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  1. Hi When I look at my CPU usage on my server or look into the SQL server activities using SQL Server profiler , I see that Retrospect is polling my SQL server every 10-15 seconds and runs queries against every database. This is VERY annoying and is it possible to change the frequency of these polls? or turn them off? I don't use the SQL backup option right now. My CPU usage diagam in the task manager looks like a heart-beat diagram from a hospital!. //andy
  2. The log file of a re-catalog session says: The locked preference on the Snapshots is not preserved after a recatalog What does that mean ? I have checked by Backupset and verified that I have NO snapshots that are locked. What then can I do? Any ideas? or do I have to delete my backupSet and start over again as I can't find a way to get around this error.
  3. I have Retrospect Single Server Version 7.0.326 and get the error message: Grooming Backup Set XXXXXX failed, error -2249 (could not find session) What session? The Disk where I store the Backupset is getting close to full, about 1Gbyte free but I can't groom it to release more space. My CDrive where I have my catalog files has 16GByte of free space.... Any ideas? I have tried recreate the catalog but it does not help......
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    How to delete data from a Backupset?

    Thanks That of course could work, but what I Was looking for was the ability to delete a specific client, drive or path from all existing snapshots in the Backupset. //Andy
  5. I have been running a backup that did backup some unwanted directories/drives, meaning that my external harddrive where my backupset resides on was filled with a lot of unecessary data (about 100Gbyte extra) and that I would like to get rid of. As my space on my external HD is limited. How can I physically and permanently remove data from a backupset to allow me to shrink it back to a desired size? I know about grooming , but I want to get rid of entire drives/paths backed up. or is it once backuped you are screwed if you accidently got unwanted stuff into the backupset? /Andy
  6. Hi I am currently evaluating Retrospect 7. I plan to use and alternate between two different external harddrives for my backupsets and I intent to alternate between the drives on a irregular basis (like 2-3 time a week) and what is the best way to setup retrospect 7 to handle this? Do I create two independent backupsets or do I use the new member feature? What about scheduling, how can I schedule something that is irreular? use proactive? or not? I am a bit confused on how to set this up?