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  1. Is it possible that there is System Restore or a swap file on the disk (this is assuming that these are USB/Firewire harddrives)?
  2. I've also been having a lot of "chunk checksum" issues with the lastest releases of Retrospect. Even on sets that aren't set to groom. :~( Needless to say, I'll be watching this thread.
  3. Well, at least it is consistantly inconsistant. I probably should have mentioned that I'm using Retrospect Multi-Server 7 on XP and not the OSX variety.
  4. Your plan sounds like a good idea, but (without checking) I think I remember Macs only having room on the inside for 2 hard drives. Hopefully I'm wrong though (I'm not a Mac guy). This might only matter if you don't have enough hard drive mounts inside the case... if you are considering 10K rpm drives then you might also want to think about taking advantage of Firewire 800 being offered on the latest Macs. It might be a good place to build in some additional capacity into your backup server. I've been using tape as my primary backup for quite a while, but I do a proactive backup to 7200 rpm firewire attached drives so that I can do quick recoveries of those "stupid little mistakes" that people make when they delete something off of their computer or the highly used portions of our server. Additionally, if make sure that you read up in the forums about people's disk-to-tape experiences with Retrospect. It seems to be quite the conversation piece these days. Too many people tempted by cheap disk prices and wonderful throughput when compared to a pure tape setup.
  5. I've never had to disable an antivirus program when installing the Retroclient, but sometimes I do have to restart the machine before it will install (I'm not entirely sure why, it just won't install after being unzipped or even after the files have been transfered from a file server). My only other suggestion would be to make sure that the unzip utility is closed completely as it might still have a hold on one of the files for some odd reason. I know that both of these issues have held me up before.
  6. I'm not so sure that multiple IPs is the issue here. I've installed the latest version of the client that I have (I can't remember if it is v6.5 or v7), but it handled multiple IPs without any fussing around on Fedora Core 3 and Suse Enterprise 8. But, at least it is working for you now.
  7. I would agree that this should be in the KB. I'd tried the old method and for the most part given up for the time being because of other more serious Retrospect issues. :~(
  8. I have the same thing happening and I've called tech support and not gotten as much help as I would like. It was my proactive backup that was getting corrupted. After I got that message, it makes Retrospect restart and then I have an unusable catalog file. If I try to rebuild the catalog file, it fails and gives me the chunk checksum error again. It is a sad cycle of pain and hope. Does this sound similar to what you have going? I'm using a Sony AIT drive (SDX-700C) on Windows XP SP2.
  9. unclebexscz

    Fedora and Debian Clients

    I had really good experiences getting Retroclient to work in Debian using the debian packages that I found in this thread: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=linux&Number=30903 The one thing that it doesn't like is if you attempt to install the package via Synaptic. For some reason Synaptic doesn't recognize that the package requires some user intervention to set the client password, and so Retrospect is installed in a half-completed manner. You're best bet is to simply install from a terminal using the old school method. If you do that, then it works perfectly. Installing Retroclient on Fedora was even easier since I was able to use the non-messed with Retroclient package and just install via RPM at the command line. It doesn't get much easier than that. (It worked this easy for me when installing to a 64-bit version of Suse Enterprise Linux Server 8 as well, straight from the RPM). I probably should add that all of our linux machines (whether Suse, Fedora, or Debian are large RAID arrays) and they work much easier than I would have guessed.
  10. unclebexscz

    retro client rpm for SUSE

    Refux, I'm glad to see that you found what you needed. I probably should have searched through the forums before installing the client on my Suse server. For what it's worth, I was able to use the RPM on my 64-bit Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 8 server without any issues. The only bit of funkiness that I've encountered is how Retrospect 7 Multi-Server handles machines with multiple NICs with the linux client (I try to add only one NIC to the list of volumes that I wish to backup, and sometimes Multi-Server seems to switch them around, it never drops the client, it just doesn't make the NIC/IP combo stick for whatever reason). -Bex
  11. unclebexscz

    crashing the whole server

    The client computer that it is on has an AMD-8000 series chipset, I'm not sure of the exact model because I can't find the book.
  12. What version of Retrospect are you using? It comes in many flavors.
  13. unclebexscz

    crashing the whole server

    I get a similar message quite often in Retrospect, but it is just during normal operation and not specifically when it is reading data from a client that has a 3ware SATA RAID card. I'm not sure if it is related the the original problem in the thread as the error message seems to be a generic catch-all to be displayed when Retrospect goes belly-up. :~( It happens to me both when I'm backing up to harddrives and also when I'm backing up to tape.
  14. This one has snagged me before too. Perhaps there needs to be an info button or some sort of quick link to the KB article (in the program I mean) when the whole thing is greyed out? It's a bit of a hand-holding measure, but it seems to come up fairly often (it has confused every one of my assistants at least once).
  15. I've found that I get this message when backing up machines that have been migrated from a dead Domain Controller to a whole new domain and PDC. It is those abandoned accounts and registry entries that need to be deleted after a migration to make Retrospect not complain, at least in my case. I'm sure there are other things that can cause this, but this has been my experience. I don't get this kind of message for local user accounts or accounts associated with the current PDC. I'm not sure why Retrospect chokes on these accounts, I just know that even though it complains it seems like the backups are still completing successfully.
  16. unclebexscz

    134MB/min :( [if im lucky]

    I too was having a similar issue with the default driver, although I am using a Sony AIT-3 drive. But even when I updated the drivers I was still getting 90-125MB/min. Awhile later I found that the drive was having problems and it was RMA'ed. I spoke with an Engineer at Sony and apparently it is fairly common for Adaptec 29160 cards (what they use in their facility) to slow down as they approach death. They mentioned that they should preform at the speeds that you mentioned getting, but when the cards hit 130MB/min then they look into RMA'ing the card or replacing it. Since my 29160 didn't work well no matter what the circumstance I tried my backup card (a 45 dollar LSI that did Ultra 160) and it was decent for the price, but the Atto UL4S that was recommended by the folks at Dantz tech support has been worth the price (it is about the same as an Adaptec 29160) as we find that on some of our newer machines we now get 850MB/min, and even the old crappy machines still enjoy 350-500MB/min. When I started as backup operator I didn't know near enough about how finicky Adaptec cards are (we also use a few 3210S models in other machines, but not for backup purposes). Needless to say, I've learned the hard way about SCSI device performance.