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  1. Hi, the setup is: Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.111 Driver Update and Hot Fix Windows 2003 Server SP2 4GB RAM C: (system and Retrospect Catalogues) - 230GB / 200GB free D: (Retrospect Disk Backup Sets) - 3.2TB / 1.2TB free Clients are backed up to disk backup sets on this server. The backup sets are then transferred to a locally attached tape autoloader - Dell PowerVault 124T with LTO3 drive. The problem we are seeing is with the transfer to tape. On certain days the performance on these transfers hits rock bottom and transfers that maybe normally take 2.5 hours start reporting a time remaining of much more, sometimes days! Rebooting the server seems to restore the performance levels back to normal. Any thoughts? Thanks, Adrian.
  2. Hi Robin, thank you! That pointed me in the right direction. Because we use named instances I had to go into Options - More Choices - SQL Server - and set the custom path for data and log files to the local path of the data folder for the named instance on the destination server. All works brilliantly now. Thank you! Adrian.
  3. I am getting this error every time I try to restore a database: + Executing Restore database from Backup at 20/05/2008 11:45 (Execution unit 2) 20/05/2008 11:45:16: Connected to db-server To volume TestRestore on db-server... - 20/05/2008 11:45:16: Restoring from DB-SERVER Restore type: Full Trouble writing files, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error) 20/05/2008 11:47:54: Execution incomplete Remaining: 1 files, 2,396 KB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:02:37 (00:00:34 idle/loading/preparing) This happens if I restore a database to its original location, to a new database on the same server, to a new database on a different sql server. I have also tried authenticating as RBU, the domain admin account and the sa account. All with the same error. The databases seem to be backing up fine. The setup is: Retrospect Multi Server 7.5.387 Driver Update and Hot Fix, version Running on a Windows 2003 Server, fully patched. The client is SQL2000 all service packed, with Retrospect Client version 7.5.116. Any ideas? Adrian.
  4. Hi, one of my mailboxes didn't backup and gave the following error: - 26/11/2005 15:26:38: Copying UserName on ServerName Trouble matching UserName on ServerName to SERVERNAME - MBX, error -625 (not enough memory) What does this mean? Thanks! Adrian. P.S. Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.0.301, Update Version Client version 7.0.107.
  5. Hi, one of my Groom jobs has failed with the following error: + Executing 3 - GROOM SERVERNAME at 27/11/2005 17:50 (Execution unit 7) Grooming Backup Set SERVERNAME... Groomed 1.0 GB from Backup Set SERVERNAME. Grooming Backup Set SERVERNAME failed, error -2241 (Catalog File invalid/damaged) Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set SERVERNAME, error -1 (unknown) 27/11/2005 20:56:11: Execution incomplete Duration: 03:04:04 (00:01:48 idle/loading/preparing) Can you run through the correct way to fix the Catalog File to recover from this error? Many thanks! Adrian. P.S. Windows 2003 Server, Retrospect Multi Server v7.0.301, Update Version
  6. Hi, the server has 2gb RAM and 180gb of free disk space. There are however LOADS of deleted mailboxes, so I have gone through and cleaned these out of Retrospect. Thanks for the pointer!! Adrian.
  7. Hi, have just got the following error on Retrospect Multi Server 7.0.301 with Update and client on the exchange server is 7.0.107. Windows popup error message: 'From Retrospect: Script "1 - BACKUPMAILBOXES" failed during automatic execution, error -3407 (unknown). Please Launch Retrospect and check the log for details' This is a backup to disk. The log for this job shows a few skipped msgs etc like always, but nothing worse than that. The Groom Job that relates to this backup failed with this error: + Executing 3 - GROOM Mailboxes at 09/10/2005 08:53 (Execution unit 7) Grooming Backup Set MBX... Groomed zero KB from Backup Set MBX. Grooming Backup Set MBX failed, error -625 (not enough memory) Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set MBX, error -1 (unknown) 09/10/2005 09:17:59: Execution incomplete Duration: 00:22:57 Any ideas? Thanks, Adrian.
  8. sinking

    Setting Tape Retention times

    Hi, what I want is Write A Fixed Multiple Number Of Times, Read Multiple (which doesnt make such a friendly acronym)... So no way of setting a retention policy at the moment?
  9. Hi, not as easily as if they just arrived in your inbox eaxh morning! Is there a wishlist this can be added to? Thanks!
  10. Hi, is it possible to append the contents of the operations log to the notification email? At the moment we either get 'Succesful' or 'Failed with an error number', and we then have to go and access the logs on the server to see why it failed, so it would be great if the logs could be part of the original email!
  11. Hi, is it possible to set fixed tape retention times in Retrospect? So, if a tape gets to, for example, 1 month old, it can no longer be overwritten...??? Thanks, Adrian.
  12. Windows 2003 Server, Retrospect MultiServer version 2.0.265, update Today, the 'Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start' tick box is ticked and greyed out so I can't untick it! I have tried restarting the service, restarting the server, there are no executions scheduled and waiting... help!
  13. Hi, I am using Retrospect MultiServer v 7.0.265, Update on Windows 2003 server, fully patched. We are backing up multiple servers using the retrospect client, and are also using the sql agent. We often get a problem with proactive backups not running either because of 'Source Not Available' or 'Backup Set In Use'. Restarting the services on the server and the clients doesnt fix this. (the clients are windows 2000 server.) We have to reboot the client machines to clear these errors, which obviously isnt always possible! Help! Adrian.