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    Red box with numbers?

    What does the red box with numbers inside to the right of the number of replies mean?
  2. wmcsnow

    Red box with numbers?

    Thanks for answering my question about the red box. In my previous post I asked about a Disaster Recovery CD I had made. Have you made one? See attachment for what was on the one I made. Am I posting this question in the wrong forum as the only answer I got ignored this part of the post? In the past I have been very successful using Disaster Recovery media to Boot up then recover everything using old Seagate tape and software and also other software with DVDs. I have never been confronted with the necessity to do this with the Retrospect backups I have been using for 4 or 5 years. Only recovering individual files/folders. After reading your recent posts I am very concerned about their reliability. Bill
  3. wmcsnow

    Disaster Recovery Disk

    Would someone tell me if the DRD I burned on this Dell Studio 1737 64 Vista is what I should have? Can't find way to add an attachment but the folders on the CD are: BOOT 12/5/2009 RFI 12/5/2009 Sources 12/5/2009 Files: BOOTMGR 326KB 1/18/2008 desktop.ini 1KB 1/12/2010 Thanks in advance, Bill
  4. wmcsnow

    Disaster Recovery Disk

    OOOPS! RFI should have been EFI
  5. Do I install the larger 7.7 paid 7.7 on top of the trial version? How do I test the disaster CD I just burned? How do I add attachments to these posts? Will appreciate any help
  6. wmcsnow

    7.7 install full version after trial copy

    Thank you rhwalker. Have requested same with reasons. Bill snow
  7. Would you be kind enough to list all the required choices in starting a normal full backup that will work with the recovery disk. I am using a Dell Vista Home Premium Studio 17 x64 with a MiniMax external drive and/or a Seagate Free Agent 1TB drive. Thanks
  8. I just read the blog describing 7.7 release scheduled for next month. I have 7.6.123 EOM installed on a Dell Studio 1737 Vista HP 64b which has been backing up everything since last December. I plan to wait until 7.7 is available to upgrade to Win 7 HP. Will this backup disk be functional for specific files after upgrading? Also what steps do I take to add my own Avatar in place of those shown?
  9. Thanks for the info. My other question asked how to put a 71x75 avatar I have in a file on this computer. I could not find a way to brouse for it.
  10. I am about to upgrade from Vista to 7 Home premium. I tried to update my Retrospect 7.6.123 EOM but the links under help didn't work. As I started searching I found many user with serious problems when they went to use these backups. I have been using Retrospect for many years since ver. 5 or 6 but have never had a hard disk crash so have never done a recovery and wonder if they would been any good.. I want a very reliable backup before attempting this up grade. Making the backups has worked fine except that the Disaster Recovery CD part has not worked since several years ago during 6. something. I was given the KB about the "ISO file too big" but never found a way to use the CD part.... Does anyone know if that issue has been fixed?... How can I test whether the backups are good? Any other comments about what I am planning will be greatly appreciated.... Bill
  11. I recently purchased a MiniMax USB Hard Drive which included Retrospect Express 7.5. This is to backup and use for Disaster Recovery on a Dell Inspiron 5150, XP Home. After the first complete backup I attempted to create a DR CD and every time get the message " ISO image size too big, can't continue". Why is this happening? Supposedly it is only to copy the essential files to reboot and support recovering from the HD.
  12. Thanks for the KB article, The App folder is 28.8 MB. The config is 1.12 MB. The Drivers is 30.2 MB. The I386 is 518 MB. And the Catalog is 36.8 MB. These and what ever else causes the ISO file to be 662.7 MB. What are the files that I do not need from the I386 OEM folder? And why does the OEM include so much that is not required? There are far too many to copy and paste here. I have used a 6.0 version in the past on XP no SP’s with no problems until I installed the SP’s. How would I get a non OEM Microsoft Windows Installer CD?