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    Backup to an outside place

    I do roughly the same thing by use rsync (over ssh). Our retrospect backup storage is a Netgear ReadyNAS, which can use rsync to transfer files. We setup a second ReadyNAS device off-site and sync the two over night via our internet link. As the retrospect data is already encrypted in our office and is passed through a ssh tunnel, there is minimal security risks involved. The firewall obviously only allows the static IP of either end to connect too. Maybe you can install a Windows based rsync client to your server and use that to duplicate data to your online storage? i.e. http://www.aboutmyip.com/AboutMyXApp/DeltaCopy.jsp Richard
  2. Richy_Boy

    Continuous backup

    No, I think it has been dropped...
  3. Call me chicken, but has anyone tried upgrading their 7.6 system to the latest patched release of 7.7? Rich
  4. Wasn't exchange 2010 released in November 2009? Is the recent purchase of Roxio going to speed the support for released enterprise solutions any quicker?
  5. Richy_Boy

    Grooming of initial full backup

    "Also, if it does that, then effectively what the grooming process actualy does, is to recreate a synthetic full at the grooming point. Is this correct?" Yes. At the point of the groom, that is now the earliest backup available to you. The concept of full/part backups gets confusing with Retrospect as the standard backup is incremental so you're merely 'prooning' back unused old files when you groom. Rich
  6. I find the countdown notifications helpful. For example, if a colleague is in a meeting on his laptop demoing our software he has the opportunity to cancel the backup. If no notification were given his laptop would be thrashed to death, making the demo clunky. Of course, the user could just turn off Retrospect, but then he'd never turn it back on again! It's a touch poor that after all these years of Vista (Jan 2007) and now Win7 that it is still not capable of displaying a message to the user like any other tool can on my machine.. Rich
  7. Richy_Boy

    Duplicate folder named "Retrospect"

    If you are rotating the disks/tapes then I'd recommend you have a backup set for each of them. i.e. backups sets called: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend DR (maybe?) Then on Monday morning you put in the Monday tape, Retrospect sees it and then copies any changed data in a week. When you need to recover files you can then use Retrospect which will tell you which disk you need to put in (i.e. if a file was corrupts on a Tuesday, for example) By simply duplicating the same backup set I would imagine you'd have to rebuild the backup set for that disk before being able to see what the exact contents are - probably overwriting the existing backup set in the process. ...hopefully that makes sense. If you have too much data changing from week to week then I'd imagine you could look at copying between backups sets via a script during the day, so the 'thursday' backup set has all the data from the 'wednesday' disk on it before your nightly backup kicks off. Anyway, I'm rattling on.. Rich
  8. You've enabled Open file backup on your script, right? ie. The next problem you're going to see if that whenever Outlook opens up it 'touches' all the attached PST files on each machine, which Retrospect sees as being a changed file. THis results in ALL Outlook connected PST files being backed up, even if they haven't been modified in many years. I had to change our IT policy here that all PST files should be detached from Outlook by default, only link back up when needed, which has saved an awful lot of client thrashing and backup set space.. Once disconnect via data management Outlook can no longer 'touch' them, so Retrospect won't copy them again.. Lennart: To me it looks like their office uses hot-desking, so one machine is used for many users via roaming profiles (which would explain why the PST files are being duplicated around). I'd personally want all PST files put on an external server (H: home drive maybe) so a 1GB+ archive file wouldn't need to be duplicated across the network. Rich
  9. Richy_Boy

