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  1. Well, he didn't specifically say its normal, i just overheard him say 'retrospect is so slow' or somesuch thing, something in the what he said gave me the feeling that it was a common problem. Like maybe it was a buggy release or something... I don't know, I'm not overwhelmingly techy! Our file server runs a mail server for mail including some unix spam and virus protection stuff, for both our offices, this one and a bigger one one in another city. It serves files to 2 graphic designers, 1 account servicing person and an accountant. So its not a heavy workload. It has 2 mirrored 400 giig drives in it which are currently laess than half full. There are lots of red spikes in the activity monitor when I use the interface (its even slow to grab the top of the window to move it, about a half second lag). I went to restore some files from some commonly used backup sets. from clicking 'OK', it took about 13 seconds for the retrieval destination window to open, upon cancelling that about 6 seconds for the main retrospect window to become active again. I'm not sure about creating a new user on that thing, I'm not too familiar with the server software. there is one administrator account that I use for accessing retrospect, thats pretty much the only thing I do on it... Thanks for your help. I take it that it shouldn't be slow then....
  2. Thanks for your response. I got the impresion from our tech guy that it was normal to be really slow, but when I experienced it myself I thought if it is a common issue there wil complaints about it somewhere, did a search here but didn't find anything. the new server is a 1.33 G4, 768 mb ram. I don't suppose it matters what it is backing up to, as its just the GUi rather than the speed of backing up, but its a firewire AIT2 drive. The previous server was just an early G4 tower, 400 mhz, don't remember the amount of ram, but probably about the same. retro ran a lot quicker on that... thanks...
  3. Hi, we have updated our server, now using an xserve g4, running osx server 10.3.8, and retrospect 6.0.204 previously the user interface was pretty snappy on osx server 10.2.something, and retrospect 6 (not sure exactly what versions, but i know our tech guy installed an update to retro when he put the server in.) The user interface is astoundingly slow now, so it takes between 2 and 9 secongs to respond to clicks, when doing going through the motions of restoring stuff. This is not waiting for a tape to locate or anything like that, or to look for extra storage sets. Does anyone know what might be going on here and if it can be fixed? its driving me crazy, its almost unusable, especially when your trying to track down an old job and have to search for several things thanks.