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  1. Problem found. I restored to the wrong machine (correct EFS key missing). Seems that "original location" means original path (not machine+path)...
  2. I cannot restore files! The files were backed up two days ago, the machine is unchanged in general (configuration). The folder and files are encrypted (EFS). I tried both to get those files back to a new directory and to the original location (I moved existing files away from folder ".mysoft", but folder exists -- encrypted). Here's the error message for the first file (there are some more...) No files appeared on the client. I use Retrospect Client 7.0.112 on XP SP2 (all patches) and Server 7.0.344 on 2003SBS. Restore worked some time ago (no known config change since), but I don't know whether that were encrypted files. MapError: unknown Windows error 6.015 FEncEncryptDir: EncryptFile failed, C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\UserName\.mysoft, winerr 6015, error -1001 Folder "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\UserName\.mysoft\": can't write, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error) File "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\UserName\.mysoft\mysoft.log.gz": can't write, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)
  3. File "C:\a\c.exe": can't duplicate to "C:\b\c.exe", error -1017 (insufficient permissions) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tried to restore a Windows XP SP2 machine (Windows Client 7.0.107) from a hard disk backup set (Retrospect Windows Server 7, latest update). Some directories were encrypted using Windows EFS (NTFS encryption), the key is available separately. I did a full restore (after installing SP2 and all Windows updates) to the same machine. I checked that EFS is available (was not available till the second boot after converting to NTFS), but I did not install the key yet (it would be needless because I assume Retrospect Client runs as SYSTEM and will not encrypt/decrypt files anyway). Most files were restored, "All Users/Start menu" was skipped and some minor problems. So far so good. But after Retrospect shows "completing" it restores all duplicates by copying on the client machine. This failed mostly resulting in many missing files (at least the duplicates were missing). I assume this is a bug (Retrospect Client not able to copy encrypted files on the client machine). This should be fixed! Either by fixing the Client (enabe it to copy encrypted files) or at least by pushing the files multiple times over the network (worse solution, but should work). some more problem from LOG file: Folder "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Startmen├╝\": can't write, error -1020 (sharing violation) Folder "C:\Programme\Common~1\Micros~1\Replication Manager 4.0\": can't write, error -1101 (file/directory not found) Folder "C:\Programme\Common~1\Micros~1\dao\": can't write, error -1101 (file/directory not found) Folder "C:\Programme\Common~1\Micros~1\": can't write, error -1101 (file/directory not found) Folder "C:\Programme\Common~1\": can't write, error -1101 (file/directory not found) MapError: unknown Windows error - System configuration restored, please reboot the computer. The last message was written to the log but Retrospect still shows "completing" and shows file names which are processed (but "0 files left", so pure copying seems to be complete)
  4. Ok, this is a workaround. But please regard all issues from my intial post as feature requests for some future release. They're probably easy (low-cost) to implemenent.
  5. > Depending on how you run scripts you could add > the backup set information manually to the message > that appears before backup. The scripts run unattended. I have Proactive script for e.g. notebooks and standard (scheduled) scripts for server machines. Where/how can I add the backup set information to the popup window?
  6. I have Retrospect Server 7.0 with one hard disk (grooming) and two DVD backup sets. The software uses three DVD writers. I use the eventhandler batch file to send messages on media request, errors and script stop/finish etc. I disabled the auto-eject option because drives could be open by night and will collect dust . The server runs unattended. 1. Retrospect sends media request mails every 5 minute. Can this be changed (one mail is enough)? Otherwise: Please improve this. One mail is enough. 2. If a DVD is full, Retrospect does not send the device ID so I don't know what tray to open and I don't know how to label the disk . Can this be changed? Otherwise please add this info (device name AND device ID (IDE port), e.g. "1:1:0"). If you combine 1+2, I wish I would get this kind of E-Mail (ONCE): 'Backup Skript "Proactive A" on Set "DVD B" has completed Media "[151]". It is located in Device "Plextor xxx / 1:1:0". You can remove this disk.' If there is no empty media available this info should be added: 'Please insert a new media (will be named "[152]") into one of these drives:' There should be just those (compatible) drives listed that - do not contain any media (no disk) or - do contain disk [151] (All other drives will contain either a empty DVD or a DVD of another backup set.) 3. Please let the Client message (Retrospect is about to...) include the target backup set and not only the script name.
  7. Retrospect 7.0 Server, Windows 2003, Windows XP, EFS, File encryption (How) does this work with Retrospect Server, especially with clients? Scenario: One server (Win2003), one client within domain, one client outside domain. Clients have RetroClient 7.0 installed and get backuped by Retrospect server. Server backs up itself. All computers have some encrypted folders and files. I assume files are encrypted by WinXP using a key which is protected by the logon password. Can Retrospect (Client) access encrypted files always? How does RetroClient get the encryption key (or the passphrase protecting it)? Is this done using recovery keys (this would not work with the outside client because this is no domain member)? What if a client isn't logged on (the passphrase (key) might be not available to RetroClient which runs as SYSTEM)? Maybe someone can bring some light to this.
  8. I set up the backup so that the system state of the clients is backup up, too. The system state is fetched quite at the end of each backup cycle. While the system state gets backed up, you cannot work with the client. So this is not a hang in respect of the computer but it is a hang of Windows (at least of the GUI). I think this may be normal because of some system files (registry?) get locked (which are not readable during normal operation) or something like that. This enforced pause is short at some clients and somewhat longer at others. I didn't stop this exactly, but the difference might be something like about a minute and five or more minutes. The computers are not identical, but not that different regarding hardware. Software is quite identical (WinXP.SP2, Retrospect 7, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0).
  9. I have some strange problem with different formats, too: I have two backup sets which startet both with DVD+R. There are two equal DVD-Writers (NEC 2510A) which can burn DVD+R and DVD-R. Each set has some full DVD+R's. Now I inserted a DVD-R and Retrospect (7 SBS) wrote to it without problem for Backup Set 1. But for Backup Set 2 he refuses to use a DVD-R. I tried another empty disc but that didn't help. Why could I use a DVD-R on set 1 but cannot use it on Set 2? There are no differences (no different vendors of disks, no different drives etc.) I even changed the discs between the drives. Very strange and annoying!
  10. When I setup proactive backup with multiple backup sets, will ALL backup sets contain the same data? E.g. if I setup 2 DVD sets, will I get two (almost) identical sets? Or will the backup alternate (cycle) between those sets?
  11. Retrospect 7 (SBS) with WinXP.SP2-Clients. The client hangs for some time during systemstate backup. Some clients longer than others (up to 10 minutes). On what settings does the waiting time depend and how can this be improved?
  12. Is Retrospect 7 relying on that fact (NTFS last access date of files)? Or can I disable last access date updating in Windows 2003? (NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate)