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    A Moment Of Praise

    I know I spoke too soon. Our large Disaster Recovery Backup Set is no longer wanting to groom! I'm in the process of splitting it into two smaller Backup Sets, but it used to work flawlessly under my earlier build of 7.7 on a less powerful server. Odd. I'm also seeing a lot of 'destiniation does not exist' errors where for some reason this server can't find the backup set (which is on a remote NAS storage unit). I have changed the HOSTNAME to the IP in the settings to circumvent a potential DNS problem - hopefully that'll fix it. Things are running so much faster on an SSD disk, especially catalog builds/grooming processes. Rich
  2. Hi all, has anyone had a play with running Retrospect 7.7 Server running a SSD drive as I'm going to be looking at migrating our existing backup server to this platform and thought I'd ask here to see if there have been any show-stoppers. I'm looking at installing the OS, application and holding the catalogue files all on a single SSD drive. My only concern is the amount of catalogue writes to the SSD might shorten it's life, but still I'm expecting it to last many years. I'm currently holding the catalogue files on a 7200rpm SATA disks, but it seems really slow once you have multiple proactive backups writing to it (understandably!) Thoughts, opinions? Cheers, Richard
  3. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect On Ssd

    Thanks Mark, I hadn't thought about pre-compressed sizes. Having just been analysing our current server which keeps the catalogue file on a SATA disk, when two proactive backups are writing to it, I have a disk queue of 20! Clearly a bottleneck there, so I think an SSD disk taking on that role will help performance. Richard
  4. Richy_Boy

    Usb Drives & Retrospect

    I've been using FREECOM 'hard drive XS' units for DR off site copies. They're about the size of a 3.5" disk and have a rubber-like coating. Never had a problem, but then I do backups to a ReadyNAS device and then use rSync to duplicate the backup media over to the USB (i.e. RS isn't involved in the duplication process). Rich
  5. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect On Ssd

    Thanks for all your comments. I don't usually backup the catalogue files as they can be rebuilt easily enough if they were to corrupt. The existing SATA disk is 500GB in size and the SSD will be OCZ Vertex II 120GB (~110GB usable) - so plenty of room for the catalogue files I think. The server currently is doing another role, but I'll probably add a second SSD and mirror the data to make sure it stays online. The reliability factor shouldn't be a problem, but I guess I'll find out! From initial testing, the disk speed is mind blowing on these Vertex II disks, it'll instantly max out a gigabit link on random file transfers (reading and writing). I'm shifting everything to a HP DL160 G6, Win 2008 R2, Quad core server and the data files are held on a gigabit connected ReadyNAS PRO NAS device which has 5x 7200rpm 1GB disks in RAID5. If all goes well over several months I might adopt SSD disks across all new server installations as I dpon't trust SATA disks so have been paying the heavy price on using HP SAS disks for the last few years. Richard
  6. Richy_Boy

    Shut Down Of Selective Clients

    This feature is only to shut down the RS server, not the client machines. It's a shame really, 'the community' have been asking for these features fo years as they used to be present in the old MAC version, but were removed. Also, within the client settings there is a Wake-On-LAN option which also was a 'development mistake' in the GUI. In this day and age, with IT teams having to consider energy costs with total cost of ownership of a solution, Roxio really need to impliment power options again. It'd save us a forture! Richard
  7. Richy_Boy

    Weird matching problem

    There's a whole other thread about support responses
  8. Richy_Boy


    I didn't even know about this file.. interesting. If it works (that's a big if!) then it's all the more confusing why it's taken so long to get 'sleep/turn off' after backup options up and running. edit: Just taken a look, doesn't look like it's in the 7.7 client? Where is this file, on your server? edit2: Had another look, on the server under 'External Scripts / Samble Bat' if anyone else is interested. edit3: This looks server-side scripting, i.e. almost duplicating the script process in the GUI. Shame it doesn't run on the client.. Richard
  9. Well, after checking into our backup server it became apparent that two of the three proactive proactive backup sets were 'heavily damaged'. So, I have kicked off the process to rebuild them, selected the network drive where the files are and I appear to have a few missing files (this was from a while back when RS Server switched back to an old config with an old backup destination setting!) Anyway, it warned me that files were missing from the backup area and then offered to show me which files... if I kick 'yes' RS Server will instantly crash. If I chooose 'no' it'll rebuild the catalog, yet last time I did this it failed with a weird no permission error when trying to write the file to a local disk. Has anyone else seen this option crashing the RS Server? It would be really useful to find out what files are missing as I have a copy on the other storage unit! Rich
  10. Richy_Boy

