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  1. THANKS Dave for the quick response, I may now do my backup tonight in peace.
  2. Just moved to Tiger (10.42 & 10.44 Systems) and Retro 6.1 Very confused reading the ReadMe I've read and re-read the paragraphs below (see quote) and Just don't comprehend.... Could someone please explain??? Also: -Does this mean if I restore a volume every file on disk will be set to current date/time? -Does this issue apply to "normal backups" or just Duplicates? -Does this mean every file is 'recopied' if I run a Duplicate script a second, third, fourth...time -In the line: "the volume incorrectly sets the attribute modification date to the current date and time." Does this mean any backup-restore operation will reset the modification date of the SOURCE file on the SOURCE DISK to current date or time? does it effect the file on the destination volume. AND Can someone explain what extended ACL's are (i'm new to Tiger, ... I've assumed this would be any file property, or comment, keyword etc. that you set.) FURTHER: Would changing a label color effectively change the ACL's?? ----------------------------------- QUOTE from README "NOTE: Any time you copy a file with extended attributes or ACLs to a volume (for example during a restore or duplicate operation), the volume incorrectly sets the attribute modification date to the current date and time. This means that Retrospect will copy all files with extended attributes or ACLs during the first backup after a restore AND during EVERY duplicate operation, since the attribute modification dates will no longer match. Apple has been notified of this issue and is working to resolve it." ---------------------------- thanks in advance
  3. Just a guess from a non-pro.. I believe it's referring the 2GB limit is for the size of the CATALOG. Try seperating the catogue out from the backup (I've backed up over 12gb in one sitting.) Otherwise, its one of the 2 gazillion other and/if/or/then/elses or buts limitations in Retro. goodluck, please let us know if you find out the solution
  4. This is on a totally clean install of Panther >Which is why you're getting the Finder warning. Whoops - forgot to mention, I've launched Retro numerous times in Panther without getting this mention. Prob only exists with run scripts.
  5. CallMeDave Replies 'But I do wonder why it says that "The application is located in the folder "MacOS"" It should be located in the folder "Retrospect 6.0" if you installed it correctly.' YES EXACTLY...That's the bit that keeps me from clicking OK. It's possible that it's seeing Retro 4? 5? on my OS 9 partition... Your given the option to click cancel, and select an app -- However, after I did that, then selected Retro, something went beserk (it's a fog now). In the end, I had to create the run script again, to get it even to bring up the dialog box. I'm really hesitant to click ok, and mess things up permanently. WHAT A PAIN THIS ALL IS - I spend more time installing and backing up then actually doing work - No exageration -honestly.
  6. When I double click on a run Script - I get the following message: "The document you are opening will open "Retrospect" for the first time. Are you sure you want to open this application?" The application is located in the folder "MacOS" If you were not expecting this application to open click Cancel. It's this second bit which concerned me... If I click cancel, it allowed me to choose retrospect ... but then I got another error ( ---- I've run Retrospect numerous times, I've already repaired permissions, the run scripts are listed in the finder as kind "Run Document" IS there an extension for retro run scripts that I could add, to help the finder out? The run scripts WILL run if I launch retro first, but then, whats the point. PLEASE HELP-- this is on a totally clean install of Panther (only stuff besides retro is Apple software) I wan't to make a backup before installing 10.38, but I fear there might be something deeper going on.. Specs: MacOSX Panther 10.37. Retro v 5.0.204 -
  7. I'm currently running 5.0xxx on OS10.28: I'll likely move to Panther on one volume shortly - thus it sounds like I need move to Retro 6... CAN I KEEP Both versions (5.0 and 6.0) of Retro on disk? (It doesn't really sound like I should count on 6 to access older backups) If so, where would Retrospect prefs Folder reside? any other issues? xandra
  8. BLESS YOU DAVE IS this accessible when creating the backup script or when doing the restore. If the latter, which is the correct option when scripting the backup? xandra
