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  1. Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure why the screenshots didn't make it - something must have went wrong. I did a search as well and only chose this post because I was hoping to revisit a topic that best already asked my question (lest I get gripes about duplicating a question) - it seemed to be a problem unrelated to a specific forum. I'll try suggestion 1. (seems like a workaround to 5. and 6. which I've tried without luck). Anyway, moving on, non-subtle suggestion accepted.
  2. I also did a forums search, and tried to follow the advice of those posts. In my case, I do NOT have an empty folder. Also, the beginning of the post you reference seems to be matching "names" not "paths" which is not what I want: because I have many folders named the same thing, I only want the folder in one specific path. I did include my version of Retrospect ( in my post, but not my Windows, which is Windows 10. It doesn't matter, I've never been able to get the path selector to work in this manner, for many years. Yes, I don't post much - Retrospect is a tool for me, and I'm very happy with its function and performance, so not in here much. But I figured I'd try to see if I could get this working by checking the forum. I can work around it, but would love to learn how to wield this feature correctly. - Sean
  3. I can't figure this out and kind of frustrated. I'm trying to do something I think is simple, but I can't seem to get it right. I want to exclude one single directory from backup of the C: drive. I make a selector of "include All Files" and "exclude the Windows FAT/NTFS path C:\Seantest" (reason for path - I have other "Seantest" folders in C:) I've attached a screenshot. I've tried: "C:\Seantest\", C:\Seantest "C:\Seantest" and tried using "ends with", etc. How can exclude a single directory using Path? Is this the wrong way to do it? Been using Retrospect since 7.0 (now on and always resort to some squishy way of doing it with name instead. Thanks, - Sean
  4. Occasionally, I come to my Windows 7 64-bit PC and click on Retrospect and get the attached window. It "looks" like something is running and hung, but I really don't know. It's a window I've never seen in previous versions/OS's. Nothing I click on changes anything, and I can't seem to bring up the normal Retrospect GUI where I can control and schedule scripts. Is there a way to get back Retrospect Control wihtout rebooting? - Sean
  5. seanbreilly

    Strange launch window - how do I get the normal GUI back?

    Update: If I click on the little x, it kills the job. Then I have to press the green power button and Retrospect restarts. Then I can get to the real GUI and see that the job I killed failed. This window seems to be a "Monitor" - I really want to get to the normal GUI if I'm coming back to my PC and a background script is having issues... - Sean
  6. After changing permissions, I'll need to be more specific: Backup (to backup sets) runs fine. Duplicate gives me all the headaches. This leaves me in the same boat as backing up to NAS (Unix based) drives - can't do duplication because won't get incremental due to file attribute incompatibilities. Seems like from XP, I can only backup up a local offline Win 7 disk, not duplicate. I like having a backup set (for snapshot control) *and* a duplicate copy (in case I need to access some of the data from a PC without Retrospect) - Sean
  7. I have a system that has worked fantastic for me for years - it is a dual boot system, with Windows XP 32-bit installed on both OSs (XP1 on C: and XP2 on D: drive). I normally run XP1, backed up nightly - if I ever corrupted XP1 or got a virus, I just booted XP2 and restored an old copy. This has been utterly successful for me dozens of times and far easier than than trying to figure out how to make a Disaster Recovery CD. I basically never use XP2 ever except as an infrequent way to restore XP1's OS. So now I upgrade XP1 to Windows7 64-bit 1 and call it W71. As a test, I see if I can boot XP2 and back up or duplicate W71. It starts and it copies some files, but has THOUSANDS of errors - 1101s, 1107s, a bunch others, security problems, permissions, "can't link to" errors - so many I don't even know how to start debugging it. Should I be able to do this, even, though? From Windows XP 32-bit, should I be able to duplicate another local partition that happens to be a Windows 7 64-bit install? Or will I have to upgrade my XP2 to Win 7 too? FYI: I am using Retrospect 7.7 across the board. Thanks, - Sean
  8. I would like to Duplicate a bunch of files from both my C: and D: drive to one destination. The reason is that these are the most crucial files I own and I want them in safe place as real files, to share with other PCs and archive them in non-propietary form - so no compressed backups. I'm duplicating files I know will be under 4 GB so I can put them on a DVD. I can do this with Selectors, but only from one Drive. Am I required to make 2 scripts, both going to the same destination? - Sean
  9. seanbreilly

    Duplicate using Selectors from 2 volumes?

    Any way to get 2 scripts to run sucessively without having to guess your time window? I basically want to do a scatter/gather from a bunch of drives to one destination (preferably a DVD-R, but I don't mind breaking it into steps). My PC (old) has become a Frankenstein of lots of drives. I know - picky, picky.... :^) - Sean
  10. seanbreilly

    Several gripes

    I had a major problem with the ubiquitous 519 error in my wireless Network: - W2K Pro across the board (all upates) - 2 desktops, 1 laptop - Wirless B - Retrospect 7 (all updates to server and client). The error came at different times every night - never the same place. Looked in here and tried a few of the hints: - I upgraded to Wireless G - no difference. - made sure nothing was running, no scheduled antivirus, etc. - tried playing with the client priority slider - no difference. - I finally took a suggestion from someone who said downgrade the client to 6.5 THAT WORKED (for the most part - had one 519 error so far). I fully believe this product would run fine in a land line environment. But what might be going on with wireless? - Sean Reilly
  11. Just a followup to this - I am getting this exact same error on a .jpg at the same offset. Everytime I try to do a duplicate, this one compare fails on a set of 28000+ files, even after resaving the .jpg, recopying, disk checking, defgragging. Weird. - Sean
  12. seanbreilly

    Can anyone confirm the general theory here?

    I am having some trouble understanding how to audit Retrospect's operation. I am a brand-spanking new user. I have a Volume with 24359 Files and 1574 Folders (25933 "entities"). I did a backup to a file backup set of that volume. Due to a couple of power outages, that backup required 3 sessions. Each of the sessions backed up 1926, 11207, and 9939 files respectively (total of 23072 files). Summary says I backed up 23072 files. Sounds okay. Restore (method that restores all files/folder, including empty ones) puts back 24359 files and 1574 files. Cool. So folders aren't really backed up - got that. But what about files? Duplicates are not backed up twice, right? But I've catalogged (via DOS commands and other means) all the duplicate files in the Volume and I can't for the life of me come with 23072 files (usually I come up with less when subtracting duplicates, even if I match dates, sizes and names). What represents the difference between the 23072 files backed up and the 24359 files that get restored? (I know, why do I care? It works... I'm just curious). - Sean