    Rebuilding Retrospect Server

    Just copy the config75.dat to the correct folder and launch Retrospect. You can re-use your catalogue files too. The config75.dat should contain all the license info too.. if not, make sure it's at hand, or call support (where ever it may be now!?) Rich
  11. I had a crash today whilst trying to recover some user data to a rebuilt laptop. Joy! Our entire laptop and PST catalogues were scrapped which have been rebuilding throughout the day and will probably continue over night too. No laptop backups or recovery facilities for us then! grr.. I won't bother calling support as I'm sure they have never heard of this issue before Rich
  12. Good work Scott and a disspointing experience. The last communication I read from a Product Manager was way back in a blog where he outlined progress and how the product was still very alive. He was soon shot down by frustrated users about all the bugs and lack of 'real' features for several years. I've been looking at Acronis - shame it's so expensive, but there's a company which has grabbed new IT requirements by the horns and made a bang up-to-date product. I've tried calling RS Support a couple of times and had the same old 'reinstall the product' message - clearly there's no knowledge behind the phones, it's just an outsourced call centre. I personally don't care where the call centre is, but if it's just smoke and mirrors to pretend there's a viable product underneath, then that's not on! Rich
  13. Richy_Boy

    Group Policy Initiated Install

    We use 7.7 and I don't think there has been any fixes to allow RS client to be deployed via GPO - because of IScript.msi. There's probably a work around or two, but we only have about 50-odd clients, so manually installing any new kit is managable. Rich
  14. I sadly have to agree.. I've been using the Windows version of RS since the early days of 7.0 and I have seen very little (if any) improvement in the software where competitors have introduced many new features to keep their offering alive. Don't get me wrong, fundermentally it's a pretty good tool, it's just a shame that the team on it are so small they can either develop the Mac 8.0 version OR the Windows version. The commercial future seems to be with supporting Mac users going forwards (i.e. back to where Dantz originally came). Without going on a full-blwon rant about this product, there's clearly features missing that make it horrific to use on a daily basis in a business. For example: - No user backup count down pop up since the XP days... how many years now? - No Exchange 2010 support... how long now? - Some problems restoring Windows 2008 R2 - No backup to FTP or core VMware/Hyper-V backup features - No Delta backup capability - WOL features added to the GUI 'by mistake' and never removed, even though they don't work - a clear lack of design, plan and test process - Clearing down a machines snapshot from a backup set has to be done one-by-one.. - Config file falls over now and again.. most users now backup the backup programs configuraton file, which says it all! - Corruption of the catalogue file, with large backup sets taking days to rebuild. - Backup set corruption, althouh thankfully rare - Backup client machines get battered by pre-backup scans with no way of throttling back. Anyway... like I say, it's Ok when it's working but I don't think if I had the decision again I'd invest in it.. Rich
  15. I've been seeing RS backup 2x 3GB files from the System Volume Information directory (or at least I think it was that) every night. From checking the logs these files compress by 99%.. but obviously take a while to copy over. I have no idea what they are and why RS suddenly started backing them up! It's a hidden directory in C:\ which I can't even see from showing hidden directories. Does RS even support 2008 R2 yet? Rich
  16. Well, yesterday evening I had a surprise! We backup to an internal NAS device and then use Rsync to duplicate the backup sets on to a large external disk for DR storage. A while back I migrated the backup sets from a shared NAS box to a dedicated one, due to needing more storage. Everything went well and the backups were running well. I noticed that the rsync duplications over the last week were running pretty quickly, but thought nothing of it. Yesterday I just happened to take a look at the backup set storage locations and about half had reverted back to using the old NAS storage (which I still had available in case I had to roll back), meaning for the last week I haven't been collecting DR data. Not only that, but my catalog files are a mess as they're a mix of two different backup sets now. Tonight I have been rebuilding the catalog files and have locked out the old storage location so I'll see straight away if it happens again.... but it's a BIT worrying! Has anyone else seen this? From looking at the backup set files it just started happening all by itself about a week back - too far back for me to recal any RS crashes that may have caused RS to restore an old half-migrated config file Rich
  17. Richy_Boy

    Generating VM Ware images ?

