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  1. Well, I did ask this very same question a while back: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/33284/ .. I also requested it as a feature, even thought someone had been listening: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/32352/ .. even had screen grabs.. .. Mayoff didn't even respond, so count yourself lucky Today What I assume happened is that this new functionality was planned for 7.7, so the menu items were moved/put in place, then someone 'forgot' to write/unblock the code to allow this to work under the hood (in true Retrospect fashion). It's an odd place to put those features though as when a backup finishes you want this to be a client or group setting, not across the board. i.e. I may not want certain servers shutdown or even desktops that are used for RDP sessions. Mayoff, if you are the Support Manager, may I politely suggest you find either the Test Manager and/or the Product Manager and kick him clean in the balls? It's a concern that new functionality has been added yet there has clearly been ZERO testing on it... Thank you Rich
  2. Richy_Boy

    Full Backup - Off-Site

    It would probably help to tell us what you have already tried so we don't cover old ground... Assuming these drives will be rotated then it would be easiest to setup an off site script for each day of the week (or at least for each disk you're rotating). If you already have backup stored on your network then you can just do a backup set copy so your machines don't get hit with a second backup during working hours. Assuming there's a disk per day then don't recycle the backup set, just do a 'normal' backup which will add a weeks worth of changes to the backup set. Just plug the correct days disk into the server (hotswap or USB caddy) and when the script launches it'll copy the required data to that backup set, ready to take out the office. Don't forget though, if you put the wrong disk in on the wrong day the backup will stall waiting for the correct backup set/disk to inserted. I used this system for a few years and it worked really well - I have more recently switched to an rsync-over-ssh duplication over the internet so I don't have off site backup problems if I'm ill or forget to bring the offsite disk in! Something I found odd which I would class as a bug (?) is that when a user tries to recover a file then Retrospect will sometimes try and access the off site disk instead of the internal 'master' copy. Very odd.. Rich
  3. Just to close this one off.. Restarting the WinMgmt service did the trick and it just completed a backup without any problems. Rich
  4. Had suddenly started having this error on our file server over the last couple of days: 30/04/2010 09:51:49: Connected to Fileserver * Resolved container Fileserver to 1 volumes: DATA (E:) on Fileserver T-8: TVol::GetSerialNo: UGetVolumeInformation failed, 0:\, osErr 1006, error -1017 - 30/04/2010 09:51:46: Copying DATA (E:) on Fileserver Scanning incomplete, error -610 ( unknown) While scanning volume DATA, File E:\**** ***\Projects\Project Archive\Projects 51-100\091_SSP InsureJ\InsureJ SSP\InsureJUKInternetDistributionWeb\WebContent\WEB-INF\classes\com\insurej\uk\internet\service\..., bad name length: 0 I'm assuming there is a maximum path length which is causing this error? Can anyone tell me what this is and if there is a work-around? Thanks, Rich
  5. Ah, I might have found the cause. WinMgmt had ran off with a huuuge amount of vMemory and was also hogging a chunk of RAM too. It's an old Win2k Server box with 1GB, soon to be replaced with a NAS unit! Reboot service and usage levels plumeted. Just kicked off another back to see if that solved the issue... Rich
  6. Richy_Boy

    Slow matching under 7.7?

    Hi Robert, I have upgraded again to RS 7.7 and it seems to be working well. However, I haven't tried restoring servers to simulate DR yet, but have restored client/server data which has been deleted by accident by the user. Richard
  7. Excuse me? My question was on the same topic and from my understanding Mayoff answered both of our questions. As per Mayoffs answer, these options appear to be a legacy Mac [only] one which was, for some bizarre reason, reintroduced into RS 7.7, when I'd imagine MAC 9 user levels are pretty low. What makes it even more bizarre is the inclusion of a WOL option in the client preferences - even on Windows clients, which suggests it's just another badly implimented feature which doesn't work as it should (i.e. for all client types). So to clarify: Is there something additional I need to do on the client machines to make this work? A: You need a Mac it seems. Windows/Linux machines cannot use this feature. Does anyone actually have this working? A: Only Mac users.. Apologies for hijacking your thread Mayoff: When is this likely to be fixed so Windows and Linux clients can be controlled - this is a really useful feature! Rich
  8. I'm confused by that comment... In the script config under 7.7 there's an option under Execution > Client where you can choose for the client to: - Do nothing - Shutdown when done - Sleep when done Are these options just for show or is this another feature introduced into 7.7 which doesn't work? Can you confirm please as I have also tried to use this feature and couldn't get the backed up machine to sleep (although haven't retested since the updated 7.7 was released). I was planning to use this feature to save some power in my office by sleeping some servers and desktop over the weekend, then waking them up 8am Monday... I'm assuming the Wake-on-LAN options needs ticking on the client properties for this too.. Richard
  9. Richy_Boy

    Wake On LAN problems and questions

    I couldn't even get machines to sleep after a backup - I best revisit it then as it appears to work for you derringer. (we don't have Macs) Rich
  10. Richy_Boy

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    edit: being dim. Rich
  11. I just noticed today that if you try and view session contents (Reports) it'll complain that the BackUp Set is in use. Yet, if you click on Backup > Recover then it allows you to see sessions and preview the data within without complaining. Is there a reason why I can't view what files are backed up via the report? Rich
  12. Richy_Boy

