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  1. Not had any performance problems here: - 11/06/2010 06:47:02: Copying Local Disk (C:) on Primary Domain Controller 11/06/2010 07:00:09: Snapshot stored, 237.0 MB 11/06/2010 07:00:28: Execution completed successfully Completed: 446 files, 6.3 GB, with 95% compression Performance: 1096.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:13:25 (00:07:35 idle/loading/preparing) This ia a Windows 2008 R2 server setup as a Domain Controller on our network. The RS 7.7 server is writing to a NAS box. I don't think RS 7.6 support Windows 2008 R2..? Rich
  2. Isn't that the way it's always been? i.e. you have to select inside the '1-backup set D' folder so both backup set folders are displayed, click on one then click "Open". I'm doing this from memory, but I don't recall ever seeing a 'Select' button Rich
  3. Well, I've taken a search through the forum and there seems to be a number of things which throw this error. I came in this morning to find RS crashed (missing the weekend backup). Since then I launched it again and it kicked off all the missed backups as it should, yet after a while it crashed again. Loaded it up again and it crashed within 2-3 minutes. Here's a screen shot... I have rebooted the server now in the hope there's some memory leak which is causing this issue - it's a touch annoying when I have backups to get done! Has anyone seen this and have any suggestions? Rich
  4. Richy_Boy

    Roxio Retrospect?

    Sounds a good move... EMC clearly weren't interested in putting anything into the product, but probably tok quite a bit! When will there be formal communication on ROXIOs plans for the product going forward? i.e. will they continue to support and develop Windows Multi Server? Rich
  5. Yup, think of a backup set as a tape in your case.. Rich
  6. Today I had "Retrospect Update" available to download, which should really be named "Retrospect Driver Update" to save confusion. Also, the More Info link doesn't seem to do anything. How did that get through testing? Rich
  7. Hi, they know about their configuraton file corrupting, which is why they changed the product to create a duplicate copy i.e. config76.bak. If you machine crashes in a big way and corrupts config76.dat then you can rename config76.bak to .dat and launch Retrospect, which will then generate a new .bak file if it launches OK. Most people who have been using Retrospect backup these files religiously as it saves you hours of rebuilding your configuration! Rich
  8. Richy_Boy

    v. 7.7.325 and Thecus N8800

    Do you have the option to get root access to the Thecus? I use Netgear ReadyNAS devices which has this option via add-ons, allowing you to install the (linux) Retrospect client directly on the NAS box. Have you tried mounting the share as an iSCSI disk on the backup server at all? Rich
  9. Hi Daniels, when Retrospect repeatedly crashes, in the vast majority of cases it's down to the configuration file getting corrupt. i.e config76.dat /.bak. Having identified it was the proactive backups causing this crash I assumed that by removing the proactive scripts and then exiting Retrospect a new config file would be written (without the corrupt data). As luck owuld have it, this is exactly what happened, and as proactive scripts are pretty straight forward here (i.e. all laptops, all desktop and a special PST scripts) then it probably took an hour or so to get back up and running. Thanks for the help... Rich
  10. More times than you can imagine - although not this time. I believe the problem is related to a corrupt config file, after initially thinking it was some of my catalog files. Having rebuilt a couple of suspected catalog files (which took 4 hours) it's still doing it, although I have just found if I disable the Proactive backups from running everything is fine! Looks like I'll be deleting these scripts and rebuilding them then! EMC/RETROSPECT PLEASE stop your product from corrupting these config files... it's been happening for YEARS now. Rich
  11. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect dont transfer all snapshots

    The Tools > Transfer Snapshots is really an admin option, not something yo uwould normally schedule a duplication of data. If you head into the Automate > Manage Scripts and then create a new one, you have scriptable options to Transfer Backups Sets and Snapshots which are the options Lennart is referring to. Rich
  12. Richy_Boy

