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  1. When I enable Hardwire and Wireless on laptops, retro can't find clients. However, it can see clients when one or the other is enabled. My tech consultant believes that the laptops are causing the problem. We took the TCP/IP settings off of Automatic Metric and set the hardwire card to "1" and the wireless card to "10". Any ideas what may be causing the client machine to confuse retro? We use Timeslips (which is run off the server) and we have no problem. Timeslips recognizes that the hardwire card is the preferred TCP/IP connection. Thanks
  2. ghostroller

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    Retrospect can connect to the wireless if the laptops aren't plugged in with the hardwire. First I have to change the DHCP reservations to the mac addresses of the wireless cards on the laptops (of course). The problem is that wireless is only 54mbps while hard is 100mbps. We use Timeslips in the office that utilizes a Borland Database Engine it responds pretty slow with wireless (and the backup script would take nearly twice as long too!). We'd like to be able to utilize the wireless when we need to move laptops around without having to plug and unplug the access point all the time Oh yes, there is a VPN in the mix. But don't know why that would have anything to do with this problem. Thanks
  3. ghostroller

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    I've got Retro 6.5 on a 2003 Server SBS and I have no problems seeing clients when only one network connection is active. However, when I turn on my wireless access point, retro can't find clients if both hard and wireless connections are active. I have DHCP reservations set up for the hardwire connections. My tech consultant had me turn off "Automatic metric" in the TCP/IP settings of each connection and set the metric for the hard to 1 and the wireless to 10 to no avail. As soon as I turn on the wireless access point, retro can't see any of my laptops. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks