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    MAPI Session Failed

    I've also just witnessed this error, is a restart of the Exchange server the initial resolve?
  2. Anyone got any ideas on this topic? I can get any client that are connected via Ethernet to work but not the wireless ones.
  3. Hi all, The site I have running is using Retrospect on a central machine and three clients. One of which is hard-wired into the local network switch, two other clients are on a WDS Apple Airport Extreme network. I'm having all sorts of challenges in getting the two wireless clients to be seen. The backup machine can be connected to the main LAN by both hard-wire Ethernet and also Wi-fi but no matter which option I take, I still get obscure errors, sometimes the clients can be seen, sometimes they show in the Client browser list, sometimes not. Anyone got similar setup running or give any advice? I have tried a lot of troubleshooting, maybe too much to list everything already as I was on-site with this for a couple of hours today.
  4. Hi All, It's a pity as this card was very good and I was certainly aware that there was no Adaptec support for a number of years. What is the best ATTO for a Dual G5 2.0Ghz which I think only has PCI slots rather than PCI-X. Single channel is all I would need. Will the UL3S do or do I need the UL4D for Leopard support?
  5. It appears that the recent patch to Leopard 10.5.2 has 'knocked out' my Adaptec 29160 SCSI card and no further drivers are being developed by Adaptec. Does anyone have any experience of this or can they provide any clever reliable workarounds? I know that I could replace the card with an ATTO but this will cost a few hundred bucks. Thanks in advance. BG
  6. I have now tried it both ways and still get the error only when backing up the specific folders. The workaround I have devised it to have the whole NAS volume in the script but to use Selectors to specify the two folder on the NAS that I wish backup up.
  7. I get a dialogue that says: "Sorry, server login failed, error -5000 (Server no privilages) Server: xxxxxxxxxx Volume:xxxxxxxxxx User: xxxxxxxxxx Try manually connecting to it." As I said before, I've followed the instructions and can get this to work everytime when I backup the main volume share on the NAS but if I select sub-volumes, this is where it fails.
  8. OK, tried this tonight and without the volume mounted the error is" "Error -5000 No privelages" Any ideas?
  9. Sounds like a good tip to try. I will have a look at that this evening before the backup is ready to run and report my findings.
  10. Hi Dave, thanks for your prompt reply. Retrospect version is 6.1.138. The La Cie Ethernet disk is set to publish it's 'Shares' as a Windows/SMB share-point. I've found that I do not have a problem with the script auto-logging into the drive if it is the top level of the volume but this is Gb's of data, I want to specify two sub-volumes and this is where it fails.
  11. I have a network ethernet disk which I have scripted retrospect Desktop to backup as a mounted share. I have specified the login name and password for the device in the Volumes setup page but after a day of use and a successful backup the night before, the script fails the next night as it says that the volume cannot be found although it is mounted on the Mac Desktop. I remember seeing this years ago and thought it might have been resolved by now? I'd love to be able to install Retrospect client on the unit. Anyone any tips?
  12. Sounds like the answer I expected, what is the future roadmap for Retrospect on Mac platform? It seems to have stalled in the last few years with not much development. Lots of people are now raving about the BakBone solution, I've never thought about moving away from the beloved Retrospect, anyone any comparisons?
  13. Does anyone know the solution or any decent workarounds for a Macintosh 6.1 Backup Server looking at Windows XP SP2 client which use Outlook 2003. We simply need to back-up the Outlook mail store (.pst) but when Outlook is opened then this file is in use and Retrospect won't back it up. As it is a Backup Server and the clients are laptops then I need this to automate during working hours. Any suggestions or previous experience?
  14. Bill Gates

    Retrospect Server & Windows Outlook

    Thanks for that tip, I will set this immediatly. Does this mean the Outlook data file will not back up? The laptops have about 512Mb of RAM, it seems to activate the Google Toolbar into full screen mode and happens on two of the Windows laptops. The network maybe slows because the Outlook data files are huge (2-3Gb) and I expect it needs to back these up everytime with the backup being incremental.
  15. Our network has Retrospect Server running which polls the network for laptops and backs them up during the day. The server version is v6.5 and the exact client is One of the challanges we have encountered is that when the server looks at the client (Windows XP), it begins to do strange things such as quit out of Outlook and also start Google Menu bars on some of the machines to flicker and fill the screen. The machine speed also slows to unusable. Anyone else have similar problems and workarounds, I know I could probably upgrade the client software? Any help or advice would be appreciated.