  9. Dave, Thanks for the thourough response. In answer to your questions: > Why create so much extra work? Generally speaking: I realize this is a paranoid approach to an upgrade - but given the FW and SCSI issues with OSX with new ones still emerging emerging in Panther (see todays MacFixIt) and endless headaches folks seem to be having with Retro since OSX began... I trust NOTHING. like I said I've grown paranoid. Particularly since many of the OSX "issues" can result in drive failures - or at least an inability to access a device. Most of my backups are on FW devices the others reside on internal SCSI's. which if any of these devices will function properly AND be seen by Retro 6 after orig Panther and each of it's upgrades is anybody's guess... probably all will be fine, but I can't count on it. Yes, it would be ideal to replace the IDE but I just did 3 weeks ago - (not cheap when you're too whimpy to install yourself ) Then I'd need to pay someone to install in a FW case - and pray that FW would still work. >Are you saying you have 1 physical internal IDE HD? How about the SCSI drives; are there actually 2 of these? I have 1 internal IDE drive (128 GB with 4 partitions - the 1st partition of this is my OSX boot drive. I also have 2 internal SCSI drives (both are connected via an ATTO PCI Express card)** - I use one of these for local backups of just vital stuff from the IDE disk - The second SCSI drive is what I use for my data (I've opted to ignore the concept of storing my important files in the user folder - too buried, too dangerous should OSX go blooey) >What backup devices are you referring to? ...the Panther problem with FW has to do with the firmware on FW 800 bridges, not on the ubiquitous Oxford 911 chipset that probably lives in your external FW box. Not all are really firmware upgrades -- mostly they're driver updates (and yes they have Oxford 911 chipsets) 1 Driver update for the ATTO card (this need be done once panther installed) 2. Driver update for my external LaCie FW drives (fortunately can be done from Jag, might have to redo after Panther install) 3. firmware update for my Ecrix VXA-1 drive. (I've already done this one) **since installing ATTO's driver for OS10.24 and/or update to 10.28 ASP (which is truly lame under X) doesn't see the SCSI's, however: terminal, disk utility, and Retro do! ... go figure. I'd remove it, but I was having SERIOUS crashes till I installed it - even now, I occassionally need to boot twice for the drives to mount. - this doesn't make me feel real comfortable. Hopefully things will be better in Panther... >If you intend to do Finder drags of your data anyway, why use Retrospect at all here? ...and drag your old folders over. In either case you'll have ownership issues to consider, Actually - the reason to use Retro to restore select folders, was to avoid ownership/permission issues for Like a "previous system" created by archive and install... Example if I restored the 1. Applications folder and the Library folder, to a subfolder named "OldOSFolders" defined as a subvolume - I assumed Retro would create the Application and Library folders and all their contents with correct permissions - The structure would then look like this HD the new OSX folders (System, Library, Applications etc) OldOSFolders (defined as subvolume in Retro) "ATA (my HD name) Copy" Applications (my restored copy Library ("" "") etc (the term not the folder) I would then, say drag back my Photoshop folder, to App's folder, the Adobe folder to the App Support folder (poor example really since anything Adobe is probably best reinstalled) - but you get the drift. Office X would be a prime candidate for a treatment like this (at least 5 required updates) but a dragged folder followed by ' first run' would take care of files out side of the App folder) Since I'd be dragging back to same locations - theoretically permissions wouldn't change upon drag) If retro can't be counted on to restore permissions and ownership properly when restoring files and folders.. I'll have to drag copy while booted off of 9 (ODDLY - when a bootable volume isn't needed - this seems the MOST reliable dup method I've found all ownership permissions are retained without any permissions problems) think I'm nuts? run ls -al from terminal before and after... Anyway I'm still mulling this over ... flummoxed, xandra
  10. I'm terrified of moving to Panther - largely due to possible probs with Retro. Particularly since I'd like to do a clean install of of Panther and, my back ups are on External Firewire and Internal SCSI disks (via a supported an ATTO card) Specs: Quicksilver G4 2001, currently running OSX (10.28), Retro 5.0238, 3 internal HDs (1 eide with 3 partitions), 2 internal SCSIs, (one with a bootable OS9 Partition) HERE's My plan: Can anyone tell me if this should work? Have any better ideas? 1. update firmware etc on backup devices (as need for Panther) an ASIDE- don't know how to handle potential Firewire probs I have all my backups on FW 400 disks which Apple claims are fine, but I've heard otherwise... 2. run final backups of all my volumes 3. erase my OSX (10.28 volume) - I've heard its best NOT to use archive/install -OR do an erase and install? 4. Install Panther - install any needed OS combined updaters. 4a. install ATTO SCSI PCI panther driver 4b install install current Panther combined updater 5. drag back my old Retro Prefs, catalogs & the Retro 5.0 Applcation folder (so that they can be me used by Retro 6) 6. upgrade to Retro 6 7. Do a new retro backup 8. Install the remainder of Apples updates (itunes, security updates etc) 9. Restore Select folders (Applications, System, Library, Users to be specific) to a subfolder defined as a retro volume: (This to allow me to drag back desired items as needed..) - My Goal hear is to use Retro to create the same thing as an archive install previous folder, without the risk of maintaining corrupt stuff, and/or files no longer needed/desired in Panther, half removed apps etc...) 10 FINALLY... selectively drag back desired stuff drag back simple stuff (drag installs, my files etc) , reinstall more complex apps Thanks in advance, xandra
