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  1. Hi, I was trying to backup a server with the follwoing spec: Name: prophet Dual P3 900MHz 2GB RAM 17GB RAID5 (w/ 1 additional hotspare) Installed: IIS Visual Studio Prophet 4.2 Apache MySQL 4.1 McAffee A.V. 7.1 Retrospect client (latest version) We use Retrospect Multiserver 7 with latest updates I received the following error whilst trying to backup the box: Error: 08/11/2005 11:43:52 Can't back up IIS Metabase, error 292958428 (unknown) Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this? I just want to back it up as we need a backup that we could reliably use in the event of a failure (be it hardware or configuration). If anyone has encountered this, any help would be immensly appreciated. ife69
  2. Hi, I'm running Fedora Core 1,2,3 and 4 and Debian (3?) on a few Linux servers and would like to know how people have faired backuing these up with Retrospect. Is there anything special that needs to get these working? We want to store these on a disk array and maybe DLT/External HD for off-site backup. We are running Retrospect MultiSever on Windows 2000 Server (currently backing up to DVD or HD), and would like to know if its possible to back these up. If so, help would be appreciated as I'm not very experienced with Linux. Cheers, Tim
  3. You may need to configure your firewall to allow the client app to be trusted and be allowed to communicate. I had to with Outpost Pro. Just an idea.
  4. You need to copy the I386 folder from the CD to the HD as it contains other items not present on the HD. Just put it on the desktop of the machine running retrospect and use that to create the DR iso. I know that this has solved the problem for others. Tim
  5. HI there, I have a backup-set (on DVD+R) that I have used with a disaster recovery boot CD to restore a windows 2000 server system right back to base. I have just run and installed all the latest updates from microsoft. I then performed a progressive backup to the DVD+R so the backup is as up-to-date as it can currently be. Do I need to create a new Disaster Recovery boot CD as I have updated the backup-set? Or will the Disaster Recovery CD work with the updated backup-set? I am a little confused by this. Any help/clarification would be appreciated. Cheers. Tim Hughes
  6. Backup Server: "inferno" Win 2k Server, Retrospect (Multi Server) Client: "retrotest" Win 2k Server, Running newest Retrospect client I've tried a disaster recovery on retrotest, first booting from the DR boot cd, it installed went all the way. Got to the point where it said to forget the client from the database. I did this on inferno, rebooted retrotest and nothing else happens, the machine boots but I can't get the restore to work from inferno as it can't find it. I think I need to re-add the client to the domain but it won't have any of it. Its not the cabling or the network, but I still need to get these systems communicating so I can do the restore. The client is running but doesn't do anything else. Is it possible to restore without using the retrospect server? Any help would save my sanity. Regards, Tim Hughes