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    Error 1100

    Guys, really, you will need deal with this problem, because v6.5 simply doesn’t work with a backup over LAN if the Backup Set file is more than 800Mb (in my case). For example, I have two Backup Sets created, one is about 800Mb and the second is a bit more than 2,6Gb. So the first (the smaller one) worked just fine, but the second one failed but only after first time went OK: Can't access Backup Set A error -1116 (can't access network volume) Sometimes it’s giving me -1100 error The worse thing is that this network share can be accessed by any other resource or even manually with no problems! But the only Dantz fails. And fails only after it’s scheduled to run for the second time (using Normal backup in my case)… Backup hardware used: 1. Maxtor 250Gb External HardDisk 2. 250Gb LaCie EtherNet Disk Network Storage So, as you can see I wasn’t able to make Dantz v6.5 work with 2 different HDDs! (If you need more information please contact me via my e-mail)