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  1. Try disabling the devices (drives and library) in Windows Device Manager.
  2. stavroska

    share your custom reports

    Sure! Ready to give it a spin. Stavros
  3. stavroska

    Backup Sets/Tape resets

    Did you do an inventory?
  4. Lennart, I think the crucial question to ask is: Owen. what type of backup sets are you using? File or disk? From your answer the member mention is intriguing.
  5. stavroska

    Assertion Failure at module.cpp-561

    OK! Do you see the tape library in your Device Manager? If so please disable both the library and the tape drive. The try again.
  6. stavroska

    How to take Configuration Backup???

    Repair catalog recreate from tape (use the old tape) restore the configxx.dat in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect then it should be the way it was (scripts etc.)
  7. stavroska

    AIT-2 tape drive hangs

    in the Device Manage make sure the tape drive is disabled.
  8. How does the Retrospect Client priority setting read?
  9. Hi, curious about the result of the 256k size? TIA!
  10. Reinstall the client, upgrade to 7.0.112.
  11. stavroska

    Retro7.5 headaches

    >>>> A possible solution is we have TWO copies of retrospect on different servers and separate tape devices. We were thinking doing proactive on the major servers to a huge Raid-5 SAN and keep the other copy of Retro on tapes for fail over. No need for two... Run your nightly backup to Disk sets on your SAN and transfer them from the SAN to tape. Retrospect will run 2 or 8 jobs simultaneously when it goes to disk.
  12. Did you try, on the server side, forgeting and adding the client again?
  13. Hi Nate, Thanks for the reply! I figured that much but as the backup media is a file on the disk, the question remains what are the possibilities of repairing/salvaging data from a set like that? Someday it may be somebody's only set with the right data! Thanks, Stavros
  14. > Bad Backup Set header found (0x67d34343 at 84,893,031) Received the message during backup. Run a Media Verify got the same on 3 places. The backup set is a file we are running v7 latest patches client and server side. Thanks, Stavros
  15. Sounds normal. There is no mapped HD on that profile. On your backup server (workstation in your case) login as the user you told Retrospect to run as. Create the mapped HD as in the working job.