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    Media Timeout Request

    I moved the Retrospect preference files, set up a test backup that just backed up one folder on a local drive, set the media timeout for 2 minutes, and let it run. For the test, the media timeout worked as planned. With a feeling of optimism, I then reset up all the scripts, sets, tapes, and clients. When I went to test this with all the components setup, the media timeout failed to terminate the executing job. I also just tried running a test with a lone tape and having it backup only one local folder, and the media timeout failed to terminate the execution. Very strange.
  2. jtitley

    Media Timeout Request

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you (I have been out of the office). I did update the version to 6.5.350, and tried the "Show Hidden Devices" trick. The only thing showing up under Tape Drives is disabled. I just tried running another backup with the wrong tape, and set the tape timeout to 2 minutes. Twenty minutes later, the job is still active and Retrospect is blinking "waiting for media". The log just shows "-3/9/2005 10:43:00 AM: Copying Shares on DATA (D:)" as the only entry. Anything else to try?
  3. I am using Retrospect Backup - Single Server version 6.5.343, on a Dell PowerEdge 2600 using Windows 2000 Server SP4. The backup device is a Seagate DAT DDS-4 internal drive. The media request timeout is set for 2 hours. However, the session will not quit if the timeout limit is exceeded. The Activity Monitor still says "waiting for media" well after the 2 hours is up. The log just shows the job starting & just say "Coping Shares on DATA". Any ideas on how to get the media timeout to work? It used to work on the same machine using an older version of Retrospect (5.X). Thanks for any input, Jeff