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  1. OwenWatson

    Moving Retrospect to another server?

    Got the info from the help file: thanks! 1. I bought 7.0 as an upgrade from 6.5. Do I have to install 6.5 then put 7.0 over it? 2. I'm having difficulty finding my Retrospect CD: is there somewhere I can download an installer for 7.0?
  2. OwenWatson

    Exchange 2007 Support Update

    I was meaning Retrospect 7.0
  3. I'm running Retrospect 7 on a Windows 2000 Server box, which I'm replacing with a Windows 2003 Server box. What's the simplest way of moving all the settings once I've installed Retrospect on the new box?
  4. OwenWatson

    Exchange 2007 Support Update

    Is support planned for Retrospect 7?
  5. OwenWatson

    Disk backup no longer recognised

    Thanks for the replies: the disk backup now seems to be recognised OK. Must have been a "wait a while" problem. Just had to adjust the max size of the member properties dialog, which went fine.
  6. I'm running Retrospect 7.0.326 Single Server on Windows Server 2000. We've just updated our disk array on the server, and part of the setup problems is that a non-disk array drive (an IDE disk) we used for a disk backup is no longer recognised by Retrospect. (When I set up the backup disk the server was only recognising up to 136GB of the IDE drive). When I look at the disk backup properties the disk still has the right drive letter, but it still only recognises it as a 136GB disk (the system now recognises it correctly as a 300GB disk). Retrospect doesn't recognise the disk when I navigate to it in the Verify Media or Repair Catalog: I keep on going down the folder hierarchy but when it reaches the folder there's no Choose button, and when I'm in the folder containing all the rdb files it shows nothing. Hints on what to do? Many thanks for reading so far. . .
  7. OwenWatson

    PC restore without snapshot?

    Doing snapshots seemed to double the length of time it took to do backups. I certainly haven't checked recently. Registry restoration is not a requirement here.
  8. OwenWatson

    PC restore without snapshot?

    Thanks for the reply. When I'm restoring the whole disk (well, the files I backed up) without a snapshot, the only way seems to search for all files from that client, and restore the lot of them, including all the versions. Then I have to go thru them all and bin all the older duplicates.
  9. I'm running Retro 7.0.326 Server (Win) and for the first time in a while I had to restore a whole hard disk. My practice is only to back up certain data files (space, time) and avoid Snapshots (seem to make backup take a LOT longer). However, restoring the disk's data files seemed to be problematic; I had no choice (apart from manually choosing the latest files to restore) but to restore the whole lot of the client's files, and manually biff out the older ones. Tell me it ain't so. . . query no 2: I do an Explorer copy of the disk backup set onto an external disk via Firewire. There's about 200GB, and it takes about 12 hours. Is this excessive? W2K Server, 2GHz.
  10. There's not many choices in the Transfer Backup Sets option. Current checked options are what I took to be the default: Copy snapshots Match source catalog file to destination catalog file Don't add duplicates to backup set
  11. Tried that, and the amount of tapes I go thru is still something terrible. I've given up on the disk-based backup set and have gone back to tapes only. Maybe they'll fix it proper in 7.5 . . . The other thought I had was that the disk-based backup set is a folder with a lot of files. Do each of those files correspond with a particular time and client, or something else? Does grooming modify these existing files, or create new ones? I was wondering abount using synchronisation software between the disk backup set and an offsite disk, but the offsite disk would have to include all files, including those that had been groomed on the master.
  12. I do a regular daily backup to a disk-based backup set, and then do a weekly Transfer Backup Set to AIT-2 tape. However, there are two problems with this: 1. The transfer set process is amazingly slow: it takes about 36 hours. (the disk backup set is about 140GB, but most of it is pretty unchanging). 2. It really has upped my tape consumption: every transfer uses up about 35GB of tape, which is about quadruple my usual tape use. !!!!
  13. OwenWatson

    Transfer backup sets: performance awful?

    I've just checked the logs, and it took 6 hrs to transfer 15GB of data to an AIT-2 drive. Aagh!
  14. OwenWatson

    Transfer backup sets: performance awful?

    I think grooming would make no difference to the tape backup time; it's done when the initial backup to disk happens.
  15. I've been backing up a lot of remote clients so I upgraded to 7 to take advantage of the backup to disk -> groom -> backup sets to tape feature. However, the speed that it does it is really useless; it seems to look at each backup instance (ie a particular client on a particular day), compare it to tape, then back it up to tape. I understand this continual stop-start of the tape is not good for packing efficiency onto tape, as well. Do we just have to wait for 7.5 ? Retro 7.0.301, W2K Server SP4.