    Update: Having just tried I seem to have got further than before. Using the Recovery CD that works with 7.7 (boots with WinPE and starts a RS client) I can restore my physical machine into a VM, although when I start it up it bluescreens due to storage driver issues. i.e. the server I tried has a SATA RAId controller in place... Would probably work find with a bog-standard single disk arrangement on something later than Windows 2000 Server (as I was testing with). I didn't get anywhere near the stage of being able to push data before, so I'm not sure what's changed on my system!? Rich
  18. Richy_Boy

    Generating VM Ware images ?

    Well, if VMware wasn't on the cards then the 7.7 recovery CD allows you to restore your machines to any tin you like (I believe). However, from testing, I couldn't get the CD to launch using vmware, it would just hang - driver issues were the cause from memory. If you can get the 7.7 Recovery CD to launch, there's no reason why you couldn't recover the machine to a VM directly from retrospect. The RS team didn't seem interested in fixing the issue back then, so now they're no longer part of EMC there's even less chance Rich
  19. Richy_Boy

    Server and Retrospect Upgrade

    The old client works fine with 7.7... well, it has to as it hasn't been updated for linux/solaris for a looong time now. Richard
  20. Richy_Boy

    How to setup ubuntu linux client

    Right, I've just uploaded it some a random online hosting account: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4kub55mdapd01tj/retroclient_7.6.100-2_i386.deb Simply copy to your ubuntu server (tmp folder is fine) and run the command: sudo dpkg -i retroclient_7.6.100-2_i386.deb It'll ask for the connection password - job done. To stop and start the services you can use the following command: sudo /etc/init.d/rcl stop sudo /etc/init.d/rcl start *******@edgeubuntusvr04:/etc/init.d$ ./rcl status Server "Ubuntu Server 4": Version 7.6.100 back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 0 connections, 0 authenticated *******@edgeubuntusvr04:/etc/init.d$ Hopefully this helps someone. Admins, feel free to add this to your downloads page, it'll help a LOAD of people. Rich
  21. Had a message on my Facebook today when I logged in.. We have removed or disabled access to the following content that you have posted on Facebook because we received a notice from a third party that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights: [Group: EMC Retrospect Users] We strongly encourage you to review the content you have posted to Facebook to make sure that you have not posted any other infringing content, as it is our policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers when appropriate. If you believe that we have made a mistake in removing this content, then please visit http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=439 for more information. I understand EMC have now flogged Retrospect so maybe that's what it's about.. feels a bit heavy handed to me! Rich
  22. Richy_Boy

    How to setup ubuntu linux client

    Yes you can.. but out the box Retrospect doesn't support .deb based linux. You need to convert the linux installer to a deb. Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send my copy which works fine on Ubuntu. Alternatively, there's a how-to in the suggestions area I think.. Rich
  23. Richy_Boy

    Let Down by Retrospect

    I don't know if you're machine is the same, but I have a service on my mine which triggers the Retrospect.exe when it starts up. Of course, if it's a service then you can run the Recovery options to restart the application if it fails. You could also get it to send you an email by setting up a script instead, of course. I believe by default Retrospect installs a RetroLauncher service, which might do the same thing in your instance? Rich
  24. Richy_Boy

    V7.7.341 released, whats changed?

    Any update coming for Windows any time soon? i.e. even fixing/tidying up the wake-on-lan settings which were put in the product 'by mistake' last time around? I don't think I'll update my RS server for the sake of some logos.. Rich
  25. I'm getting fed up of the backup pop-up warning not working on Vista/Win7 machines as I keep getting calls form staff asking me to cancel their backups as they're in the middle of something. Vista has been out ages now, as has Windows 7... does anyone know if Retrospect are ever going to allow users to see the 'cancel backup' options? It wouldn't be so bad if the drive scan wasn't so resource intensive on laptops... Rich