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  1. Interesting how proper delta backups are not mentioned at all - still file-based de-dupe? Until that is build into the tool there's no point in us upgrading Retrospect 8 as we need to be able to handle PST file backups better. Also no mention of any VMware backup features.. again, a must for us. Richard
  2. I've not seen this exact issue in 7.7, although I do have backups hang on "Building snapshot" and have to crash retrospect in the same way to allow other clients to backup using the same script. I really *really* hate cancel buttons which do nothing. It should try and cancel the script nicely until 'x seconds/minutes' and then kill the process if it fails to stop - rather than just sat hung blocking further backups. Richard
  3. Richy_Boy

    7.6 vs 7.7

    The bottom line for me is 7.7 supports Windows 7 (ish). Read that link with the word 'aspiration' in mind.. I don't think Wake On LAN was ever working in 7.7, though they did put a button in the GUI, they didn't write code for it to do anything. In my opinion the ESX backup was a hacked solution, there was no GUI to select the host/VMs that I would expect from a 'proper' backup solution. There was also a fair bit of configuration on the ESX server required for Retrospect to see the VMs. Other than that, still a painful scan/snapshot experience for users, no delta backups or other huge new features. Still, so far I've found 7.7 a bit less buggy. Richard
  4. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect hangs

    I quite often get hangs on 'Rebuilding snapshot' in 7.7. It can sit there for days and of course the cancel button doesn't actually do anything either. It always ends up with my stopping any new backups from starting and then crashing the RS Server as there is no other way of stopping the script or closing Retrospect. Rich
  5. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 7.7 Update released

    So Mayoff.. what IS the roadmap and what do you feel are the needs of Windows users? Richard
  6. I agree... I've never paid money for the SA on Retrospect as bug fixes come every blue moon and new releases seem to come every 10. Richard
  7. Yep, you need vast amounts of free space to do anything in Retrospect, like building catalog files as I found out recently (over 50GB of catalog was built up for a ~700GB backup set before compression) I too choose to backup selected drives now, but went through the manual pain of removing snapshots/disks from the backup set whilst learning that lesson. Rich
  8. The only work around (which may not save much time repending on backup set size) is to copy the snapshots you want to a new backup set using th e'transfer snapshot' option. If you want to use the original backup sets name then you'll have to recycle the original then copy the snapshot back, effectively filtering out all the 'not selected' devices. I used this process recently to split a backup set into two as it was too time consuming to manually delete 2x snapshots for 30 machines, especially when some of them have D: drives or the odd USB drive backed up also. Rich
  9. Hi Mayoff, thanks for the feedback. I rebuilt the catalog again but wrote it to a spare 1TB disk this time and it did work and it shrunk to about 8.1GB in size after compression. I'm now copying over snapshots as orignally planned, so I'm back on track. Phew! However, is the iffy grooming bug ever going to be fixed as it seems to fail on anythig other than a recently recycled backup set? Or any bug/feature updates to 7.7? Also, is there a way of deleting files/folders from a backup set? I noticed some personal data (music, DS games etc) was being backed up from a laptop in our office, so I have added these file types to my 'ignore' selectors now. However, when I look at the session contents for that user the delete option is greyed out. The backup set isn't in use at the time... Thanks, Richard
  10. Edit, since cancelling the backup set it's 'compressing' the 25GB catalog into a 30GB file (and still growing!). I think I need a better backup program and I've suffered grooming/catalog issues for years with Retrospect and they've never bothered to fix it
  11. Richy_Boy

    Client Deferred

    Really? Their phone support hasn't improved then. I'm running 7.7!
  12. Richy_Boy

    Client Deferred

    Here you go >> http://kb.retrospect.com/articles/Retrospect_Article/Clients-are-continuously-deferred-during-Proactive-Backup You'd think they would have fixed this by just having the uninstall script delete this file, which would an uninstall/reinstall fix the issue quite simply. Rich
  13. Richy_Boy

    Client Deferred

    See my post on Proactive Polling. There's a temp file in c:\windows\temp\ which you need to manually delete. RS puts it there to stop multiple Retrospect backups from running at any one time and SHOULD delete it when the backup is complete. If it's there, the client will automatically defer, which screws up proactive backups for everyone as the polling will jump back to the top of the client list!! Anyway, thanks to the user who pointed me in the right direction... Hope that helps. Rich
  14. Hi, today I'm checking over my Proactive backups after a change to what machines use this system and after monitoring the Sources it just seems to jump through machines which have not been on our network for a while. I have changed a few settings but I can't get it to go right through the list. Can anyone advise me on what settings I need to set as I'm only backing up 3-6 machined a day, when I should be doing many more in the 8 hour wokring day! It reaches on machine where the user deferrs the back and starts at the top of th elist again!? Thanks, Rich
  15. Richy_Boy

    Proactive polling..!?

    rsleegers, you're a star! File deleted and the machine was jumped on by the Proactive Script and backed up as is should. THANK YOU! Rich
  16. Richy_Boy

    Not enough resources error

    How much free disk space do you have on that server?
  17. Richy_Boy

    rebuilding time?