    remotely install client

    Yeah, although from memory you have to update ALL the clients at the same time on your network using that function, which will then re-register with Retrospect Server forcing you to rebuild all your groups and scripts again. i.e. you can't do a group at a time. That was an 'interesting' suprise when I tried to upgrade my clients to 7.7... I'm amazed there still isn't a sound mechanism for network deploying the client into a machine via a Group Policy (for example). Each time we have a new machine on our network just about all software is automatically deployed, leaving Retrospect Client. The key is copied over via Group Policy so at least the client registers with Retrospect automatically once it is manually installed. Rich
  10. Hi Marc, I don't know much about Macs, but I would have thought it would be safer to simply rebuild your catalogues on the new 7.7 environment so you know exactly what you have on each backup set. I would have thought Retrospect would have changed the internal structure of catalogue files over the years, so renaming the files won't work. Richard
  11. I'd like to know too - it's happened since Vista came about and still doesn't work right out the box. Can't say I've looked into it much though as the less change my users get of cancelling their backup, the better! Rich
  12. ******@****ubuntusvr03:~$ /etc/init.d/rcl status Server "Ubuntu Server 3": Version 7.6.100 reserved by ****BACKUP01 for Daily General Servers > NAS back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 1 connections, 1 authenticated After a quick service restart... *******@****ubuntusvr03:~$ /etc/init.d/rcl stop Server "Ubuntu Server 3": Client stopped *******@****ubuntusvr03:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/rcl start [sudo] password for *******: *******@****ubuntusvr03:~$ /etc/init.d/rcl status Server "Ubuntu Server 3": Version 7.6.100 back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 0 connections, 0 authenticated *******@****ubuntusvr03:~$ RS logs how this: Can't access backup client Ubuntu Server 3, error -505 ( backup client reserved)
  13. I see this all the time on a few of our linux clients (Ubuntu). Every week I restart the rcl application again which clears the fault. Seems to go into this state pretty much after every backup though - which is annoying. Only see this on Linux clients (which are in a VM ESXi environment). Reatarting the service on a Windows machine should being the RS Client back to life in your instance.. Rich
  14. Hey, I'm not sure if these are related, but the exchange server backup failed over the weekend. I tried rebooting the RS Client service but now I'm getting Event Flooding (Event 2000) errors saying "The server's call to a system service failed unexpectedly." which for the life of me I can't stop from happening. RDP sessions just come up with the blank screen and in the process of rebooting the server it's now saying "Saving your settings" and has been for an 2-3 hour or so now. The weird thing I can run taskkill against the RS client process, Windows confirms it has been shut down, yet which I list the processes out - it's still there! Everything else seems to be working OK on the machine, so all I can think is the RS Service is trying to do something and throwing 30+ Events a second. It's now in limbo world between alive and shutting down, although doesn't seem to be doing much of the latter - Exchange is still working fine, but I can't access the desktop and the RS client service is 'stuck'. Any ideas? My next thought is just shutting down the Exchange services manually one by one and then, if need be, turn the box off by holding the power button. I don't like doing things like that where Exchange is concerned though! Rich
  15. Right sorted now. Tried to stop the services nicely but they were all 'stopping' and froze - behind the RS client service I guess. Had to close my eyes and pull the power in the end, so I've aged about 10 years today alone! Came up fine though.. phew. Never seen RS Client do this before so I'm assuming it must be a 'freak' incident... Rich
  16. OK - thanks. I still have access to the services via MMC, so at least I can shutdown the exchange related services minimising collosal corrustions of the mailbox.. Thanks again, Rich
  17. Hi Daniels thanks for your response. I can't get onto the desktop or RDP on to it to see the Task Manager, although the taskkill command should do much the same thing (via command prompt). I killed off a few other unneccesary processes using the command and they stayed killed, so I suspect this odd pcpds.exe behavior is what's causing this 'Event storm'. Richard
  18. I should say this is a Win2k3 Server box with Exchange 2003 on it. After trying to run the shutdown command remotely I get: "192.xxx.x.xx: The computer is processing another action and thus cannot be shutdown. Wait until the computer has finished its action, and then try again.(21)" This action I believe is the RS Client service hanging Rich
  19. Agreed.. this has been suggested for years. A simple tick box to one side so you can choose multiple snapshots would be a solution. As it stands you have to baby the backup server while you delete.. waaaaaaaait... delete.... waaaaaaait.... delete..... wait... Rich
  20. Richy_Boy

    Wake On LAN (WOL)

    Here's another link about it: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/33791/ and another.. http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/33284/post/135456/hl/sleep/fromsearch/1/ Still no progress on this, which is odd as I would assume if *some* work was being done in this area of the product they *might* have completed it by now... It was on their 'to do' list back in '03 http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/22348/post/86656/hl/sleep/fromsearch/1/#86656 Rich
  21. Any update on this Mayoff? This is a feature I could really be doing with right now as I need to save some electricity in our offices and retrospect would make this a really nice, clean solution... I'm assuming the menu options (although in the wrong place IMO) were put in place based on some current development stream, so well over 6 months on I would have hoped that something can be released soon? Any news? Thanks, Richard
  22. It would be great it Retrospect actually had up to date linux builds for the major players (i.e. ubuntu and redhat), so we don't have to frig a solution ourselves... Rich
  23. I leave the user logged in at all times, just have a lock timeout. Our servers are sat in a comms room with restricted access - geenrally checking is done via RDP, very rarely the server is touched. Rich
  24. Richy_Boy

    can not restore

    What you need to take away from this incident is that you can't rely on a single disk on your backup server. On your newly rebuild server I would setup a RAID1 pair. If you prefer, keep your catalog file local, but on a different disk/array so you get maximum performance and reliability from the server. i.e. C: OS + Retrospect software D: Catalog files Z: Backup disk(s) I do this in our offices and it works well - you don't have multiple backups thrashing the pants off your C: drive during simutanious backups either, which is often a disk-killer. I backup to an external NAS box though, so my Z: is server independant. Rich
  25. What are they for 7.7? The same? Rich