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    Mapping one touch button

    Hi Nate- I went through that whole thing before. I appreciate your help Nate because you've helped me on other occasions- the question is pretty straight forward and that document doesn't answer it. In Maxtor One touch II there is an option to customize the button- that article doesn't address the issues AT ALL. I'm trying to figure out what file that's created in retrospect 6 that I map to the Maxtor One Touch II button. I can map the one touch II button to retrospect.exe but all it does is open the program- it doesn't implement my back up program. Once again retrospect is taken what should be a very easy 1-2-3 operation and make it exceedingly difficult. Thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  2. davepicc

    Mapping one touch button

  3. How do I map the one touch button to launch my retrospect 6 backup? It will launch the program if I customize it to retrospect.exe but I don't know how to launch the backup itself or what exact file to map it to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  4. Hey guys- I can see a lot of people are having problems with this software. I bought the Maxtor One Touch II a few months ago and I got the backup going after having to uninstall and reinstall the HD express software a few times. Within the past week all my backups started failing, it doesn't seem like the grooming feature on express HD is doing it's job. How do I manually get rid of old restore points? This software is so flaky, it seems to work sometimes with a real drain on the computers resources and other times it just seems to make my whole computer act really shaky. I uninstalled express HD, and installed retrospect 6 but a backup failed with that also. Should I reformatt and start the whole process over? I think if I were to backup my entire computer to floppy disks the process would have been easier then what I've had to deal with so far. Ugh! Dave p.s. I want to say thanks to Nate whose posts have been very helpful over the past few months.