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  1. Is there anything we should keep in mind when allocating processor and memory resources, etc., to the VM running Retrospect?
  2. We've been virtualizing many of our servers to make better use of our budget and equipment, using VMWare ESX servers as hosts. Just like lots of other people. We currently have Multi-Server installed on a 3.0GHz (single core) Intel system with 2GB RAM. It backs up about 300 clients to eight backup sets spread across three 1TB RAID5 volumes, two internal and one external (eSATA). Does anyone out there have Retrospect Server virtualized in a test or production environment? How well does its performance compare to an installation on a dedicated physical system?
  3. DFLiddle

    Getting UIR to work

    I also had this problem, and I want to document the details for others. In addition to running the ASP.NET IIS registration tool as described above for the .NET Framework 2.0, I had to go back into the IIS Manager and allow the ASP.NET v.2.0.50727 Web Service Extension. This extension was newly installed with the registration action. I was also advised by a network admin to enable "Script source access" on the Home Directory tab of the site properties. I then had to select and approve all the scripts associated with UIR. After this, I restarted the site before testing. All seems to work well now.
  4. When grooming scripts are run, the backup set segments left behind are smaller, heavily fragmented RDB files. Subsequent grooming sessions seem to take longer, since the number of segments only increases. (Obviously, defragmenting helps part of this problem.) A "cleanup" script that consolidates these segments and reduces their number would be useful, and in the long term it would probably boost performance. An "all-in-one" grooming script that groomed and consolidated into defragmented files would be indescribably fantastic. Provided it were stable.
  5. From the server, I'd like to be able to globally set the options available in the Retrospect Client, especially the settings on the Preferences and Proactive Backup tabs. There have been times when I would have liked to change or reset these options for all the clients on the network. For example, if we take the backup server offline to do maintenance tasks, I don't really want users to be notified continually that the computer hasn't been backed up -- I want to turn that feature off. Similarly, I may want to modify the length of time the Client waits before triggering that notice. As it is, each user has to modify the settings manually. Another instance is when I want to be sure that people haven't left the Client option for Proactive Backup parked on "As soon as possible" -- I want everyone to be backed up according to the schedule. Right now, I can work around this only by modifying each Proactive Backup script so that it ignores that setting in the Client. A setting I'd like to see added -- which I've requested only as a feature in an earlier post, not as a setting -- is one that reads, "Warn me if a backup is running when I try to shut down the computer or log off." (I'm assuming that logging off will also stop the backup execution.) The Client could then offer to lock the (Windows) computer instead. It would be good to see fewer "Error -519 (network communication failed)" alert messages around quitting time.
  6. Multi Server, Version 7.0.301, update Version What event(s) will cause the Status field on the Proactive tab in the Activity Monitor to be reset? Proactive Backup clears that field and starts back at the top of the list, polling clients that aren't on at the moment instead of continuing down the list and starting executions for machines that are on and waiting. What script setting(s) or configuration might change this behavior?
  7. We would benefit greatly from a client that warns the user that a backup is in progress when he/she issues a shutdown or logoff request to Windows. I don't know how many times we could have finished a backup if the computer had been left on and locked instead.