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    error -102 over ethernet

    Hello, my LTO 4 streamer with Retrospect 7.5 is conected to my Windows 2003 Server and works fine when I backup local files. I do have a 700 Giga Archive Server (Windows 2000 Server) which I would like to backup over the 1000 Mbit Network, but after about 30 Minutes I get "Error by writing to media, error -102 (communication problem). Thank you Michael Müller
  2. Hello, I would like to reuse some freshly deleted tapes but after about 15 Min. of a new backup job I get the massage "-104 unexpected media end". So I already have 5 tapes which I don't like to dump. I use Retrospect software (7.0.301 update 7.05.102) and I just updated the Hewlett Packard driver and firmware, but no luck. Michael Mueller
  3. michaelmueller19

    select -D:\Exchange_DB

    the solution - ... to find a folder, you must type a slash at the end of the path name.
  4. michaelmueller19

    select -D:\Exchange_DB

    I forgot to tell you about the versions: Windows 2003 Server Retrospect 7.05.102
  5. michaelmueller19

    select -D:\Exchange_DB

    Hello, On my main array I have the directory d:\EXCHANGE_DB, which holds the Exchange Databases. I created alreade varios "Select" groups within Retrospect, but it always tries to backup the open *.DB and stream files. What can be wrong? Michael Müller
  6. michaelmueller19

    crashing the whole server

    Hello, I recently upgraded to version 7 and setup a backup script for saving my „serial 3ware raid 10“ to a 400 GB Seagate but it happens, something like every second job, that Retrospect is quitting operations during the backup. In the morning, when I lock on to the server there is no Retrospect running only the Retrospect massage „quit job because of an power failore or system crash. There is not even an error in the Windows event lock!! I already installed the latest Retrospect driver ru705102.exe and the Retrospect 7.0.301 update. Retrospect is running on a Supermicro Dual Xenon Board with the latest Bios and Windows 2003 and Exchange SP 1. Thank you Michael Müller