    I need help with off site backups

    No problem helping out. You could place a windows machine on each end and use the NAS box for storage, sure. I have used an opensource package called DeltaCopy which is basically a Windows ported Rsync package. It works just as Rsync would and allows for SSH tunnelling too (if being passed over a non-secure link). Rsync sits more natively on Linux although you may not feel comfortable using Linux (although helpful GUIs are available to setup schedules etc)... Rich
  13. Richy_Boy

    I need help with off site backups

    These figures are assuming you have a 12 hour backup window - outside of that time the lines are used by business and will impact your network. Roughly, the most you can push through in a 12 hour window is about 7.7GB, network overheads taken into account. I would personally look at your backup mechanism before spending out on additional bandwith purely to service these backups. Using a protocol 'like' R-sync (I believe some NAS boxes call it something else, so read up!) then you're only copying changed data each night, which HUGELY reduces the time it takes to copy, once you have the initial backup done locally. As an example of how effective this is: each night I duplicate all our desktops, all our domain controllers and most of our core servers nightly through a 2Mb/s link (which is actually bandwidth capped to only use 1,8Mb/s so other services can tick over like ActiveSync, website etc). I don't duplicate laptop backups as the laptops aren't kept in the office overnight so will not be lost in a DR scenario. (I do have USB HDD copies offsite though) I don't think Retrospect will be releasing a delta backup soluton anytime soon, which will further reduce offsite backup needs. I'm planning, once we have completed our VM migraton, to be able to duplicate our entire network offsite by just using VM delta backup tools and our ReadyNAS devices. Will it work? I hope so! Rich
  14. Come on Mayoff, we all know you don't do any testing at Retrospect Rich ps. that was a joke...
  15. Richy_Boy

    C Drive backups to same backup set

    Depending on how many clients you have it might be worth breaking them up into laptop/desktops (for example). This will enable Retrospect to run multiple backups at any one time. However, by doing this, Retrospect will create a duplicate copy of the file in each backup set. If you have quite a few clients and have a single Backup Set you may not have enough time in the backup window to back them all up... Richard
  16. Is anyone else seeing really slow/stalled matching since upgrading to RS 7.7? I've been looking into it today a bit more. CPU - 20-25% Memory - 288MB (Over 1GB free) Disk utilisation - 0.2% (Catalogue disk) Ethernet - 0% (Backup set on NAS) I have two jobs sitting at 'matching' which don't seem to be making much progress at all and I keep seeing this since upgrading. One backup is Client > Laptop NAS box... (Proactive) One is duplicating from NAS > SMB share on another machine... (Scheduled backup) Since stopping the 'stalled' Proactive backup, the NAS > SMB script suddenly started making progress! A few blips of the C: (catalogue) disk later: CPU - 20-26% Memory - 340MB (Over 1GB free) Disk utilisation - 3.4% (Had blipped up to 100%) Ethernet - 0% (Backup set on NAS) Richard
  17. I appreciate your honesty on this one.. pretty shocking a new option arrives in the product and the tester(s) didn't ask what it was supposed to do! I still maintain these options need to be a tick box within the client configuration (defaulted to on) and not just in the script though. i.e. You still have a shutdown clients option in the script, but whether the client responds is determined by the client setting. That way, you can still use large global scripts covering many machines, yet you can easily make exceptions without having to duplicate scripts. Rich
  18. I think this has been discussed before, whilst it's a shame that NT4 isn't supported it's getting a bit long in the tooth now. How long should they support it for? Forever? IMO Retrospect should consider a paid-for add-on to put back support for NT4 (and ome other legacy systems). At least then, the additional effort in supporting them is a revenue stream... This may not be a viable work-around, but there used to be tools around which made a Windows machine look like a MAC system on the network (I'm talking old OS9 days). If you run that software, Retrospect might be able to add NT4 as a OS9 client and mount/backup the data. I'm pretty sure system recovery will fail horribly though, but your data should be safe. Forgive me if that's a barmy idea... I've not worked iwth MACs/NT4 for many years now! Rich
  19. Richy_Boy

