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  1. Thanks MRIS, I will try this approach
  2. Hi In our case proactive scripting is required as we purchased the product to deal with notebook clients. To achieve the above strategy with proactive scripts I think I will have to introduce some manual steps in a monthly cycle. Onless someone can point out something I am missing. Grooming is a great technique. We tested it and our setup seemed fine, but on two critical occassions the data was not there when required for restore. I do not blame the product, setup or myself. Simply we could not find a satisfactory explanation. Grooming is not an option because we (or our customers) have lost confidence. I just would just like to automate a process I think that would work fine in our environment or to learn a better way.
  3. Hi, The scheduling for Proactive scripts is not the same. I do not see how I can alternate between the destinations in a proactive script. Using A for one month and B the following month. I see I could alternate with two scripts over one week but this is not what I want to achieve. I am looking at the "user guide". The proactive script will choose the set based on availability and then the order listed under the destinations list.
  4. Thanks MRIS and Mayoff, I misunderstood rec.png. I understand now how to recycle the destination. My dream is one step closer. Can you anyone tell me, how I can rotate a proactive script between two different "disk backup sets" (A and on a biweekly or monthly basis (automatically)?
  5. Thanks for the reply Mayoff. please send me a screenshot or describe how to "recycle the destination" The options you have shown are only to recycle the source, which doe not fit the strategy. Brian
  6. Hi, I have seen the following backup strategy under the thread "Long-term grooming & large backup sets " (Topic#27278) in this forum. I need help to make the following strategy work. 1) Write to Backup Set A until Disk A fills 2) Transfer the most recent Snapshot from backup Set A into Backup Set B (B has it's own set of disks). 3) Backup Set B will contain the most recent data from A because of the transfer. Use Backup Set B for future incremental backups until the disk fills. 4) Recycle backup Set A and do a Snapshot Transfer of the most recent snapshot from backup Set B into Backup Set A 5) Start the process over again. I am using Retrospect windows 7.5 and disk backup sets. It is a server setup with several notebook clients. I am interested in maintaing a weeks backup window and I am not interested in archiving. Grooming and tapes are not options. My first problem. is step 4) How can I recycle A (scheduled automatically). I want to do a "Full synthetic backup" or snapshot transfer from B to A, to avoid doing a full from my source volumes. The following recycle options do not work for the given reason - A "backup recycle" requires a backup from the source clients immediaely after the recycle. - The "Snapshot transfer" recycles the source not the destination. Brian
  7. Hi Nate, This suggestion resolved my problem. It is a curious default action to create this "source group container" within a newly created source group? Thank you, Brian
  8. Hi Nate, I have seperate proactive scripts for each pair of "source group" and "backup set". What puzzels me is the source group selection seems irrelevant, as soon as a client is available, it is backed upto whatever backupset is most readily available. Example. proactive Script*-----*"Source group" *-------------------* Destination "Backup set" script A*---------------*laptop*----------------------------* laptop backup set script B*---------------*Desktop*--------------------------* Desktop backup set script c*---------------*Mac*--------------------------------* Mac backup set "Laptop IBM" from source group 'laptops' when detected will be backed up 'laptop backup set'. But "Laptop Dell" from source group 'laptops' will be backed up to the 'Desktop backup set'. And so on .... proactive scripts look for the most freely available backupset (but I want to control which script uses which backup set) a bug or misconfigured setting? Brian.
  9. Hi, I'm running v7, Multi Server value package on a server attached to a disc array. I'm a new user to retrospect. Can I restrict or prevent the 'rotation' between 'backup sets' of "automated proactive backup scripts" ? 1/ I want to use 'automated proactive backup scripts' to capture laptop clients on our network. 2/ I want several distinct backup sets , because our environment is mixed and has machines of different importance. So I have limited the sources to certain groups and destinations to certain backup sets. The idea is allow more current backup threads and less file duplication. Any idea's, Brian.