  11. By read only - 1. can one still restore an entire disk from an older version of Retro (in my case 5.0238) 2. can I still restore select files/folders from older backups using snapshots? Sad to say Retro Complexities have made me hold off upgrading to Retro 6 and to Panther... (pretty absurd if you think about it) Further: I'm having a hell of time figuring out how to do a clean install of Panther - but have easy access to all my Jaguar files. I'd then want to restore select folders as desired - no way I wanna use Retro's clunky interface to do this see addtional Thread: "moving to Panther - PLEASE HELP" xandra
  12. Recently, upon restoring several disks All my folder modification dates were set to the date of the Restore (not the actual folder modification dates) Could swear I've experimented with every possible option I could find (I've toggled 'set source folders backup time' off and on) - but still all folders appear on new volume with the same date (making searches a kludge). what settings do I need to use, so that the actual modification time of the folder is restored correctly. Feeling VERY stupid, xandra
  13. >Are these basicly errors showing files that have changed since the script started / scanned these files? Normally - yes. You'll get this anytime an active file which has changed during the course of the backup (Annoyingly, the error always appears for Retrospects Log File - which naturally gets written to during the backup process) >So were these files backed up or ignored. GOOD QUESTION - hope someone else will pipe-in... xandra
  14. Previous statements: "The VXA-1 is a pretty solid drive overall. " ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Yes, that's its reputation, and why we bought it. However, that reliability has not been evident in our configuration, sadly. " I concur the VXA-1 drive itself IS very reliable - its Retro which has been screwball ever since OSX/Retro 5 I've had pretty good luck however WITH the following adjustments/workarounds: (BEAR IN MIND I ONLY BACK UP LOCAL DISKS - no Clients so YMMV) I've had success running Retro under following conditions running VXA-1 FIREWIRE via OSX 10.24, & 10.28 1. Don't even think about turning on the drive then running a Backup - YOU MUST RESTART first. 2. Disable all forms of sleep in Energy Saver in particular don't allow Hard Drive Sleep. 3. Don't run System Prefs while Retro Runs - not sure why seemed to screw things up 4. Partition Drives/ and or set up SubVolumes (as mentioned in previous post) - THIS IS A MAJOR CONFUSING PAIN - I don't really know if it's neccessary - but above post seems to indicate others have had luck going this route.* *ASIDE: I SURE HOPE this Isn't really neccessary-- something's really backwards when you need to organize your disks just to please one (increasingly) finicky program. Other than the 1rst item: can't verify the necessity of the others, but after numerous headaches, the combo seems to work for me - Have yet tried Panther - am waiting for comments to a previous post to see if this will be safe to upgrade - can't imagine what I'd do if upgrade made it impossible for me to access my backups.
  15. Currently running OSX 10.28 - Retro Desktop 5.0238 (with lastest RDU) Planning to upgrade to Panther shortly but don't want to upgrade (to Retro 5.1 or 6 OR Panther) until I'm damn sure my current devices will work... Have read thru available compatability info and am still confused... PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, 1.5GB Ram, (with Apple OEM SCSI Cards Adaptec 2930CU mod 1686806-04 and slot5 (fast) ATTO,ExpressPCIProUL3D) - Theres one internal ATA drive and 2 internal SCSI drives connected internally to the cards. My Backup Drives (all on my Firewire Ports and are both Firewire 400) LaCie D2 Firewire Hard Drives (formatted with Apple disk utility) and Ecrix(Exabyte) VXA-1 FW (with most current Firmware) Given the set up above... If I upgrade to Panther - which version of Retro should I use? are these Drives compatible with: Retro 5x? (running Panther)? Retro 5.1 (running Jag & Panther?) Retro 6 (running Jag & Panther?) Which set up would be most stable -I don't really need to back up my network- but I MUST have access to my Retro backups. Very Dizzy, xandra