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  1. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    No, the link provided by the technician was NOT the same as the first one I just showed; as I said, the link he provided took me to the second one I list, which was the same as that other one I had tried to use before. I didn't include the technician-provided link in my message since as I wrote my last message I did not remember whether it was www.retrospect.com/upgrade or www.retrospect.com/update, www.retrospect.com/upgrades, or www.retrospect.com/updates. But I did type exactly the URL he gave me, and that took me to the page I cited. No confusion on MY part!
  2. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    And now I got another e-mail, from a completely different e-mail address -- iomega@rm.iomega.com -- acknowledging my registration of the product. Unfortunately, this message appears replete with HTML mark-up, and no attempt to view the message body in my e-mail client (Thunderbird) as HTML works. So I have a lot of gibberish there.
  3. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    Oh... I just got another e-mail, from emcinsignia_customerservice@emc.com, with a completely different (alleged) "new license code". That number is different from either the alleged "new license code" sent in the original e-mail message and the (real) new license code I got on the web. This new message does, however, seem to have the now-correct link for where to download the upgrade file.
  4. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    Actually, things are even more baroque than I expected... I downloaded the .exe from the link cited in my previous message. Used that to install the upgrade. Was prompted for the license number. I entered the number that the e-mail message from emcinsignia_licensing@emc.com said was my "new license code". I got a message saying that was just an "upgrade authorization code", and that I had to supply my original (old version) license number in order to get my new license code! And I could do that by phone or on the web. So I clicked the Web button. Up pops an error box saying that the number I had entered was not a license code but rather an upgrade authorization code. Well, to make a long story short, finally I got to the SAME web page that, yesterday, I had used to get to the page where I placed my upgrade order. (Got that?) And on that page, it was now dimly apparent, I had to enter my OLD license code (although it did not designate it as such) and, as the Upgrade Authorization Code, what the emc e-mail had called my "new license code". That took me to a page that gave me my (really!) new license code for 7.7. And on that page there was a link to a download of the ugprade -- and that download was a DIFFERENT file from any of the files listed on the page from which I had previously downloaded. This is truly a case of what my beloved high school calculus teacher called, "insanity cubed"! My advice: don't buy anything from EMC/Retrospect/Iomega until they straighten out their act. It just is not worth the hassle.
  5. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    The e-mail gave an order number and a license code. I used the latter at the supplied URL: http://www.retrospect.com/en/upgrades/wizard_intl.dtml'>http://www.retrospect.com/en/upgrades/wizard_intl.dtml That's what did not work when I entered the license code (whether old or new). I just phoned EMC. After going through a baroque multi-layer automated answering tree system, I finally got a human in customer service. That person in turn referred me to tech support. The tech support rep said the link was wrong and gave me, instead, a link that took me to: http://www.retrospect.com/en/upgrades/wizard_intl.dtml I asked why there was a different link in the e-mail. The tech support rep said that was customer service; I should ask them. Your company's service is a mess!
  6. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    I did that -- copied & pasted the code. That did not work. Which code did you enter: your old one or the new one you received for the 7.7 upgrade? (As I said, I tried both!)
  7. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    I did finally receive an e-mail which purports to give me a link to an ftp site for downloading my upgrade from Retrospect 7.6 Pro to Retrospect 7.7 for Windows. But there is no _FTP_ link in that message. There is a seemingly relevant _HTTP_ link there, adjacent to my alleged new license number. But that link is useless: I tried both the new 7.7 license number and the old 7.6 license number there. With either, it just takes me back to the same page on the web site where I originally entered my 7.6 license number in order to buy the upgrade to 7.7. And rejected without even so much as a message indicating why -- just the same page again with the License Code field now cleared. I sent e-mail around midnight last night about this latest fiasco to the two individuals at emc.com who had replied to my original e-mail message about the initial upgrade pricing error. I have had no reply yet, some 11 hours later. The Retrospect upgrade process has become as baroque, error-ridden, confusing, and unreliable as the Symantec system used to be. I suspected things were going to be difficult as soon as the upgrade process link took me to an Iomega page. Has Retrospect grown too big for its boots, with its (inept) integration with EMC2?
  8. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    The link to the correct price for the upgrade to Retrospect 7.7 has now been fixed (so both show the lower price, the that had been listed on the first of the two linked pages). Now all I have to do is figure out how to get the electronic download: there's nothing whatsoever I could find on the page of the Invoice as to how/where to download it -- not even so much as a statement that an e-mail with the requisite link would be forthcoming! The Iomega/EMC2 sales operation would seem to be in need of some mending.
  9. murrayE

    Bait & switch upgrade price?