    Windows 2008 and Autolaunch

    I believe this is an age-old problem with RS - I don't know if they ever fixed the issue. i.e. the launcher runs as the logged on user, log out and the app stops running. I haven't been concerned about this problem as I connect to the user account running RS via RDP and merely close the session, rather than logging out. Our backup server is a headless server secure away in our comms room, so I'm not concerned about someone fiddling. Maybe locking the account rather than logging out could be an option? Rich
  20. Richy_Boy

    v6.5 - backing up outlook.pst

    I agree.. we have the open file add-in and it works fine. PST files are still a pain though, especially once users collate several GB of data each! Each time Outlook launches it 'touches' any conneted Archive files, forcing Retrospect to back up the file again (even if it hasn't seen a new email in months). To try and resolve this we have a company policy in place making staff disconnect any archives files when not in use. Not sure what verison it appeared in, but in the backup script options under 'Outlook' there's an option to shutdown Outlook if it's locked. If you have the open file add-in then Outlook will remain open (apparently). Hope that helps, Rich
  21. Richy_Boy

    I need help with off site backups

    Do your IOMega NAS boxes support rsync backups? (i.e. between each other) If so, you need to use this to copy data between sites, unless you have a huge internet pipe between your sites. Do your first sync locally on the office LAN, then move the NAS box to it's remote destination where it will only copy changes. i.e. I use Netgear ReadyNAS devices. RS backups clients proactively throughout the day, then in the evening the servers backup. Carefully scheduled around this are rsync duplications over the internet, which copy over the changed data within certain Retrospect backup folders, cutting down the data that needs copying. As rsync isn't secure, I push these through an SSH tunnel, which is simular to running a VPN (which the ReadyNAS don't support directly and I didn't want to invest in a second VPN end-point - the data is encrypted anyway). If I couldn't use rsync, we would have far too much 'total' data to be able to handle online, especially witin an overnight window and I'll be back rotating SATA drives! On top of this duplication, I also trigger local NAS > USB HDD copies too, which are taken home just in case... (you can never have too many copies, eh!) Hope this helps... Rich
  22. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 7.7.325 will not start

    If you have those files backed up on a disk then it might be worth setting up a temporary RS Server, rebuild the catalog file for it (so you can get to the data) and then recover those files (assuming you have a non-corrupt copy on there). Then, hopefully you can simply copy those recovered files to your original RS Server and launch it. However, it might be worth contacting support for some propper guidance! As a last resort you could remove those config files, launch RS and it should be like a clean install i.e. no clients,licenses,scripts etc. (probably not ideal though!) Rich
  23. Due to finding a bug in 7.7 I thought I should post this suggestion here... When you have a script with a number of sources, it would be handy to be able to re-order them by using up/down buttons. As it stands, all you can do it remove the Sources and add them in the different order - which from time to time you may want changed. ie. here Rich
  24. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 7.7.325 will not start

    Did you backup the config files at all for Retrospect? I would roll back that configuration file if you do - it sounds like it had corrupted which is causing the crash when it's being loaded up. It used to happen all the time under 7.0, so most long-timers back those files up religiously. Config77.dat (which holds all your configuration) is duplicated to Config77.bak, so you might be able to rename the .bak file .dat to get it up and running again...? Sometimes the .bak file is also corrupted, which is when you have to start digging out backups! i.e here on the RS Server: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\ Rich
  25. Thanks Mayoff, wasn't having a dig (for a change), just pointing out this has been mentioned before... I'm in no position to make such suggestions, but it would be a GREAT move by EMC/Retrospect to get some official support people on this forum, if not to resolve problems directly, to get a feel on problems we are facing. I've only called support twice thus far, both times the staff have been completely in the dark about obvious bugs many users were seeing on this forum (i.e. slow matching etc). In the UK, a major ISP called talktalk has a secret forum where people can go for assistance (their telephone support is dreadful). The support people manning the forum are superb and help users and get issues logged in the official channels if it can be replicated. It certainly gives the impression that the employees are keen to help, rather than having the options of either: a) Asking fellow users for help, or Reporting to the official phone channels where it goes into a black hole. Rich