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  1. Not sure what to say, just reporting the behavior I've observed on several occasions... For now, I guess I'll just have to kick the Launcher Service every so often to get it to work.
  2. Odd. I'm not sure how, or if, our problems are related. Same behavior, but definitely not the same workaround. Still, sounds like the Launcher service is buggy in some way... Then again, I don't believe Dantz releases patches to fix bugs in its software; they seem to just release a next version. So, if they do pinpoint a bug, I'm not sure it'll help my current situation in any way.
  3. It seems, then, that we have different problems exhibiting the same symptoms. Opening Retrospect also starts waiting backups, but after closing it again, scheduled backups start running on schedule as before. Are you running 6.0 Multiserver as well?
  4. My bad, I misread as disabling the Launcher service via Services.msc instead of via Retrospect. The workaround makes more sense functionally. Yet, from a development standpoint, the fact that deleting and re-creating a service Registry key fixes the problem doesn't make any sense. That Registry key tree is used by the Service Control Manager to, well, control services, but, when I experience the problem, the Retrospect Launcher service is running just fine. The SCM doesn't take any actions by itself, unless there are restart conditions set (none for the Launcher service). It also doesn't change values in that Registry path unless service properties are manually changed (which isn't the case). Essentially, deleting and recreating that key doesn't impact the service files and related database, although it does have the effect of "restarting" the service. That brings me to my next point. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, opening Retrospect and closing it fixes the problem. From what I've seen, opening Retrospect stops the Launcher service, and it gets restarted when Retrospect is closed. So, I wonder if disabling/re-enabling is even needed at all. It looks like all the Launcher service needs is a restart. Of course, that still doesn't explain WHY it needs a restart in the first place. Just my thoughts on the issue...
  5. I agree about the background processes, but what I was getting at was that NAV wasn't touching anything within the Retrospect folder on a realtime basis (which was what Nate suggested I exclude from the scans). Disabling the service certainly does not delete the Registry key you mentioned. I don't even see how a restart would cause the service to get reinstalled, unless what Nate meant was that Retrospect must be launched after the restart to reinstall the service. If that's the case, maybe when Retrospect launches and sees that the service has been disabled, it "reinstalls" it... I'm not sure if that means recreating the Registry key or doing some other Retrospect db changes. This being a live server, I can't really mess with it to see what different things do. So, for now, I'll probably just deal with it until Dantz can figure out a solution.
  6. While I have NAV installed on the server, it's running with realtime protection shut off. It'll only scan files during manually scheduled scans, which occur on weekends when there are no backups. Now, the failed instance this time was on the following Monday, but I can't recall if that's always been the case. Plus, I'm not sure why the Launcher would get corrupted when it shouldn't be doing anything during that time anyway (or for the next 24 hours when it has only a lookahead of 1 hour).
  7. I've removed and put NAV back a few times, but never for extended periods of time. This problem appears so randomly and rarely that I'd probably have to go one year without NAV before confirming if that was the problem. Unfortunately, I can't do that...
  8. Although I doubt this has any relevance here, I also had to remove the Retrospect Open File Feature, since it prevented the system from shutting down properly. That wasn't a problem for me, though, since I don't use it.
  9. Although I only installed Retrospect on a single computer, I'm guessing that whatever package he installed to trip up the service I would have to have on my server as well. This is my exact setup: - Dell PowerVault 725N with 2.5 GHz Pentium 4 / 1 GB RAM - Microsoft Windows Powered 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4 Build 2195 - All Windows & Windows Installer patches and service packs - Broadcom Management Programs - Dell ActiveArchive - Dell OpenManage Array Manager - Dell Hard Drive Diagnostics - Linksys PrintServer Driver - LiveUpdate 1.7 - Microsoft Server Appliance Kit 2.0 Add-on Pack - Microsoft Server Appliance Kit Add-on Pack Language Kit - Microsoft Server Appliance Kit Language Setup Wizard - Microsoft Server Appliance Kit Setup Wizard - Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition (7.6) - Persistent Storage Manager Language Setup - Retrospect 6.0 - Sony Tape Utility Nothing changes on the server when the service stops working.
  10. Well, at least it's good to know that upgrading to 7.0 wouldn't have solved the problem.
  11. I was thinking along those lines, which is why I wanted to understand the difference between restarting the service and restarting the machine with the service disabled. I'll probably do something along those lines until I can restart the machine...
  12. Upgrading to 7.0 is over-the-top for a single problem, I think. Any ideas why the problem goes away after the Retrospect Launcher is restarted by opening/closing Retrospect?
  13. Nate, Thanks for the info. How is this procedure different from just stopping and restarting the service without restarting the actual machine? This is a machine that is used about 24/7, so I prefer solutions that don't require a restart. Also, after opening Retrospect after the skipped execution and cancelling the missed backup script that starts up immediately, the scheduled scripts run as usual (with Retrospect closed). I vaguely recall seeing the Retrospect Launcher service stopping whenever Retrospect is opened and starting back up whenever it is closed.
  14. Using Retrospect 6.0 Multi-Server on Windows Powered (5.0 / 2000), I've had cases, happening randomly and rarely, where it simply does not start a scheduled script. I keep Retrospect closed on the server and rely on the Retrospect Launcher to run the scripts automatically (1 hour lookup time). If I open Retrospect after a skipped execution, it immediately starts the missed script. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  15. Ah, thanks. I missed that KB article.