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    name of config file

    I had the same thing after upgrading to 8.0 from 7.7. I ended up rebuilding the config (again) from scratch.. and then again when I installed the beta release of 8.1 which fixed some terrible grooming crashes. Now I'm on the official 8.1 release, my client GUIs complain they haven't been backed up in 100's of days (even though they have) and users cannot see history info via the client GUI either. Guess what? Support say I need to rebuild my config as it has become corrupt!! If Retrospect paid my company £500 each time I had to spend a couple of days rebuilding their software, I might not mind so much. As it happens they seem to think it's acceptable that their software can do this and we (end users) pick up the pieces. It's about time they created a config export tool, which would allow us to export the config (which would also do a corruption/fix process), then we could wipe and reapply all our settings quickly. Richard
  2. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 8.x - Go or hold off?

    Hold off. 8.1 isn't ready for production, though I'm using it as I had no option as we have Win8 clients and needed to address the huge performance impact of laptop scans. Wait for the next 'official' patch to be released and check back on the forum to see what state it's in. Richard
  3. Make sure you don't upgrade 8.0 clients to 8.1 over the top - you'll get problems still. Each machine one your network needs to be manually uninstalled and reinstalled, ideally with a reboot in the middle and after. Retrospect didn't see this as being a problem, so haven't released an RDC (?) (automated client update file).
  4. This is a members forum, very rarely do Retrospect staff grace us with their presence and knowledge.
  5. Hi All; I have just upgraded to RS8 and wonder if anyone else is having the same experience? - It's the same product with some bugs fixed. - It's got the same client software update process, which cannot update a single client, it does ALL or nothing. - I asked support for documentation and they said (quote): "Agent Response: Once you have purchased the upgrades for the application and add-on licenses, you will download Retrospect. You can install the new version over the old version. Uninstall is not needed. After Retrospect is installed, you will enter your license codes. No additional configuration is needed. Thank you for using Retrospect. The Retrospect Support Team" - It still has a weird 25% CPU cap when processing i.e. grooming a large backup set - It seems to freeze and lock out the Admin until it has 'finished something' (I've not been able to use it for the last 40 minutes as it is busy doing something and 'isn't responding' when I try and click around - The OnDemand setting limits you to using a single backup set. i.e. you can't set a particular backup set per Client (i.e. put their OnDemand backups in their normal proactive backup set) - Trying to apply the Exchange license, RS crashed... which killed a groom that had been running for several hours. Anyone else seen these issues? Rich
  6. Hi all; I wonder if any of you see this error? I see this quite often in my logs.. The backup server and clients are on the latest drivers and I can't find any network switch errors. I had been assuming it was proactive laptop users getting fed up with the disk thrashing and unplugging their laptops form the network but after seeing it happening on static desktop machines too I have checked a few users and they haven't unplugged for the full working day. It does seem to be only happening with proactive backups though...! + Normal backup using Services Dev Clients at 07/02/2013 09:24 (Execution unit 2) To Backup Set ServicesDevBackups... - 07/02/2013 09:24:16: Copying Local Disk (C:) on Suresh ********** (R61 W7 64bit) Trouble reading files, error -519 ( network communication failed) 07/02/2013 10:22:27: Snapshot stored, 415.5 MB 07/02/2013 10:23:12: 1 execution errors Completed: 6359 files, 1.5 GB, with 46% compression Performance: 126.8 MB/minute Duration: 00:58:56 (00:46:56 idle/loading/preparing) + Normal backup using All Staff PST Backups at 05/02/2013 11:58 (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set PSTBackups... - 05/02/2013 11:58:06: Copying Local Disk (C:) on Gavin ********* (T400 W7 64bit) Using Instant Scan Trouble reading files, error -519 ( network communication failed) 05/02/2013 12:22:49: Execution incomplete Remaining: 1 files, 3.8 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB, with 0% compression Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:24:43 (00:01:05 idle/loading/preparing) Richard
  7. Richy_Boy

    Network Bandwidth for Retrospect Backups

    Ah yes, forgot about those options - I don't think I've every used them? Saying that, in 8.1 there are options arouns shutting down clients, sleeping and WoL - I wonder if these work now?! Rich
  8. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 8 opinion?

    Yeah, I see strange things with ISA too, one day it will work, the next it will not and the third day it will work again. Are you using 8.1 server and clients? I seem to be suffering from "Network Communication Failed" errors, even though I'm not seeing any network problems. Richard
  9. Richy_Boy

    Network Bandwidth for Retrospect Backups

    Does it actually require a minimum bandwidth? I would have thought it would use whatever you have and backup jobs will just take longer over lower bandwidth? We used to duplicate backup sets across NAS devices through rSync over SSH and it worked well through a 2Mb link unless a large file changed! Rich
  10. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect hangs

    If it helps, it doesn't happen in 8.1.. sure, there are other bugs to replace this one though Rich
  11. I pretty sure from memory the catalog file is about half the size when compressed. This might not mean much to a small backup set with large files, but when it's a huge backup set with millions of small files, it can get pretty huge. We use SSD disks for OS/catalog files, so space is at a premium, so compress.
  12. I've seen this too, so will be interested to hear what you hear back. Rich
  13. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 8 opinion?

