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  1. Retrospect is on a server and I can't bring it down at this time. I will however keep the Retrospect program open in order to keep the backups on schedule. We have a server maintenance coming up in about 6 weeks and I may uninstall and reinstall the software at that time. Thanks for the help Steve
  2. If anyone is still monitoring this thread I want to get something straight. I am also having a problem with the scheduler getting stuck until I open Retrospect. If I leave Retrospect open will the scheduled jobs run at the assigned times without getting held up? What kind of system overhead will retrospect impose if it is running at idle durring the day?
  3. I have used the selector to exclude an Oracle database folder and it's contents from the backup job. I get no open file errors for the database folder but I do get several compare errors there. Spolt Clearwater Fl