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  1. Grend

    7.5 Clients

    Didn't seem to help. I deleted the retroclient.state, re-ran the password setup and let the daemon run over the weekend--as before, it dies after awhile.
  2. Grend

    7.5 Clients

    Nevermind, I found the state file. I've deleted it and reset the password with retroclient. Guess I'll see if the daemon dies during the nightly backup.
  3. Grend

    7.5 Clients

    I uninstalled/reinstalled. Where can I find the state file?
  4. Grend

    7.5 Clients

    So frustrating... The new 7.5.111 Redhat client still exhibits the same crash bug as the older 7.x. The client daemon process seems to die during backups, throwing the following error: SThreadSpawn: pthread_create() failed with error 12 Verified this on several of my RH9.0 servers. I'm at the end of my rope... I like the Retrospect interface, but I'll need to switch to another solution if I can't get this to work.
  5. Grend

    7.5 Clients

    The latest 7.0 client never worked well for me on RedHat 9.0. The client (apparently) has a memory leak that causes it to crash during large backups. There are threads about it on this forum...
  6. Grend

    7.5 Clients

    okay, stupid question... does "Retrospect Client for Red Hat Linux 7.5.111 (.rpm)" work with Single Server 7.0x?
  7. Grend

    Retro Linux client crashing

    I'm running Retrospect 7.0.249, RH 9.0 and Retrospect Linux Client 7.0.109, and I'm experiencing the same error. Is there an update on this problem?
  8. Grend

    Retrospect 7 for Windows Released

    Thanks Nate, but I'm still missing one vital piece of information... If I already have an installation (i.e. 7.0.249), how do I upgrade the core application to 7.0.326? There's a 38.6MB file named "retrospect-en-7.0.326.exe", but that appears to be full installer. Do I need to uninstall Retrospect 7.0.249 before I run this installer, or is it okay to run it on top of my current installation? Thanks.
  9. Grend

    Retrospect 7 for Windows Released

    Looking for some information on proper upgrade procedures for Retrospect 7. According to my "about Retrospect", I'm currently running the following version(s): Single Server 7.0.249 Retrospect Update, version I just applied the latest RDU update found on the Dantz website which upgraded my drivers to, but I'm confused about the main application version number. Apparently, the latest core application version is 7.0.326, but I can't seem to find an updater. Does copying the latest driver (RDU) file accomplish the same effect? Or must I uninstall Retrospect and run the new installer application found in the upgrade section? I appreciate any assistance.