    Was told by support by backup history might be caused by.... a corrupt config.dat file and I need to test a clean RS 8.1 install to confirm it. I AM NOT rebuilding this flippin' server from scratch again.. Richard
  14. That's probably a Retrospect bug.. we get the same thing under RS 8.0 Server and was mostly fixed under 8.1 (pre release). It's where the Instant Scan feature seems to index files which are deleted before the backup can copy the file, i.e. mostly temp files. Richard
  15. Yeah, I was going to say, to make upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1 even more painful, you have to uninstall 8.0 first, you can't install over the top as it won't work afterwards. Of course, this means the client is removed from RS Server, so you then need to put it into the correct folder again and potentially update scripts too. Retrospect didn't see this as being an unnecessary overhead for a company of 50-100 users!? (as they could/should have released an upgrade RCU package to save us the hassle as a small token of apology for releasing 8.0 is such a mess) Richard
  16. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 8 opinion?

    No, I'm with you Fulco... this product shouldn't have been released with all of these bugs. If I can find them in a working day after upgrading, then I would expect the Retrospect test team to be able to do the same thing. So, I guess they either released 8.0 KNOWING full well about the bugs and needed the money, or their test team needs to be fired. The amount of hours I've wasted baby-sitting this software, our company could have bought something more robust like BackupExec etc, which on paper at least looks costly... I seem to be getting "Can't use open file - maximum number of snapshots already stored" right now. Instant scan bombs out, like you say or just doesn't seem to be mentioned in the logs even with an 8.1 client installed. When I click on the Backup history tab I can't see anything, even after allowing access for 'all needs' in the backup set permissions. Richard
  17. Richy_Boy

    Completed Remove of Retrospect v8.x

    You just need to delete or move the config77.bak and config77.dat files form the following location: c:\ProgramData\Retrospect\ Next time you launch RS, it'll be like a clean install. Richard
  18. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 8 opinion?

    http://kb.retrospect.com/articles/en_US/Retrospect_Article/grx-assert/?l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 Rich
  19. I know this worked with 7.7 to 8.0, but I'd recommend you skip 8.0 and go to 8.1 which is a pre-release patched version which stops a load of errors/groom issues. I had so many problems after upgrading to 8.0 with crashing/freezing then I rebuilt all my backup sets and config from scratch, and THEN upgraded to 8.1 - so I can't say for sure if it was an upgrade issue or just buggy v8 software. It's probably best to ask the support guys, as this is a user forum with the odd fleeting visit from Retrospect staff. Richard
  20. Hi RS... Ok, so we have two Proactive Backups for our client machines, one for usual development data and another for PST files (only). This was split as staff were seeing huge daily backups where the entire 1-10GB PST file was copied every day, when in fact nothing had changed in the PST/archive file at all. I backup PST's weekly and have normal backups every other day - again, to reduce the impact on our productivity as RS hammers the disks with snapshots (and scanning before Instant Scan) So, it would be great if RS could be more intelligent about syncing proactive backups, so when it sees a client free, it looks to see what proactive backups are scheduled and does them both at the same time, meaning it only needs to go through the Instant Scan phase once and the snapshot building at the end also. This would save a whole load of time... I've seen machine sit in the building snapshot phase for ages due to the large complicated file/folder structure often used in software development (i.e. CVS data) Richard
  21. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect 8 opinion?

    Get 8.1 installed, it's WAY better at removing those temp file errors you're seeing and fixes a grooming issue too - and it's actually a free 'upgrade'. You can get it from the knowledge base pages (not sure why it's not on the main download page as paying customers installing RS 8.0 will simply walk away from the product. Eric (big cheese at Retrospect Inc) talked about an end of Q1 release for the official release - way too slow in my opinion! I don't think the update link has ever worked properly in retrospect, much like the WoL stuff.. Richard
  22. I've not seen a problem backing up Windows client VMs within VMware, using the 8.1 client. Something to note, when upgrading a client from 8.0 to 8.1, make sure you uninstall the client and blitz the remaining Retrospect folder before installing 8.1, else you'll see Instant Scan backups. Richard
  23. Richy_Boy

    RS 8.0 and 8.1 client bugs?

    I should add, when I raised this with support back in the early v8.0 days they told me about a drop down in the Backup Set allowing password access "for any use" - which I have set on all backup sets. When I click on the hisotry tab from a client, I get a "test client" box come up on my server, which times out and closes after a while (not returning any data to the client). Is this another feature that wasn't quite ready for prime time? I'm *sure* I've seen this working when testing the v8.0 BETA1? Also note the number of errors I'm getting (in screenshot) from seemingly successful backups due to Instant Scan not being able to handle temp files (or files that change on an hours/nightly basis by the looks of it)
  24. HI, is anyone else seeing broken 'features' in RS 8.0 and 8.1 clients, or is it just me? i.e. 1) My last laptop backup has a " - " where it should have a time stamp. I know my laptop backed up yesterday under two different proactive backups... on servers, which have a nightly scripted backup, I seem to have a time/date stamp in place. 2) The history tab has nothing in it on both laptops and servers When I click on the History tab I get a swirling icon suggesting it's thinking, but nothing comes back? Added screen shots so people can see what screens I'm on about... Cheers, RIchard
  25. Richy_Boy

    Retrospect plans for 2013

    HI Eric, have you got any details on up coming features? I'm assuming the official RS 8.1 release which fixed a number of show stopping bugs in RS 8.0 (windows) will be released before Spring? I've been using the pre-release of 8.1 for two weeks now and it's much more stable. Thanks, Richard