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    Linux client is "deferred" -- why?

    Did you find a solution? I'm having this issue with an XP client. I've tried wiping out the Documents and Settings\All Users\Retrospect folder and reinstalling, but it still always defers execution. All other clients work and a regularly scheduled script backup works for this client too, just not proactive backups. Edit- I found a file called retro_defer in windows\temp. Deleting that fixed the issue.
  2. In this case, I am able to copy the files via the finder locally and over afp.
  3. My environment consists of a Japanese OS9 with Korean character support, Japanese Win2K with Korean character support, and 2 Japanese OSX boxes with Korean character support. When I backup these up with Retrospect Workgroup 5 running on one of the Japanese OSX machines, I encounter error -43 for files created by iTunes that have a Korean name on the OSX client and errors -43 and -37 for some files that have Korean and Japanese names on the Win2K machine. Is there some limitation with the English version of Retrospect? The errors do not occur for all files with two-byte names, so I suspect it is something particular about these names. Also, is there a way to get Retrospect to properly show the two-byte character names in the log?