    I'd recommend when you redesign this system you split the catalog files away from the backup sets. We use local SSD's for the OS/catalog and then like you a 6TB NAS device (ReadyNAS PRO). Richard
  18. Richy_Boy

    Improve backup server recovery speed

    We've tlked about this before on the old forum and a logical solution would be to have a relational database structure rather than a flat catalog file. This would help with the rebuild and repair of catalogs...
  19. Agreed, but also being able to control bandwidth caps on IP ranges/subnets would be useful too - so VPN clients don't start hoging bandwidth (although this could be done at the firewall too) Rich
  20. Richy_Boy

    Proactive polling..!?

    Install of the latest client didn't fix the issue, so I'll look further after the Easter break here. might have to delete his account and start over to sort it as ther eis nothing on his laptop to cause this... This software would be so much more efficient if multiple proactive searches could b active at the same time, it spends more time bouncing through a list than actually backing up! Rich
  21. Richy_Boy

    Proactive polling..!?

    Actually, having just spoken to the user, he's not even deferring! I'll reinstall his backup client and see if it's resolved! Rich
  22. Richy_Boy

    Stuck on Building Snapshot

    I'm seeing this on client machines too. It'll hang on Building Snapshot and stall all over Proactive backups until discovered... Rich
  23. Hi, I'm about to migrate one of our internal services from an SQL 2000 database to an SQL 2008 one. Easy! I thought, I'll buy a second SQL add-on for 2008 and simply restore the backup onto the new server... The restore process warning gave me an odd message, which suggested it was going to overwrite the original database on SQL 2000, so to make sure it didn't overwrite anything I changed the target database name. The message then made more sense, or at least, didn't suggest it was going to overwrite the database on SQL 2000!! When I click on restore it went off, did it's thing then threw a permission error. The user account both add-ons run under are Domain Admins, but I have also tried the SA user on the target database without any luck. Is this a bug or can you not recover a database between 2000 and 2008?? Logs: + Executing Restore database from Backup at 26/03/2012 09:59 (Execution unit 1) 26/03/2012 09:59:17: Connected to DB + Hyper-V (edgedatabase01) To volume SpiraTest_Test on DB + Hyper-V (edgedatabase01)... - 26/03/2012 09:59:17: Restoring from DatabaseServ Restore type: Full T-7: MapError: unknown Windows error 5,133 Trouble writing files, error -1015 ( unknown) 26/03/2012 09:59:38: Execution incomplete Remaining: 1 files, 68.2 MB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:00:20 (00:00:16 idle/loading/preparing) Any ideas? For now I manually exported and imported the database without any problems, but I rather *assumed* I could recover the database using Retrospect... Richard
  24. Sooo, the OS has been out a little while now, any chance we can get a client that can display the backup countdown screen without trying to switch back to basic graphics mode in the OS? Would be great to see some kind of roadmap for this product, which I guess would have changed a little since the whole Roxio > Retrospect Inc thing? Richard
  25. Richy_Boy

    A few issues on 7.7.562

    Just some more info on this after spending a day trying to get the grooming working. Having migrated the SQL backups from DR backup set 1 to a new DR backup set 2, only DR backup set 2 is failing to groom now. This suggests it's a problem grooming out SQL backups (using the SQL backup add-on). + Executing Groom DR at 22/01/2012 19:00 (Execution unit 1) Grooming Backup Set DR (Non CORE)... Groomed 27.4 GB from Backup Set DR (Non CORE). Grooming Backup Set DisasterRecovery1... Groomed 138.2 GB from Backup Set DisasterRecovery1. Grooming Backup Set DisasterRecovery2... Groomed 5.9 GB from Backup Set DisasterRecovery2. Grooming Backup Set DisasterRecovery2 failed, error -1116 ( can't access network volume) You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File. See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files. Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set DisasterRecovery2, error -1 ( unknown) 22/01/2012 20:46:21: 2 execution errors Duration: 00:39:36 (00:01:56 idle/loading/preparing) Just to test things out, I ran the Groom again, just on DR 2 and got this: + Executing Grooming at 23/01/2012 10:35 (Execution unit 1) Grooming Backup Set DisasterRecovery2... Groomed 2.7 GB from Backup Set DisasterRecovery2. 23/01/2012 10:41:40: Execution completed successfully Duration: 00:05:39 (00:01:01 idle/loading/preparing) Strange! Richard