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  1. Thanks so much Foster. I tried it and can happily confirm that the script works with version 7.5. Seems reasonable to assume it will work on the 7.0 installation as well.
  2. Well, I have just one tape drive so I guess it ought to continue by itself. Very strange. I have no clue how to change this behaviour.
  3. I have to wait for the remote user to play with the tapes (i'm not at that location and use remote desktop to administer that server). Meanwhile I was wondering about Lennarts question: "After insering the tape, can you click the "Proceed" button? ...or is it disabled?" I assumed that after inserting the tape there would be no user interaction needed. Am I wrong and has the local user to press proceed?
  4. You're completely right. I mixed up a few things. I just recently enabled the job time out mechanism and since then I get these mails too. However I'm still interested in the mailscript as I would like to customize it and send more log info on errors. Is 6.5 still online somewhere?
  5. How do I download retrospect 6.5? It's no longer available in the 'try' section?
  6. Hi, Just discovered that I have a 6.5 manual! While I have a fully licensed 7.0 version. Don't know how that happened. I wanted to use the extra features of the mail script as the build in notifier is rather limited. My main request was to get a mail when the tape was not in the machine, before the job times out to remedy it. The description of the external script suggest that this is possible. Will 6.5 scripts work with 7.0?
  7. Hi guys, Yes the tape has exactly the same name. The tape is not blank as it contains the image of exactly a week ago. I do full recycle backups every workday and reuse the tapes of last week. If the tape is in it at the right time it's used without problems and if I run the script manually it uses this same tape. The option for automatically use blank tape is checked. I did not have the setting for automatically use blank tapes enabled. It seemed not related but I checked it now to be sure. Also checked the skip minimal erasure check. Have to check if this helps, but I don't expect it to. Not completely sure about the 'Proceed button status'. Will check.
  8. After installing Retrospect 7.0 (latest version + update on W2k3) Server there is no email notifier script in the directory external scripts. There are some sample scripts, but not the email notifier script which is described in the manual. We would like to use it. Can we download it somewhere?
  9. When a script starts and the tape is not available Retrospect says 'waiting for media'. If we then insert the right tape Retrospect doesn't react. The only way to get it to backup is to stop that job and run the same job manually. This is very inconvenient as it takes a system administrator to intervene. Is this normal behaviour or did we miss some setting? We use Retrospect 7.0 (latest version and updates) on W2K3 SP1. The tapedevice is a Tandberg SLR100.
  10. I have the same problem as St├ęcy, except I don't see any error in the windows log. Whatever account I use as the 'always use this account' won't be used without any apparent error. These accounts are perfectly okay when I log in with them and start Retrospect. They have all the rights needed etc. There are no spaces in the names and If I re-enter them they are accepted by Retrospect as valid users. The entries in the preferences/security are 'sticky' so they show up next time I start the program. I tried all the same actions: logging of, rebooting, other accounts etc. It just doesn't matter. I use Windows server 2003 and it's my first use of this option. Could it be something in W2k3?