    At http://www.retrospect.com/en/upgrades/wizard.dtml?step=product, the price listed to upgrade my Windows Retrospect Pro 7.6 to 7.7 is $29 (electronic). When I click the "Select" button there, I'm taken to the page http://go.iomega.com/en-us/products/backup-software/backup-software-upgrade-pc/pz2ea0076/ where the price is now the considerably higher $49. This looks like some kind of "bait-and-switch" or other devious and possibly illegal scheme. I have screen shots to prove the discrepancy.
  10. murrayE

    Restoring files just restores directories

    I figured out what the source of the problem: I had previously moved the backup files themselves to another hard drive, and on one occasion when I tried to restore, Retrospect couldn't find the backup files; so the backup set folder got marked as missing. To solve, I recreated the catalog using the current location of the backup files. But that raises another question: At the earlier time, when Retrospect couldn't find the backup files' folder, I navigated to it, yet Retrospect still refused to recognize it. WHY? And how does one take care of this??
  11. Did you try the fixmbr command in the Windows Recovery Console? This is one of the standard ways to fix a missing or corrupted NTLDR. However, it will NOT repair partition tables. (I know about this for Windows XP, but I believe the same thing was available with Windows 2000.) CAUTION: Before doing this, you should, of course, be sure you have a copy of the partition tables or can recreate them.
  12. I'm trying to restore a whole bunch of folders and their files (to a new location). All I get restored is the corresponding tree of folders, with no files in them -- even though the selection browser shows the files, too, and I'm told I'm going to get hundreds of megabytes restored. I'm using the Restore wizard: select the Backup Set, then select the Snapshot, then the new location; next, select Restore files and folders; use the file browser tree to select what is to be restored (with the Backed Up item selected from the drop-down in the tool bar - I also tried the process with the Modified selection); saying Always replace matching files; etc. Note that I don't know exactly which of the dozen or so snapshots for the drive in question is the last time the files were actually backed up because they were new or changed. But I thought the whole point of snapshots was that this would restored the most recent versions. Am I fundamentally misunderstanding something about the Restore process? How do I get those files restored -- they're there! I'm using Retrospect 7.6 for Windows (NOT Pro) under Windows XP SP3. OT: Is there a separate forum for non-Pro Retrospect for Windows???
  13. murrayE

    Uninstall 7.5 before install 7.6?

    Thank you for your prompt response. Please consider adding such information to future releases (or include the requisite information or option in the installer). As I said, there's no reason that a user has to guess -- or to take the extra step of posting a query!
  14. I'm currently running Retrospect for Windows 7.5 (NOT Professional) under Windows XP SP3. Must I uninstall version 7.5 before installing version 7.6? Should I do so? Should I install 7.6 over 7.5, i.e., same directory? May I install 7.6 over 7.5. And... WHY DON'T THEY TELL THE USER THE ANSWER, either on the download page, in the installer itself, in the Read Me file, or some other prominent place? (I don't think I missed that information in my search.) Am I supposed to guess? to be psychic? Don't they imagine that anybody ever installs a new version? (hardly!)
  15. Trying to make Disaster Recovery CD with Retrospect 7.5 for Windows, with the snapshot for my boot, C, partition, I get a warning message, "Disaster Recovery CD-R disc image will be over 650 MB". This never happened before (which was before junking my old PC and installing on a new PC which has accumulated far less junk than the old one. I'd sure hate to have to start searching for files to move temporarily from C elsewhere. Note that I have hardly any applications installed in C:\Program files (only those which offer no choice); and I have few file in C:\Documents and Settings (as I've redirected My Documents, My Pictures, etc., to other partitions). And I cleaned out temporary files and temp directories before trying to make the Disaster Recovery image. P.S. I used the forums' search feature and located several relevant items, but when I clicked the link to any of those items, I was returned to the main forum page -- so impossible to find the actual posts!