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  1. I Got the Drivers Installed and Everythning is Working Now I didn't have the Drivers inside folders When I added them to the Dr Recovery Drivers Folder at first
  2. When Will Retrospect Support USB 3 Devices With Disaster Recovery Cause I Have a USB 3 External Hard Drive I Know I Can Plug It Into a USB 2.0 Port But I Had Rather Use USB 3 Thanks Jeffrey Wilson
  3. jeff87

    Desktop ini problem

    I am using Retrospect 7.7 Pro On Windows 7 Home Premium Everytime I do a Disaster Recovery and reboot the machine my desktop icons are messed up an example is the downloads folder usually has a blue down arrow icon on it but it goes away and turns to a standard folder without the icon my music, Pictures, Documents and Videos folder do this as well they all loose there icons and turn to standard folders I hope someone can help Thanks
  4. Will there be a Disaster Recovery Image For Download like There Was for Retrospect 6 ?
  5. Will The Retrospect 6.1 Disaster Recovery CD image be posted for Download or will the media kit have to be purchesed? Reason for asking is cause the 6.0.204 Image can be downloaded so I was wondering about the 6.1 Disaster Recovery CD image. Thanks Jeffrey Wilson
  6. When I Restore an image with retrospect 6.0.212 on OSx Tiger I always see ailses for the folders etc, tmp, and Var is there a way I can fix this I've read that this is a bug with the OS but I was still wondering if there was something I could do to fix this. Thanks Jeffrey Wilson
  7. Nate I'm restoring the entire disk Thanks Jeffrey Wilson
  8. Will The OSX Bootable CD For Retrospect 6.0 Be Updated for tiger? Thanks Jeffrey Wilson