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    Where do I find the Linux client?

    I went ahead ... preliminary results look promising, but only time (and more testing) will tell for sure.
  2. dean940

    Where do I find the Linux client?

    Thanks! I got what I asked for, but perhaps my question wasn't right. The file I found is Retrospect Client for Red Hat Linux 6.5.108 (.rpm) But it seems to indicate that it's for Retrospect Mac 5.1/Win 6.5. I am running Mac OS 10.4.1 (Tiger) and Retrospect 6.0.212. The Red Hat Enterprise Professional WS is "version 3" which, if I understand it correctly, is the Anaconda (9.1) release. (I'm not sure about the latter. It definately is "version 3" and it is the most up-to-date version according to the Red Hat up2date utility.) Will Retrospect Client for Red Hat Linux 6.5.108 work with Retrospect 6.0.212 running on a Mac? If the answer is either "don't know" or "not officially supported" I am quite willing to give it a go. But if the answer is "absolutely not -- we tried and it failed" then there's no use me trying. Does anyoue have any experience with this? (If I do try it, I will post the results for the benefit of all.) By the way, Retrospect running on the Mac has served me so well for so long that I have no desire to switch to Windows ... even if it means leaving the LInux box without a backup!
  3. Where do I find the Retrospect client for RedHat linux 6.5? I use a Macintosh (OS 10.4.1) and Retrospect to backup -- have done so for more than 10 years. I just converted a Windows laptop to run RedHat linux (WS) and would like to back that up to the Mac. I understant that this is possible, but so far I've ben unable to locate the client RPM. Thanks ...