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  1. Robin Could you please comment on these posts. I would really appreciate a fix short of uninstalling applications I rely on Michael
  2. Agree. It would now be great to have Retrospect look for the error. No way Symantec is going to touch this. Now that you've figured out how to repro the issue half the work is done.
  3. I believe that I have the identical problem. I am running Retrospect Pro 7.7.208 (64 bit) on a Windows 7 machine. It had been working perfectly for weeks (months?) and then all of the sudden I started getting these errors: "Scanning incomplete, error -1010 ( API request bad)". I tried Repairing Catalogs, making new catalogs, CHKDSK, turning off Norton Antivirus, all with no success. I have not uninstalled NAV. I would like some followup to see if there is any other insight into this problem or must I uninstall NAV
  4. mjhock

    Cleaning up a Backup Set

    So, if grooming is the only way to go, should I give up Fast Catalog Rebuild for the convenience of managing Backup Set size? What am I really giving up if I let this go? The catalog file can still be rebuilt from the Backup Set, right? Michael
  5. mjhock

    Cleaning up a Backup Set

    I would like to clean up a backup set by removing all the files associated with particular snapshots. I considered using the grooming feature but hesitated because it prevents "Fast Catalog Rebuilds". Should I let this prevent me from using the grooming feature? Can I simply delete the .rdb files from a particular date on the drive that holds the backup set and then rebuild the catalog?
  6. So I recently bought a Maxtor OneTouch II (USB 250G) and was running it with the Retrospect Express HD software included. After receiving a promotional email from Dantz, I purchased the Retrospect 7 Professional. I assumed that because I received the promotion, compatibility would be assured. The software seems to work as designed, except for one area, "Configure, Devices" menu selections or "Media & Devices" button, seen on the "Storage Devices" Dialog. Nowhere, on any tab (Status, Environment), could I find my Maxtor drive. I have tried many different search strings and still I can't get it listed. This is puzzling since I can easily include the Maxtor in a backup Script. The Maxtor also correctly displays on the Windows Explorer and Device Manager. Any suggestions? Michael