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  1. Hey everyone! I am getting the above errors now when backing up one of our building servers. First a little background on what I have already tried..... This error just started maybe a week or so ago. Up to that point, everything had been working fine. The server is a dual 2.3GHz G5 XServe with 4GB of RAM running 10.4.2 at that time. The back was going to one of 2 external 400GB FW800 hard drives using a File backup set. The backup always fails when trying to backup the Students volume which is our largest volume at this building comsuming just under 200GB. What I have done is update the OS to 10.4.5 Server and updated Retrospect to 6.1.126. I have also tried changing the backup set to "Removeable Disk" and I still get the same errors. Also to be noted, I have had the "Activity Monitor" open when doing a backup and I see that the Retrospect app will comsume up to just over 1GB of RAM before it gets the -108 error. At this point, the server is still reporting about 1.5GB still available. Surely I am not the only one that has this much data to back up. Any thoughts you have will be GREATLY appreciated. And speaking of the "removeable disk" backup set.... Is there a way to specify which "removeable disk" and particular backup set actually uses?? For example, the reason I had been using the "file" backup set is due to that fact that I use 2 external hard drives for backups. They have proven to be much more reliable than tapes for us. I use one drive for "week 1" and the second for "week 2". This gives me the ability to have not only a current backup, but a set from the previous week as well to fall back on if a user had deleted something by mistake a week ago. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for your help!! Vern
  2. Dave, Thanks for the help. I will give this a try for the backup over the weekend and see how it goes.... Also, any idea off the top of your head the what the file type is for iMovies?? I am wanted to add a selector in Retrospect to not back them up. This will help speed up the backups as well. Vern
  3. Quote: - Retrospect will need to erase and re-name the Destination volume during the first sesson; after that you can use the disk to store other files too, but you need to start with an empty volume. Ok, that shouldn't be a problem!! Quote: - The Catalog file needs to be stored on a _different_ volume then the Destination; keep it on your hard drive somewhere. This could be tricky. Is there problem with the catalog being on one of the volumes currently being backed up?? Also, having the catalog on the same drive as the data is nice when you need to restore your server, however, you can rebuild the catalog from the removable media if needed right?? Thanks!
  4. Nate, Thanks for the advice... I have never tried the removable disk option. I always thought that was for CD/DVDs and such. Is there any big difference between the two that I need to be aware of before hand?? Thanks!
  5. Hey all.... Need some help here.... Above is the message that I am getting on our G5 server. It is running 10.3.9 Server, has 2 GB of RAM, running Retrospect 6.0.204. Backup is to a "File" on an external FW800 HD. This only happens on a recycle backup that is run Sunday am. Usually takes about 20 or so hours to backup as is. The next backup that runs (incremental) tells me to rebuild the catalog, which means it fails. Once I rebuild the catalog, the backups (incremental) for the rest of the week run fine. The just started happening recently, but it was happening BEFORE the 10.3.9 update. I have already had a hard drive die in this machine, so I really need to make sure the backups continue to function properly. Any ideas of what is causing this to happen??? Thanks in advance for the help and just let me know if you need any other info from me!! Vern