustrating, it would be incredibly funny. It think it's possessed. Erasing the C drive and reinstalling everything might be the final solution. (Ugh! there goes my Saturday.)
  3. mwobrien

    -1127 Cyclic Redundancy error

    Thanks for the suggestions. I tried completely erasing the target back up drive (external USB drive) and starting over with a brand new back up set. No go. Same error. I tried running scan disk. It runs through phase 1 and gets mostly through phase 2 and then quits. It says scan disk cant complete the task. I booted from the Dell WinXP disk. Doing so causes it to automatically run a system and disk diagnostic. My computer and hard drive pass the diagnostic without error. What next? Are other 3rd party disk repair programs any better? thanks.
  4. mwobrien

    -1127 Cyclic Redundancy error

    Using v6.5 on WinXP for quite some time to back up local C drive and a remote computer to a local external hard drive. No problems until suddenly this week. It will open and scan my local disk and then refuse to back it up. It says 'error -1127, file data error using cyclic redundancy check'. It goes on to back up the remote computer without a problem, but ignores my local C drive. I've been unable to find a fix to this. I presume there's an error somewhere on my C drive, but I have no idea where. My computer otherwise works fine. Anyone with ideas? Thanks.