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    Retrospect 7 for Windows Released

    Panic over! Since running Retrospect 7 TapeWare has reinitialised one of its devices and I am back to 50MB/min - still far slower than OnStream though; what a pity OnStream's drives were so unreliable.
  2. pjbw

    Retrospect 7 for Windows Released

    ...Many speed improvements have been added in 7. Download a trial to see if it works faster for you.. I have a Seagate Travan 40 using the bundled TapeWare 7 in Win98SE with a 1.1GHZ Duron. After trialling a dodgy CD writer TapeWare would not access my tape drive - Devices tab full of "yellow warning icons". In desperation at TapeWare's lack of support I am trialling Retrospective 7. Unfortunately cp TapeWare Retrospective is impossibly slow. TapeWare backs up my 12Gb, 90K+ files in about 4 hours (bearable - 50MB/min) but Retrospective barely manages 30MB/min. I am using the default Retrospective configuration - is there support for streams or other tweaks I could use?