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    Mayoff, what is the timeline for fixing the 2008 Server restore problems? We're going to be migrating to 2008 R2 AD soon (from 2000), so will need a reliable backup solution ready. Are there work arounds at present (under 7.7)? Rich
  13. It's just a shame RS couldn't intergrate this into the backup tool, sounds like it could be a useful thing to have and would bring them back into the 21st century. Rich
  14. Hi all; I need to recover a file that is on one of my off-site disks, yet it's a disk duplication of the RS 7.6 backup set, not a backup set in its own right. When I try and rebuild the backup set from the disk it keeps asking if I want to overwrite the existing backup set, which I don't want. Is it possible to create a new backup set and then recover the disk contents into it, rather than overwrite the existing backup set? Rich
  15. Richy_Boy

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    Can anyone confirm the matching is back to 7.6 speeds now using 7.7? I'm tempted to upgrade again today as I'm getting win7 errors all over the place. Thanks, Rich
  16. Thanks Robin, I'll give it a shot. Tempted to try 7.7 again today as Win7 clients are throwing errors on 7.6.. Hopefully it'll be a bit smoother this time around! Rich
  17. Are you sure it uses a block-level backup approach? We've been told Retrospect guys are still working on this to do normal backups, so I'd find it unlikely that continuous backup does. i.e. those specific words aren't used in the post (linked) so when terms like 'only changed data' is used, I would assume it means only changed files are copied. Also, continious backup seems to not be listed as an add-on here?! http://www.retrospect.com/products/software/retroforwin/addons/ Maybe it's been dropped by Retrospect or possible taken by the Networker backup solution? Can anyone confirm this? ----- edit: from reading this, I may well be wrong... http://www.retrospect.com/assets/wp_rcb_en.pdf Strange how common block-level or alpha backup terms aren't used and how if they had this technology they haven't managed to integrate it with Retrospect Backup yet (i.e. as a paid add-on outside of continuous). Reading more into it, it looks like a seperate product they've integrated with, as there is a client and server component (i.e. not Retrospect client). Funnily it's not listed as a 7.7 download, but only a 7.6 one? Rich
  18. I thought 7.6 supported 2003? If so, why are people being forced to upgrade rather than the issue being fixed? What if Tim paid for support for 7.6? I have bought 7.7, but I'm not going to use it until EMC have ironed out all the remaining problems... So what are my realistic options? No 2003 DR or having it with potential RS Server crashes... What a choice... Rich
  19. Richy_Boy

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    I think the problem is Davie that I believe these backups were working fine in 7.6, so it's not a 32-bit platform limitation, but possibly a bug in 7.7. A 32-bit OS can access 3GB of RAM, which is plenty for just about all backup scenarios in my opinion. Rich
  20. Richy_Boy

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    Wouldn't you have to bounce the server for this new temp directory to be picked up? So is it fair to say this build is also too unreliable to upgrade too? Mayoff, any news if these 7.7 issues have shown up in testing and when will they be fixed? I would like to use the software I paid you guys for... Rich
  21. Hi all, Ive been looking at how to speed snapshots up on our backup server quickly today since introducing a seperate local HDD to hold catalogue files (away from the Servers C: drive). What I have noticed is that machines seem to be spending some time snapshot'ing the client. However, when using Performance Monitor to see what is being hammered during this, I was suprised to see 'nothing' happening. I was expecting to see CPU, network or disk being hammered to explain why it's taking so long. Please see below: Two of these clients are currently in a snapshot phase. Is this right? A Snapshot is taking place, but no CPU, network or disk is being used? Rich
  22. Richy_Boy

    Speeding up snapshots?

    I would agree, our staff can just be sitting in Outlook reading a few emails and then the machine will become completely unresponsive for 10-20 seconds while (I now assume) the snapshot is taking place client-side. I'm assuming the 'priority slider' in the client app is ignored when building a snapshot? Rich
  23. Richy_Boy

    Speeding up snapshots?

    ahh, that'll explain why our laptops freeze at the end of backups then! I always thought it was done server-side. Thanks! Rich
  24. hmm interesting one. Was the Windows machine rebooted after the update? If WU completes the install on reboot, I guess the server may be in a strange state during a backup. I seem to recall once using a command to rebuild the update database to clear a simular issue (i.e. update always failing) Dunno if this helps? A history of all the updates that are installed is kept in a database file. If for whatever reason this database is corrupted or mismatches the actual situation you can have it rebuild. 1. Click on Start 2. Click on RUN (Guess what yoy have to do if you don't have a RUN option?) 3. Type CMD and hit OK 4. In the MS-Dos screen that appears type the following commands: net stop wuauserv [Enter] This will stop the "Automatic Updates" service that is using the database. 5. Now lets switch to the Windows directory - Type CD \Windows [Enter] (If you get "The system cannot find the path specified" then Windows is installed in another folder. Type SET [Enter] and look at the option "windir") 6. Type: Rename SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution_OLD which will rename the folder containing the database. 7. Type: net start wuauserv [Enter] 8. Now try Windows Update again. This may take a while (With the green bar going back and forth) because the database has to be rebuild. Rich
  25. I don't have any experience with tapes, but I suspect you would need a 'backup set' per tape/day, then a duplicate backup script per day also. i.e. Monday script >> Mondays tape (backup set) Tuesday script >> Tuesdays tape (backup set) ...etc. The backup set is tied to a tape/disk you are writing too, so if you swap the tape, Retrospect can no longer find it and will complain. There is an option if it can't find the tape to use a new one, but I'm not sure if that's what you really want? Rich