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  1. Hi Nate, thanks for your reply. Maybe if you provide us with a client that runs on BSD, we could test it and report back to you... ~ Filip
  2. hmm, that doesn't look too good then...I was really hoping to use dantz because of the features it offers in package. But indeed, as you say, if there is no way to do proper backups on a Freebsd 5.x machine, this might be a showstopper. Can anyone from Dantz please comment on this, on your (future) commitment towards xBSD as OS to be supported. Would you be willing to create an unsupported client? Or provide source code under a contract so we can do the porting ourselves? IMHO, if you Dantz can support Mac OSX, supporting FreeBSD should not be very hard (or at least creating a client for it) as under the hood the mac osx was derived from BSD+mach kernel. The lack of BSD clients seem to me to be the only big gap in your product... ~ Filip
  3. Hi all, can someone tell me your experiences in backing up Freebsd servers with retrospect 7.0? Do you use the linux client under linux emulation? Is there a way to compile a client on freebsd from source? I still have a mix of freebsd 5 and 4. Are there any specific issues to watch out for? Is there a difference between the 2 in regards to backing them up with retrospect? I'm planning on buying the mulitserver + addon, but would like to have the issues above clarified before I make my decision to go with dantz or other backup software.... toughts? ~ Filip