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  1. wjstarck

    Error -505 on linux clients

    I don't think it's anything other than a *Retrospect* problem. I've had the problem since 2008 (feel free to look up my post). Why is it that every other software seems to communicate just fine, despite internal and external firewalls, yet it's only Retrospect that has this problem? And this is despite upgrades to routers,firewalls, switches, and moving the box different places in the physical network. Next they'll tell me it's dust mites, I suspect. I've soured on this product, it's d*mn near useless...
  2. wjstarck

    Error -1103

    Oh, what the cheese, now it's working. It seems that when my prefs got wiped, the system (registry?) still retained the old location of the catalog files, which of course didn't exist in that location anymore. Maybe I shoulda checked the registry. Oh well (*crosses fingers and prays*)
  3. wjstarck

    Error -1103

    I came in on Monday several weeks ago and went to launch Retrospect Windows MultiServer 7.6. All of my scripts and license codes were gone. I called support and was walked through the process of re-entering the license codes. Now I've recreated my scripts, but none of them will run: + Normal backup using AOFSC MW at 10/12/2009 1:56 PM (Execution unit 1) Can't save Catalog File, error -1103 (write protected) To Backup Set AOFSC MW... I was backing up to removable hard drives on this box (Vista 64 bit) for months with no problems - now what?
  4. Has a fix been issued for the backup client reserved problem? Were having this happen all to frequently on OS X, Linux and Vista clients. This problem http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/26929 has been going on a long time, when can we expect a fix? I ask because it has made Retrospect completely unreliable, so I've been forced to search for an alternative backup solution
  5. I just checked and noticed that my Backup Clients database is completely empty. What the hell happened?
  6. Hello- I'm using Multi Server 7.5.387. It downloaded and ran the Driver Update and Hot Fix. When I restarted Retrospect, *all* of my Scripts were missing. How do I get them back? Cheers, Will
  7. wjstarck

    Backing up MSSQL database

    Sorry, I should mention that my version is Retrospect Server for Mac OS X, so I don't think there is an SQL Server Agent for that...
  8. wjstarck

    Backing up MSSQL database

    I have timeclock software installed that uses MS SQL server. The company's support documentation says I need to stop SQL server before backing up, obviously not a very viable solution. Can anyone point me to a script that I could use to stop and restart MS SQL server at a given time everyday so I can use Retrospect to backup these dbs? Any other ideas/suggestions appreciated...