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  1. Nate I'm having an awful problem with this assertion failure message I've taken the following from : assert_log.utx #~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~# OS: Windows XP version 5.1 (build 2600), Service Pack 2 Application: C:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect\Retrospect.exe, version 6.5.319 Exception occurred on 04/05/2005 at 08:00:31 Error info: Assertion failure at "elem.cpp-861" Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION Fault address: 7C81EB33 0001:0001DB33 kernel32.dll #~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~# ... I'm hoping the above may help narrow down the problem * I've have already tried renaming config file in \all users\application data\retrospect * I've have already tried moving config file to new directory, and re-entering license * I've just run a "repair" (control panel/add-remove) and will see how this goes. => any suggestions/fixes/remedy as to the problem .... PLEASE ! ... just to let you know all was going fine until the blinking XP SP2 upgrade !! backups now are mostly intermittant, often have to manually re-do a backup => I've also noticed on one of your posts that you enquired re antivirus was running ... that being the case, is it best to temporarily turn it off whilst the backup is running ? thx in advance Ajc
  2. ajc

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    there is a definite problem (imho) having installed WinXP SP2 - it is the only thing that has changed in the setup ... ... even enabling ports udp/tcp 437 makes no difference to seeing the Retrospect Client However ... read on : - tried with ZAPro Off, + WinXP Firewall on, and setup as with ports access etc. etc. ... still unable to see the Retrospect client ! --> but am able to add in a volume or folder etc. via "My Network Places" - so turned ZAPro On, + WinXP Firewall OFF, access with ports etc. etc. ... still unable to see the Retrospect client (not surprising turning on ZAPro causes the Retrospect Client software to completely 'grey out' !). --> but am able to backup up a volume or folder etc. via "My Network Places" ... and I've also done a restore to a different folder. Current Conclusion ... WinXP SP2 and the "multicast" side of Retrospect Backup Client ARE NOT COMPATIBLE !! So, has this been fixed in Retrospect 7.0 ? - should I need to use the Retrospect Client option ? Ajc
  3. ajc

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    - oops one thing that I forgot to clarify ... one the client PC when ZAPro is running, all of the options "grey out" ... and the client 'switches' to off ! (control panel/retrospect client) - with ZAPro closed, all options on the client are available again ... Ajc
  4. ajc

    Retrospect can't "see" client

    I have an IT client that has just updated from WinXP1 to SP2 ! - AND ... I am unable to see the client PC without shutting down ZoneAlarm Pro (latest ver). ... even after enabling TCP/UDP port 497 - I've just read Nate's suggestion re checking the binding order ... so will let you know if it works. - it does appear that the issue has been caused by the update to SP2 ... as ZAPro was working fine before. - Nate, out of interest, when selecting the client's backup volume, I can either access it via the loca network, or via the client section - > should this make any difference ? Ajc PS. using Netgear DG834 router (which allows multicast etc.)