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  1. I currently have a problem with a disk backup set I am trying to transfer/groom. I have a groom script which seems to be permanently deferred "Waiting for Backup Set C" but I don't seem to be able to specify to Retrospect how to find the the backup set. If I go into the Backup set member properties and try to locate any member it just tells me the source (e.g. G:\) is invalid. Surely there must be some way round this? Jon
  2. The 27 tapes have Server backup and daily PC client backups (Modified files) going back a few months. The drive is a 20GB native DAT drive. I tried snapshot transfer but it wanted to go through each tape for each snapshot - I calculated about 1500 or more tape changes. When I cancelled and put the tapes back in, the tape was not "erased" at all. I cleaned the drive before starting the transfer, so it should have been OK and anyway was fine afterwards. If the transfer was complete it still shouldn't give an erased status. Fun, fun, fun
  3. I am transferring a 27 tape backup set to disk (taking about 2 hours per tape, 4 tapes a working day so it will take a long time to do). At tape 7 it completed with the tape name showing as erased. As I had set it not to erase so I thought that the tape might be corrupted so flagged it as missing and inserted tape 8. Retrospect then went on to produce a lot of rdp file at 12KB each - apparently cycling through the files in each snapshot. At the end tape 8 got the same "erased" status. I stopped the processing at this point having got a bad feeling. Any suggestions?
  4. Kynetec

    Snapshot Transfer process

    Sorry I was unexpectedly away for a long time. The tapes are DAT 20GB. It would be quite a lot of disks. I have the same problem with disk to disk transfer - changing the disks is enough of a pain although I wonder about the grooming option. How does grooming actually work? does it run through every snapshot individually or by backup set member? It seems to me that parallel processing would be a better option and surely not hard to do?
  5. Maybe I am missing something but I want to transfer the latest snapshot for each of 56 client drives from a 27 tape backup set to (I estimate) a 2 disk IDE backup set. The transfer seems to be taking each snapshot separately rather than in parallel - is this true? If so I will have to change the tapes 1512 times!